And that real cow who was still aggressive just now was absorbed by Tiandao Pagoda and was trapped in Longchi!

The huge body of the real cow is bigger than the whole attic, but at the moment, the real cow seems to be shrinking and trapped in the dragon pool!
"What is this?"
Xia Man, a Yuan God stepped on the spiral staircase and slowly stepped on the second floor of Tiandao Pagoda!
At this moment, Xuanniudian was destroyed by the thunder for nine days without the real talent cow, and the array immediately broke up!
See a fully more than ten meters high Fiona Fang five or six meters huge tripod furnace in the middle of the hall! The three tripod legs of this tripod furnace are all carried by a bronze turtle that is half a meter long! The tripod furnace is carved with four ferocious animals, one of which is the real talent cow!
"Little fathers! You don’t even want to accept the spirit beast tripod! You must leave some affection! "
Xuanwu’s sad face and eyes were almost oozing water. I watched Xia Man sacrifice the Heaven Pagoda without changing his face, and instantly collected the tripod of animals into it. Xuanwu was even green!
"Beast! Beast! This is the oldest and most precious witch soldier! Without the animal tripod, the whole Xuanniu Temple will be abolished in the future! Xuanniu Temple! If this little guy does this, the whole Xuanwu Temple will be ruined! "
"Calm down! Calm down! You should know that he is our master now, and the higher his strength, the greater the benefit to us! Do you want to go back to the temple of madness? Don’t forget that the master Yuan Shen was still suppressed? "
Qinglong exhorted him to talk and coax him.
But when I saw this for two hours, I was destroyed by Xia Man one after another, and even Qinglong said that he would quit!
"You big ye like talking! It’s the old Xuanwu Temple that was destroyed by this little thing. If you are the Qinglong Temple, can you be calm? Don’t give me that shit. Didn’t you say this little guy was the owner? Then when he comes out, I will send him to the Qinglong Hall to experience it. I know that your Qinglong Hall was not hurt at first! "
Xuanwu stared at it and ignored the embarrassment. Before Qinglong stepped on the ground, the mirror technique was immediately destroyed to look at Qinglong without looking at Xuanwu and turned to go.
"You big ye look upset! Don’t bother me! "
Xuanwu’s hooves stepped out of a piece of water mist and disappeared in a moment!
The more hundred meters behind Qinglong Mountain, the higher the palace gate clicks and closes, and the bright light reflects the three characters of the plaque-Xuanwu Temple!
Inside the Animal Ding is Xia Man’s dream, and the water is filled with thunder and thunder. There are many snake faces moving constantly in Lei Guang.
These thunderbolt waters have reached an alarming level and are about to give birth to a natural dragon-Lei Long!
Naturally formed elemental dragons are not as powerful as real dragons, but if they are absorbed by people, they can easily break through one or two levels!
Lei Long, on the other hand, will naturally form elemental dragons only after the thunder element is rich to a certain extent!
A real Lei Long, even the first-class worlds, are competing for each other’s treasures! An elemental dragon can definitely make wizards rise to several small realms easily! Even the great wizard realm will rise to two small realms safely!
"Grandma a bear is really a wave! However, it’s better to cultivate the Nine-headed Heaven Skill to a higher level first. After all, if you improve to a higher level, you will be able to save one more life! "
"The condition of nine days dumpling water control ability is horrible! If you can practice to the realm of Kowloon Qifa, it is absolutely horrible to turn the river into the sea by manipulating an ocean! "
Xia Man sighed and danced with his hands, and immediately another dragon came out!
For more than ten meters long, the dragon got excited and roared when he saw the water in the animal tripod, and immediately got into it!
"Grandma a bear this vitality dragon unexpectedly like a spiritual and more handy than those beasts! It seems that witchcraft is really magical! "
Xia Man sighed a long time ago, and he absolutely couldn’t imagine these magical things! But now he believes the truth!
Humans can really live easily for thousands of years when they travel through the universe, even reaching the realm of immortality!
This is waiting for magic!
Looking at the vitality of the dragon, after absorbing enough thunder water, the body suddenly grew to 20 meters away, and the huge dumpling head more than doubled!
The most obvious thing is that a single horn on the top of your head is faintly entangled with thunder!
This is the mysterious ability that Yuanqi Xiaolong gained after absorbing Wan Lei’s true water power!
Manipulating thunder with Jiutou Tianjiao’s ability to control water. Releasing thunder in the sea of Wang Yang can definitely let opponents escape!
The second floor of Tiandao Pagoda was opened, but Xia Man didn’t get any special treatment, and the whole Tiandao Pagoda suddenly expanded more than twice!
It has expanded from about 20 meters to more than 50 meters!
Even the Hualong pond has changed from a small pond of more than ten meters to a large pool of more than twenty meters!
The real cow is trapped inside, and it seems that there is a ban to fix it. Although the real cow is struggling to solve the problem, Leiqi is released and the iron hoof is trampled, then a dragon horn is broken, but it can’t be separated from the scope of the dragon pool!
This dragon pool, which is only more than 20 meters long, seems to have a mysterious force to firmly fix this ancient animal!