"Xiaoyangcheng … he … they dare to come?" The baron’s tone seemed to be certain, but this assurance lasted for half a sentence and became a question.

At the end of this sentence, Baron himself already knew the answer to this question.
Before Elis launched a formal declaration of war, the Baron actually made full preparations for the invasion of the Kingdom of Elis according to the requirements of Pope Xiaoyang of King Louis. The Shuangchahe Castle, an outpost that was breached before the construction, was an important part of these preparations.
The loss of the outpost in Baron Jacques’s war vision must have been solved quickly. Although it is a pity, it is not completely unexpected.
However, Shuangchahe Castle is the key construction target, ensuring that Baron Anyak’s special Shuanghe Castle has more than 100 soldiers, half of whom are veterans who have experienced war.
Outside the tall city wall, a double-layer defense structure and a moat are added. There are many urban defense facilities, and all kinds of sufficient war materials are prepared in advance. Even if the Kingdom of Elis siege the castle together, it can be easily defended for half a year.
In Xiaoyangcheng, the city with the title of God, King Elis had better stay away from here if he is wise, because this is the place where the jihadist army of the whole Kingdom of Louis is located and all the lords of his kingdom come to support the war. If Elis’s crazy idea of hitting this city continues to support the army, tens of thousands of residents of Xiaoyangcheng wall city will make Elis’s expeditionary force, which lacks follow-up, collapse.
If the outpost is regarded as the eyes of the Kingdom of Louis in this war, the castle is the armor of the Kingdom of Louis, and finally Xiaoyang is the sword.
According to the general idea of war, the enemy from the Kingdom of Elis will first try to blindfold and then slowly consume the armor. When the enemy shows weakness and flaw through these hard work-there will always be such a time in the war-the Baron will quietly join the country-and even if it drags on long enough, it will come from Xiaoyang Sect-to help the troops sharpen this sword and make the last sword against the enemy.
However, Baron Jacques couldn’t imagine that it was a striker with 500 or 600 men who stabbed the eyes of the Kingdom of Louis with only one sword in just four days, and easily pierced the armor of the Kingdom of Louis with only one sword. After doing this, the army did not feel hard but came towards his sword.
At this time, I’m afraid the letters sent by King Louis to the country asking the lords to come to support have not yet arrived-according to this era, it will take three or four months to arrive at the earliest.
Now it’s not three or four months since Baron Jacques, and he didn’t care for two days.
If this striker marches as late as in the past few days, Xiaoyangcheng will appear in the daytime at the latest tonight.
At this time, the entire Xiaoyangcheng Department has more than 2,000 troops
If it had been four days ago, the baron would not have recognized that the city could not cope with the 600-man striker with an army of up to 2,000 men. He would have worried that this small army was too cunning, and it might be difficult to locate and seize it, and it would run around and plunder the villages near the castle …
If it was yesterday, the baron would think that his opponent might be attracting himself out of the city to rescue Shuangchahe, who was preparing to besiege the city to fight for help, and would not doubt the safety of Xiaoyang City …
But now Baron Jacques is really afraid-if Elis people believe that the emissary really has such magical skills, what can they not do?
Can turn stones into powder …
Can make steel into pieces …
Only two thousand people will be heavier than stone walls. Will only two thousand people’s armor be stronger than steel gates?
"The official drafted the order". Baron Jacques felt that he was scared out in a cold sweat all over. "All the 16-year-old men in the city put them together!"
"Everyone has to hand out weapons!"
"Execute immediately!"
"at once!"
When Xiaoyangcheng was mobilized to actively respond to the invasion of the Kingdom of Elis, Elis Wangcheng, hundreds of miles away, did the same.
A large number of people and materials have left the city one after another. The whole Elis City has disappeared. The first half of the month was busy and noisy, as if it had gone back to the past. It was quiet and stable, and people looked like they were walking, so that everyone realized that Elis City is no longer the city it used to be.
There are almost no young people in the streets. All the people who stay in the city are old people and young children. In addition, there are a few nobles and their families.
In the eyes of these people, they are now living a real life as if they were in heaven. A lot of spices and wealth brought by God have been exchanged for their subordinates and food. These nobles who have stayed here have all become rich, and they have never thought of them before.
But their wealth is not good news for ordinary citizens. The price of grain in the whole city is rising rapidly. Although people don’t know what inflation is in this era, everyone can feel that it is the gold, pearls, crystals and spices in Elis … These things have become common, but the most common grain has gradually become rare, slowly but firmly and irrepressibly.
It’s not that no one is unaware of the danger.
As far as King Elis and his former subjects have just left the future king, the first thing Duke Anthony did was to organize his nobles to try to buy more youth and food from other countries.
When new immigrants enter this strange and famous city, they can also see many strange signs posted in various parts of the city, which is the most important period of the city’s history after the city has just experienced great turmoil.
There are cakes painted everywhere on the bulletin board, and many wells can be seen everywhere in the city. Their names are often related to the key words God and cake.
Earth well …
Sweet well …
White cake well …
If you ask many original residents who stayed in the street, you can still hear no less than the story of God’s cookies. If you are really interested in these stories, you can ride a horse to the south for more than 140 miles, that is, you can ride a horse for a little more than a day, and you can still see that you can eat cookies just after leaving the big group.
Wang You and Xu Yan left Shen Changwen yesterday. When he was supervising the last batch of grain delivery teams in the city to ride past the Duke’s mansion, he found that something seemed to be being done inside.
Out of heart and some kind of worry, Shen Changwen decided to go to the door and ask a.
The Duke personally received him and told God to make him do something-he was going to dig a huge place to deal with the possible disaster that God said.
After describing the project, the duke also gently asked Shen Changwen-if Shen Changwen said that the disaster was real, whether the project was in charge or not.
Shen Changwen is a little in distress situation. Before this problem, many nobles came to ask him privately. It is estimated that after they leave, they will dig a hole in their own residence like the Duke. Of course, theoretically, the underground room is deep enough and the equipment is large enough. It is not difficult to achieve the refuge effect. Shen Changwen also consulted many experts on the excavation plan in the initial rescue plan.
If a small number of people take refuge, for example, like a nobleman, a family is not impossible.
But this can be done by saying that they will not die for a while during the volcanic eruption, but it is hard to say how long they will live afterwards.
What’s the point of a few people or a dozen people struggling to be tortured by an extremely bad environment in the future for more than ten years and then dying in agony if it’s a half-year extension or a year’s life is the best?
If it exceeds a certain order of magnitude, such as 100 people, even this extension will be impossible.
Moreover, even before this standard is achieved, it is the modern design concept that the main design and construction rely on them to hire a group of masons to try to build a ground defense cave to block magma, just as the Qin emperor tried to build a Great Wall to block tanks.
Shen Changwen won’t laugh at these ancient people because the concept of extinct volcano eruption is unimaginable to the ancient people, and he is not going to tell them this fact. Building this kind of land may not save their lives, but it still has a little historical significance as a tomb guard. It is also commendable that they can find something meaningful to do with more than one month of life left.
So Shen Changwen can comfort Duke Anthony and say "there will be"
This place may be hundreds of years and thousands of years later, their bones will be dug up as a stupid mark to commemorate.
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