"Where are you?"

Many monks are talking about it only to find that Su Mo suddenly disappeared!
"Look, it seems to have escaped!"
"What just happened?"
There were waves in the crowd.
The mountains are surrounded by auspicious clouds.
Seeing Su Mo reveal this posture in the valley, Bai Hai Tianxian, Tianyuan, Yang Rexu and Qingfeng Tianxian all shine at the moment.
"This posture is good, although it is similar to shifting without blinking."
Tianyuan nodded slightly.
The Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture fairy shook her head and said, "It’s just a surprise. If the other party has a guard against this posture, it’s not a big deal."
White sea fairy shook her folding fan and said leisurely, "As far as I know, everywhere the gale goes, there is a successor, and the real murder is still behind!"
Yang Ruoxu said, "In any case, this person’s performance so far is very good in both reaction and judgment."
If others were trapped in a gale, this team would not be able to rush out even if they were surrounded by the first floor.
Panlong valley middle
Su Mo rushed out of the encirclement and galloped directly, bursting into many magical secrets such as golden light, ethereal wings and feet.
The ethereal wings are still surrounded by the Lei Guang arc flapping, and the wind and thunder are on the rise!
This is the wind and thunder wing in Taixulei Tactics!
Although Sumo is a six-step fairy, so many occult magical powers broke out and his speed rose to a very horrible level!
Although chasing behind are all terrace immortals and nine terrace immortals, the distance between Su and Mo is gradually pulling.
Even if it is the fastest gale, at most, it will temporarily hang Su Mo behind him and not be left behind.
Gale staring at Sue ink back look cold corners of the mouth slightly become warped suddenly pinching tactic gods move.
At the same time, the warning signs flashed in Su Mo’s heart, but the tie suddenly stopped and his body changed direction and ran towards the other side!
As he was about to pass through the ground in front, a huge net suddenly rose, with spikes wrapped around it, flashing with a faint light and smeared with poison!
If Su Mo doesn’t change direction, he will be caught by this poisonous net.
Now that the Soviet Union and Mexico have changed direction, this poisonous net immediately falls.
Gale big frown cold hum a but didn’t stop to catch up.
Su Mo is running, and suddenly the slightest sign in my heart changes direction again and hits a towering old tree next to it!
This towering ancient tree was smashed by Su Mo!
Outside the valley, many monks are watching. They don’t know what Su Mo is doing.
It seems that it is unnecessary for everyone to finish moving like this, but it will slow down their speed.
But soon they found the abnormality.
After the fracture, this towering old tree was also knocked out with a figure, spitting blood in the middle and falling into the distant soil, looking so weak and listless.
Here is also a fierce wind to decorate the post-kill move!
The killer ambushed this towering ancient tree near here, and the roots of others could not be detected.