"Oh, this is Chief Xu. I’ve heard a lot about him!" Qin Yu smiled and stepped forward.

Xu Yan waved his hand at the youth and smiled and held out his palm. "Hello, Xu Yan in the distant mountains."
"Hello, hello, my name is Qin Yu"
"Like thunder!" Xu Yan stretched out his hand and said, "Sit down."
"You are waiting outside."
Qin Yu waved his hand to disperse the guards and bent down to sit in the left chair. Cha Meng was habitually behind him.
"Ha ha Qin brigade commander suddenly came to my humble abode in the middle of the night …?" Some of Xu Yan’s ci poems are elegant and look very cultural.
"ouch!" Qin Yu touched the expensive red wooden chair and sighed, "This is the essence. I have never sat in this chair in my life."
Xu Yan’s eyebrows are slightly wrinkled. "If Qin Brigadier likes me, I will give you a set."
"I’m used to running around here and I don’t have a stable residence. It’s a blessing to enjoy it." Qin Yu smiled and looked up at Xu Yanzhi and said, "Lao Qi told me that if I want to do something in the distant mountains, I must visit you first. Alas, the sudden gunshot in the UNPROFOR compound today forced me to lead troops into the city, but it is difficult for so many soldiers to have some friction with the people. I reasoned about it and wanted to ask you for help."
"Ha ha, how can this help?" Xu Yan paused and asked
"I want you to be the president of the autonomous maintenance association," Qin Yu said with a smile.
Xu Yan leng along while immediately waved his hand to push to take off "I can’t talk about prestige qualifications, I can’t win this position."
"No, no, I think you can do it," Qin Yujian said. "Old Qi told me that no one in the distant mountains is more suitable for being the maintenance president than you."
"Thank you for your respect for me …" Xu Yanxiao fuels to push to take off.
Qin Yumeng coughed and turned his head to the ground and vomited an one mouthful phlegm.
Xu Yan was shocked
Chapter 1379 Resilient Qin Lao Hei
Xu Yan is a neat freak. He took one look at his sputum and choked back goose bumps. He said, "Brigadier Qin tells you the truth that I have been in poor health in recent years. If my second child hadn’t helped me, I might have quit my job as a remote mountain worker …"
"Ha ha!"
Qin Yu interrupted each other with a smile. "Chief Xu is too modest."
"It’s not modest."
"I think it’s only you who will maintain the position of president." Qin Yu looked at his face and still smiled.
"Qin brigade commander is not I don’t want to …"
"Chief Xu, our brigade commander said that this position can’t be anything but you." Cha Meng stepped forward with his right hand pressing his waist steadily and said, "You’re welcome to ask you a word. All the soldiers outside our town will cooperate with you …"
Xu Yan saw that Cha Meng came over and shook his right hand unconsciously according to his gun.
"You agreed, chief Xu." Cha Meng bent down beside Xu Yan and said 1.
Xu Yan felt a little guilty and blinked slightly, and replied, "Well … I’ll give it a try!"
"Oh, thank you, Chief Xu, for thinking about the people in the distant mountains." Qin Yu immediately got up and said, "I thank you for the soldiers outside the town."
Xu Yanxiao is a bit stiff. "Hehe should"
The corridor was going to come over and Xu Er saw Qin Lao Hei’s posture, and he was also confused and unintelligent to secretly observe the corner.
Qin Yu walked back and forth in the living room and said brightly, "The distant mountain fire has more or less affected the people and the stalemate in the heavy capital, and it has also caused the road law to pass and caused many people to suffer economic losses!" I am very anxious in my heart that people can’t live without making money. "
"Yes" Xu Yan smiled on the surface, but in his heart he secretly scolded Qin Yu for being like a bandit.
"I sent nearly 10 million food and materials from friends in Yanbei, but people have grievances in their hearts. Hehe, they don’t accept our things." Qin Yu looked back at Xu Yan. "I’m afraid I’ll have to trouble Chief Xu for this. No, President Xu will ease us and the people."
Xu Yan blinked. "We are here …"
"Don’t refuse," said Chameng, pushing the teacup forward.