"How much is a little?"

There is no concept of saying a little about Jun Xuan to the little ant.
"It’s probably just a little. Oh, my brother, I don’t know. Why don’t you give it to us and we’ll eat a little at ordinary times? Anyway, if it doesn’t eat enough, it can come to us again."
Junlin gave advice to his brother.
Jun Xuan thought it was really like this, so he motioned Linger to cut a small fingernail and take it.
The little ant happily followed Shine to climb to the top of his nest, and the two brothers Jun Xuan Jun Lin came to the small pavilion next to the kitchen and waited for the kitchen to eat.
Shen Qiqi and Jun Yang have just returned to Yundu, and naturally there are many things to be busy. When they are finished, they go back to the room and see that the two little guys have long since disappeared.
I found someone to ask before I knew that the two little guys went to the kitchen to find food by themselves. Shen Qiqi had no choice but to walk to the kitchen with Jun Yang.

Today is definitely Xu Qiang’s unlucky day. First, she was scared to faint by a mouse in the room, and then she found herself with a lot of red spots and strange itching. Chapter 478 Xu Qiang field [7]
That little red dot used to be a small piece, and she didn’t care much about it. She sent pity to get some antipruritic ointment to smear it, but she didn’t expect that it was a small piece of red pimple that spread quickly and quickly to her body after applying the ointment.
Moreover, she couldn’t help but stretch out her hand and scratch it with a burst of tingling.
After redness and swelling, the skin is particularly fragile. Xu Qiang scratched the skin gently and quickly broke the skin, and then yellow pus flowed out
In just half a day, Xu Qiang’s body became red and swollen, and even her face failed to look miserable.
Xu Qiang was so frightened that he didn’t lose his temper and was so frightened that he ordered pity to send for a doctor.
After observing in the dark for a while, the little mouse found that there was no one in the room, and then climbed out of the corner and swaggered out of Xu Qiang’s bed.
Xu Qiang turned her head when she heard the noise and saw a furry dirty mouse staring at mung bean.
At this time, Xu Qiang’s face was swollen like a pig’s head because of redness and swelling, and he couldn’t see his face. Even a pair of original eyes were left with a thin seam because of swollen face.
The little mouse, Gray, screamed with fear when she saw her ghost-like appearance, and jumped to Xiao Ji again.
Xu Qiang was also frightened, but at the moment she couldn’t shout it out.
Therefore, not only was her body swollen, but her throat was red and swollen, and even it was difficult to swallow, let alone make a sound.
Her symptoms are no longer caused by itchy powder.
Gray, a little mouse, also sensed something was wrong. After thinking about it for a while, she jumped back to Xu Qiang’s bed and found that she had no air intake left.
Gray cheep a hurried back to your house to report the situation to the two brothers.

At this time, the pity son also arrived with the doctor.
Seeing Xu Qiang’s face swollen than when she left, pity son was also shocked.
"Doctor, take a quick look. I’m not like this when I leave."
Poor son, this is really anxious. Although Xu Qiang is always abusive to her at ordinary times, she still feels pity when she sees a girl as beautiful as flowers and pure as jade become like this, especially when she is still alone without a relative.
The doctor helped Xu Qiang feel the pulse and shook his head and sighed, "I can’t save it. Prepare for the funeral."
"How did this happen?"
Poor son is startled.
"She’s a drug. Although the dose is not large, it hurts her to come. Even such a small dose is enough to kill her."
As the doctor said, he packed up his things and even confiscated the diagnosis, so he didn’t look back.
"Doctor, doctor, don’t go. Don’t go."
Pity son ran after the doctor, but he got the doctor. "What are you going to do after? Why don’t you go back and look at your lady? She may die at any time. Listen to me and prepare for the funeral."
Pity son one leng hand strength also loose to wait for her to return to absolute being, the doctor had already gone and disappeared.