In fact, Zhang Xiao, as a heavenly heart, still has a concern that he hasn’t said, that is, Xiao Ran and the earth treasure king! Zhang Xiaotian doesn’t know how Xiao Ran and the earth treasure king know deeply. It depends on Li Fugui’s evaluation of Xiao Ran. However, the hell dominates the earth treasure king, but he has been standing in the underworld. This time they are going to rob the daughter-in-law of the underworld boss Qin Guangwang Jiang Qin. If the earth treasure king comes out with Jiang Kun’s support, then Zhang Xiaotian can’t guarantee whether Xiao Ran will hand in Qin Wan again. Although Xiao Ran plays an important role in this operation, it is also a better way for Xiao Ran to grab Qin Wan and run directly, but Zhang Xiaotian dare not give Qin Wan to Xiao Ran!

Hear Zhang Xiaotian explain XiaoRan face expression also slowly stretch to ponder for a moment XiaoRan shook his head and looked at