"After all, it is a pity that it is the top of the list and it is a talent to directly waste it."

"What can Qingyun do?"
Said ice jade-like stone sound way "Su Mo’s identity is not as good as before. He is a foreign brother. Now he worships the introduction. Although the realm is far less than ours, it is the first place after all."
"No, we come forward."
Fang Qingyun smiled indifferently and looked at the futon pulpit not far away.
"Brother Yuchan?"
Ice jade-like stone shine at the moment, saying, "Yes, Brother Yuchan is a true brother, and his status is nothing even if Su Mo is the first brother Yuchan."
"But if Brother Yuchan can come forward and teach that Sumo a lesson?"
Tang Peng asked
Fang Qingyun said, "Brother Yuchan really follows Brother Yuehua and Brother Yuehua hates Yang Ruoxu. This is the governor of the hospital."
"I need to tell Su Mo and Yang Rexu what happened outside the door truthfully to Brother Yuchan, and he will naturally come forward to teach Su Mo a lesson."
"Sheng Shen has five spirits, a long mind and a strong mind, which is attributed to those who are poor and have twelve homes."
"It’s really true to give birth to a three-yuan return to nature and go to false; True fairy days … "
Su Mo and others can still hear the jade toad, a true fairy, coming from the pulpit in front of the Dojo outside the crowd, with a gentle voice and clear pronunciation and clear pronunciation.
What this Yuchan Zhenxian said is also full of mystery and poor aftertaste.
Sue ink eyes patrol around still thinking about just that which passes hostility some absent-minded.
"Elder Zhong, the younger brother here seems to have a high level of cultivation."
Su Mo probably took a look at this place around the Dojo, and most of them are fifth-order immortals!
There are almost no such first-order fairies as Su Mo, Chihong Princess and Liuping.
"This is nature"
Elder Zhong laughed and said, "True Immortals’ Brother Daoism will generally grant immortals the True Immortal Daoism. If you have any experience in the breakthrough, it will be most helpful to higher-level immortals."
Sue ink nodded his head.
At this time, I don’t know how the jade toad’s true fairy voice suddenly paused
After a little silence in the pulpit, Yuchan Zhenxian continued that everything was as usual.
This short pause did not cause any reaction.
But Su Mo found that just after the pause, the eyes of Yuchan Zhenxian floated up in their direction.
Red rainbow infanta and Liuping are both excited when they enter the door for the first time.
"It’s so rare for a true brother to have a chance to teach. How come there are more than ten people in his younger brother?"
Red rainbow infanta small asked
Elder Zhong explained, "There are still some younger brothers who may go out to travel to complete some clans, and there are still some younger brothers who will naturally not rush out."
"Of course, every true brother’s own experience is different. It must be good for us to listen more."
"Not bad, not bad"
Liuping also nodded and said excitedly, "It’s really mysterious that Brother Yuchan said a few words just now, and I have new experiences after pondering over it again and again."
At this time, the Dojo suddenly sounded like a thunder.
This thunder initially sounded at the Dojo, but it soon came to Su Mo’s ears and exploded!
Elder Zhong’s face changed slightly.
He is a ninth-order fairy and can bear the impact of this sound.
But the red rainbow princess and Liuping are first-order fairy figures, and their ears are slightly shaking and buzzing, and there is a trace of blood oozing from their ears!
It is this sound that has already hurt two people!