"How is this possible? There are no dragons in al official website’s ethnic data."

The light poured down on Sigurut, clearly showing his shock and surprise.
The iron gate was soon opened, and other wind elves saw the room dragon, all of whom looked shocked.
I’ve heard the story of dragon sword for a long time. In all kinds of rpg games, dragons are more powerful creatures, and their companions are rich treasures. But … there are no dragons in Al, right?
"Is it an update?" A wind elf mused and guessed.
"If he can get rid of this dragon, he may explode the equipment," someone said greedily after a brief shock
After all, this is a game, and the dragon in the game is often a treasure house.
After the shock, it was ecstasy …
Sigurut’s eyes slowly opened wide and he clung to the sleeping dragon. He was measuring the success of the Raiders Dragon.
"Captain Sigurut, if we succeed, we may be the first player to overthrow the dragon. Even if we fail, it will be just a death."
"Yes, this is before the dragon. I still think al doesn’t have a dragon monster. Unfortunately, I didn’t expect this update to have such a big move. I just don’t know why official website didn’t have information about the dragon."
"Wouldn’t it be meaningless for an idiot to say it early?"
"This is a dragon. I’ve long wanted to see a dragon in an imaginary world."
After all, in their eyes, al is an imaginary world, even if the truth is higher, it will be revived ten minutes after death, and the mechanism will not make them shy away from the iron gate.
When death becomes cheap, the fear of visiting becomes insignificant.
After waiting too long, Sigurut decided to try to attack the dragon in the room.
"Auxiliary for avant-garde gain effect Raiders Frost Giant is the same. If avant-garde can’t stop, stay in place to contain it."
Sigurut woke up avant-garde, and then they went directly into the room full of chill. If they open the map at this time, they will find that the remaining one-third of the dark area of the rhombic cave is lit up, which means that this room alone has one-third of the total area of the rhombic cave.
From the moment they entered the room, the sleeping dragon suddenly opened its eyes and looked coldly at the unfortunate intruders, forcing them to embed their will and driving them to open a pair of huge meat wings and get up slowly.
There is no obvious movement, just staring at Sigurut and others coldly. The huge body is like a hill, emitting inviolable majesty.
Frost Dragon This is the name that Sigurut and others can see. The basic information can be seen from the name. Obviously, the frost dragon should make ice magic.
The powerful momentum of the frost dragon is like the vibration of the heart, and it slowly swings round and round to everyone in front of the iron gate.
"How terrible!"
Being so far away, I can feel a slight tingling in my skin. Although I know very well that the Frost Dragon is only an imaginary product, my heart is gradually beating faster and faster as I get closer and closer to the Dragon.
Influenced by the momentum, the avant-garde steps suddenly slowed down.
"Don’t panic, it’s a data-forming object." Sigurut frowned.
The known monsters in al don’t have the characteristics of scaring players. Compared with the yet-opened sea maze, the evil monster dragon in Heimli is a little weak, but its huge size, high fidelity and great impact are more terrible and powerful than the known monsters at present.
Avantgarde people keep hypnotizing themselves in their hearts. The frost dragon in the distance is a pile of data, and death is not a real death. There is nothing to be afraid of.
Only the success of the concept of data, which has existed since entering this world, has relieved the avantgarde’s fears.
Even with independent wisdom, it is still a pile of data, just like Xiang at this time, just like thoughts and memories belong to human beings. However, now it is data, and no matter what changes are made, it will not change the fact that it is just a pile of data.
There is nothing to be afraid of because it is an imaginary world data body.
The avantgarde suddenly stepped up their pace. Five or six minutes later, before they entered the attack range, the frost dragon suddenly raised its faucet and suddenly opened its mouth with teeth.
Active attack type …?
The wind elves looked at Zheng slightly, and at this moment, the frost dragon raised its faucet like thunder, and a cold current filled with extreme deep cold sprayed out from its mouth full of teeth and shot at the forefront avant-garde.
There are at least 500 meters away from each other, but the cylindrical cold current with a diameter of two meters is so fast that it is more than 500 meters apart. Before the first few avant-garde can react, they are hit by the cold current and become human ice sculptures.
Frost dragon’s head moved quickly through the humanoid ice sculpture with a slight swing of cold current and swept past other avantgarde. The sudden change surprised the rest of the wind elves, but at least they were all elites. They reacted quickly and all of them immediately retreated back, leaving a few humanoid ice sculptures in place.
This is no longer a question of containing or not. In the face of the cold current of milli-resistance, avant-garde does not hesitate to retreat.
Perhaps the attack distance is not enough. The frost dragon stopped releasing the cold current, and there were flashes of ice crystals flying in the trajectory of the previous cold current impact.
When the frost dragon’s cold current spewed out of his mouth, Sigurt retreated faster than anyone else, and only after retreating to an safe distance did he look stunned and looked at his teammates who had become ice sculptures.
Open the panel showing teammates’ status and see that the unlucky avant-garde are already dead, but they have not become remnants of fire but remain ice sculptures.
If the ice sculpture lasts for ten minutes, then this bss is really terrible and has the ability to put an end to the resurrection of elves.
Sigurut decided to retreat, and then he was the first to turn around and run. When others heard Sigurut’s words, they wouldn’t hesitate to turn around and run away.
Turning around, the wind elves didn’t see the humanized ridicule in the eyes of the frost dragon. Obviously, this dragon is similar to the evil monster in Youziheim. It has independent thoughts and ai, but the command embedded in their ai does not violate the equivalent of being on a mission
Running away, Chinese and western Grut can’t help but breathe a sigh of relief when they see that the iron gate is dozens of meters away. If they die, they will be in trouble. If they fall out of the ancient giant sword, it will be a tragedy.
Just as he was about to escape, an ice wall bigger and thicker than an iron gate showed signs of falling from the sky. With a loud bang, the huge ice wall in air billow blocked the whole exit.