Chapter 217 Body hunting? No, they are delivering vegetables.

Mountains dyed like ink divide this vast wasteland into two parts: east and west.
The eastern wasteland fluctuates greatly, and many landforms have been changed after earthquakes and acid rain disasters.
Low-lying valleys torn by earthquakes have now been covered with corrosive musculoskeletal acid rain to form ponds or small lakes.
At the top of the towering sloping hills, there are now hundreds of large and small refuge villages.
The refuge villages are far apart from each other, and no matter which refuge village is surrounded by one or two layers of stone or wooden walls, it is like declaring to his refuge village that the land owner is generally inviolable.
There are some "hunters" assigned near each shelter.
They are that lifeline of the whole shelter and the hope of bee sent out.
The mutant living in this wasteland is the most important source and supply of food for human beings.
Of course, if you are lucky, you can hunt some mutated creatures and also explode a certain treasure chest.
And these treasure boxes will be transported back to the shelter, and a certain amount of resources or things will be obtained after the start.
These hunters have to hunt every day without interfering with each other, and even if they meet, they will not have much communication. They seem to follow some ancient and mysterious ancestral teachings, and they will never have a so-called struggle.
Hunters in some shelters in the wilderness accidentally found a large team gathered in the distance like a long snake and were moving forward all the time.
There are hundreds of people in this team, and everyone is armed. Although the team is not regular, it looks like an army that wants to attack the city!
The hunters ran back in panic, and they reported the information they saw to the village head of the refuge village in a panic, and also sent the photos of this number of terrorist legions to the Group World Channel.
The horses in the nearby refuge villages are ready for emergency defense. The hunters have climbed the city wall, picked up bows and arrows, and looked at the distance nervously, hoping that this huge legion will not suddenly turn to their refuge village!
This team in the group world channel soon became the focus of discussion, and they ended up in different directions?
"I said, how come there are so many things on your side in the wasteland? We have nothing to do in this forest area. You are a giant creature and there is a bombing day in Lin Yue. What’s the situation of a few hundred people’s legions coming out this time?"
"Who’s here? I can’t."
"Ha-ha, birds, it’s nothing in our wet original belt. I’m holding a barbecue to prepare for the one before the play. Don’t just put photos and put some videos!"
"Where are they going? This doesn’t look like a migration. The disaster warning hasn’t been issued. What are these people in a hurry? "
"I think it’s possible to go hunting … by the way, is it to engage in giant creatures?"
"The only giant creature in the wasteland has been killed by Lin Yue. Compared with other places, the wasteland is the safest place now."
"Then where are they going? They’re not going to attack Lin Yue, are they?"
"Your joke is very interesting. Hundreds of people attack a survivor, but it’s ok. I think two or three hundred people can flatten the number one shelter in Lin Yue. I think there are more than four hundred and five hundred people in the picture, even if Lin Yue is right, he can’t stop it."
"How do you say it seems that Lin Yue is weak and he is super strong?"
"Who is sure that these people are going to Lin Yue? But if they are, we will be able to see the number one in the world fall."
Xing Lingfeng looked at this group of photos flowing in the world channel group and frowned.
He looked at the regional map in the panel and found a large gray light spot moving slowly from an area he had left.
I came to a huge map near the wall. This map is an incomplete map composed of map fragments of nearly 100 people and a large number of fragments obtained from the treasure chest.
And this map has marked almost half the area of the two parts of the wasteland, east and west, very clearly
He pointed his finger at the position where the gray dots had just passed before looking to the side.
A place is conspicuous and there is also marked with a big red dot.
The discussion on World Channel is still heated.
Xing Lingfeng saw that he didn’t want to see a possibility.
If it’s true … it shouldn’t be true.
There are not many people in this wasteland who have to find a target worthy of three or four hundred people.
Giant creatures have been killed now.
A large number of mutated organisms? That kind of thing is everywhere.
Refuge village? So don’t attack those who pass by? It’s too easy for hundreds of people to attack a refuge village.
Xing Lingfeng looked at the name he had placed on the top of the friends column.
Besides this man, what else can attract three or four hundred people to deal with?