The sound of the piano is sometimes euphemistic, sometimes long and sometimes open-minded …

All eyes are focused on the female body after the piano case at this moment.
Envy and jealousy …
Liancheng’s eyes closed slightly, listening to the music in his ear, and he couldn’t help secretly praising it. It’s really good.
Elegant and indifferent temperament, melodious and open-minded people, how can they not be so personal? Slowly open her eyes, she watched Mo Wan-ching study this duplicity.
Perhaps she was so preoccupied with the music in her ear that people praised her for never coming back to God.
"I heard that Princess Dingguo’s piano skills are also very good. Why don’t you let Princess Dingguo play a song for her uncle and aunt on this occasion?" To punish Mo Wan’s sycophant, if there is a chance to let it go for a while in the future, she will make a fool of Gu Liancheng in front of everyone, especially him.
Mo Wan’s piano-leaning skill made Liu Yu-wan both jealous and hate her teeth itch, but when she found that Cenluo’s eyes were locked for a long time and she was motionless, her jealousy and hatred for Mo Wan instantly turned to Liancheng and she secretly felt angrily that Gu Liancheng was a rude person! I want you to make a fool of yourself. I want you to make a fool of yourself in front of him so that he can see your true colors!
"Three elder sister that crazy woman want to do Chapter 185 Familiar with.
Gu Jun didn’t clench his hands into fists in the sleeves, and the chill in his eyes was full.
"Don’t just want to make trouble for the second sister" stare at Liu Yu holding Gu Ning’s face is not so good. "She must be the second sister who doesn’t understand the melody.
"She wants Second Sister to make a fool of herself in front of so many faces?" Gu Jun frowns
"That’s the purpose". Looking at him with a shallow smile, Gu Ning raised her voice gently and slowly. "She wants to abuse herself. We are watching." Want to make a fool of her second sister and see her jokes is simply overreaching!
"Third sister, don’t you worry about second sister? "Little face emerge with a worried Gu Jun will eyes light to Liancheng body.
Gu Ning raised his eyebrows. "Are you worried?" Water eyes blinked her smile. "Elder sister is not inferior to the second sister in piano and chess painting." Elder sister is another "first talented woman" in Beijing after her mother. Three years ago, Second sister didn’t like words or going out to the government to attend various banquets held by various governments, so everyone in Beijing recognized her talent and virtue as a dumb one. Three years later, the second sister returned to Beijing because she wanted to protect their relatives’ names, and she was once again particularly unbearable-vulgar and biting.
It’s ridiculous to think that a woman who knows martial arts is vulgar.
It’s ridiculous to kill someone and treat the wounded by laparotomy with a scalpel.
However, in fact, her second sister knows more than anyone else, that is, the elder sister is still alive, and I am afraid she is not as outstanding as her second sister.
Sister? Sister, how are things with your parents?
Gu Ning’s eyes flooded with disappointment when he thought of his deceased relatives.
"Third sister, what’s wrong with you?" Gu Jin is the’ first talented woman’ in Beijing. Gu Jun was young three years ago, but she also knew that at the moment, after hearing what Gu Ning said, her little face was worried and suddenly dispersed, but when she saw the third sister’s eyes, she was disappointed and his eyebrows were screwed together again.
Gu Ning lip angle took a little smile and shook his head.
She didn’t speak Gu Jun corners of the mouth moved eventually didn’t ask more.
Empress Huangfuqing glances at Liu Yu-wan, then turns her eyes. She can’t recognize the calm voice. "Jade-wan is a wedding banquet today." He means to ask Liu Yu-wan to see the occasion before speaking.
"The emperor uncle jade wan knows!" Liu Yu wan blinked his eyes with a smile, and the feminine sound overflowed from his lips and teeth. "It is because today is a good day that Yu Wan agreed that the princess of the country will play a song to help the emperor’s uncle and aunt. By the way, let us all listen to the princess of Dingguo play the fairy sound."
Huangfuqing’s face sank like water, and his deep eyes condensed Liu Yu’s arm for a long time.
Arrogant! As arrogant as mother! Pick a fight with sex regardless of occasion
He doesn’t know whether Dingguo knows the melody, but today is the banquet for choosing a concubine, not his palace banquet. She is making a fool of herself by playing with the queen and him. I thought that Huangfuqing wanted to reprimand Liu Yuyuan, but unexpectedly Mei Guifei’s soft voice sounded untimely. "Since Jade Wan said that Dingguo’s piano skills are excellent, it is better to let her play a song and make us all satisfied!"
When I have the opportunity to look after Liancheng, I will make a fool of myself. She is very happy to say a good word.
I’m afraid I won’t be satisfied with my ears, but I can’t wait to plug my ears.
The dark awn at the bottom of the eye crossed Mei Guifei, smiled gently, glanced at Liancheng, and looked at Huangfuqing again. The soft voice sounded again. "Look, Emperor, you will be focused on playing music for you and the queen!"
Liu Yu’s arm was secretly pleased. She didn’t expect Mei Guifei to help her, so she couldn’t help dyeing her eyebrows with a little pride.
Despicable and shameful, dare to seduce her unmarried husband, then let her know the consequences!
What does she want to be so focused on? Huangfuyi Lu Suiyun Cenluo’s three eyes are locked, and they are all beautiful and focused. Their faces are motionless, but in a short time, Lu Suiyun Cenluo glanced at Liu Yu coldly. Didn’t the mindless woman suffer enough in her hands?