That Zhu Fu-po used the Zhu family’s power to go out or visit relatives on weekdays. Where did she go through the present situation?

Pointing and nodding in front of the onlookers, I couldn’t wait to shrink into my chest and my face was gray and I didn’t dare to move.
Rao is motionless, but Li Fu’s explanation to everyone is that every word is heard.
This page is a glib talker, and it’s very vivid and enthusiastic. The onlookers answered questions and answered, Who is this woman? Kneel here? Wait a minute.
Listen to the woman more ashamed and nervous.
Even Fangzhou Tete sent someone out to inquire about the news, and when he heard it, he was quite satisfied. He laughed and laughed, but he didn’t know if Zhujiajian was satisfied or not!
Zhu Jiacai got the news the next day.
Master Zhu was dizzy with anger and staggered. He hasn’t felt this way for a long time.
Mrs Zhu also surprised again nu way "the lees insult! Where’s the housekeeper Tell him to reason with the Li family immediately and get that shameful woman back for me! "
"It’s not you who raised your daughter!" Master Zhu’s heart is also annoyed with Fangzhou, but he can’t catch her half of her mistakes.
First, it was wrong for that woman to insult the imperial court maid in public; Secondly, the daughter nodded in agreement with others to take it away, which is the punishment and the daughter nodded in agreement. Who can blame?
That Li Furen although the daughter know but her daughter’s words are said in public do not fake!
Blame yourself for your bad luck!
Master Zhu thinks more and more, and he feels headache. That old woman kneels so much and that page explains that Zhujiajian’s face is really going to be lost!
I’m afraid I’ve already been in Beijing at the moment!
Mrs. Zhu wronged "where does our daughter have so many flowers and intestines?" I’d say it’s that Li Furen who is scheming and deliberately ruining our Zhujiajian name! Master, you must think about it. That old woman can’t go there like this again! "
"Still waiting for you to say?" Master Zhu said bitterly, "There is no other way to think about it now. I have to ask the boss and the housekeeper to go to Li’s house in person to talk to General Li and accompany him. Let’s get the people back first!"
Seeing his wife Youzi’s angry expression, Master Zhu felt a burst of strength and then self-effacing, and he couldn’t blame his wife for a daughter, nor was she a spoiled one! She is only good at other things when it comes to her daughter-
"Madam," Master Zhu sighed, "When this storm subsides, you should sit up and take notice, and find a good family for Yinger to fix the marriage!"
"Master jade-like stone son won’t want to-"
Before Mrs. Zhu finished, Master Zhu gave a hand and interrupted her and sighed, "Haven’t you seen it clearly? Previously, I turned a blind eye to Yinger’s nonsense. First, I wanted to see how far she would go. Second, I wanted to test what Lee did to his wife! Do you think it’s still possible for Yinger to marry General Li? Besides, the Li Furen 747 Chapter 747 Stop.
Master Zhu pondered a little and then said, "It’s not easy to get rid of things even though it’s against the rules. It’s not that I don’t care about my daughter. Yinger won’t be her opponent!"
Mrs. Zhu was silent for a moment, gritting her teeth and sighing with tears. "Master Ying Er suffered a lot from poor health when she was a child. I swore in front of the Bodhisattva that I would ensure her generation to be safe and happy. You and I both saw how much she loved General Li. Do you have the heart to call your daughter a generation unhappy!"
"What about that?" Master Zhu sighed, "it’s fate to make people like this! It’s so serious that her child’s family is ignorant. Don’t scare yourself! She found a person who knows the pain and knows the heat, and she is outstanding. When she became a kiss, her heart naturally slowly turned around. Isn’t this how the little daughter’s house came? "
Master Zhu saw that his wife was silent and his eyes were still shining. "Don’t be confused! Yinger matters, but Heer doesn’t matter? It is not good for the temple if it offends General Li! "
Mrs. Zhu nodded reluctantly and sighed, "Don’t worry, Sir, I will persuade Yinger well!"
Too good and bad, today’s emperors naturally give birth to a few different thoughts, not to mention making preparations before, when the time comes, others will always have to.
This is called nip in the bud
I also know a thing or two about these ladies Zhu.
Besides, his son-in-law, Li Wangdian, has accomplished several important tasks, so it is very important to value his family now, so he can’t hold him back.
One thousand to offend lee malicious into a deadly enemy, that is really bad.
Master Zhu was relieved.
Mrs. Zhu glanced at her husband and couldn’t help adding, "That dead woman …"
Master Zhu is now a headache when he thinks about it. He smacks his mouth and frowns and bares his teeth. "You can take care of your daughter, but you don’t have to worry about this! Even if you want to go to important people, you have to wait until dark, right? How to get there at this time? Don’t you think it’s enough to lose face! "
Mrs. Zhu didn’t have the words at the moment, and she gnashed her teeth. "That Li Furen is so mean! Actually, I don’t give a damn about it! She’d better pray not to bump into my hands in the future! "
Master Zhu unconsciously gave her a look and sighed in his heart, how can you blame others if your daughter doesn’t show mercy to them first? Alas! These little things have come to this point!
At night, after dark, Zhu Gui, the housekeeper of the Zhu family, and Zhu Dalang came to the Li family in a carriage.
Although it’s dark, there are few onlookers at the entrance of Li’s house, which seems quiet.
However, the light reflected by the pair of lanterns hanging on the eaves of the mansion door can still clearly see the figure of the old woman curled up and kneeling on the side of the door.
This made Zhu Dalang and Zhu Gui feel a little embarrassed and particularly harsh.
Li Fu didn’t go to Xue Yiqing for copying coolies tonight. He was talking with his mother in Dongci.
Niang was wronged yesterday, so he naturally needs to take good comfort.
Hear spring apricot leave outside said Zhu Fu archduke and housekeeper asked for two immediately look at each other.
"I listen to you," Li Fu said lightly.
Even Fang Zhou "scoffed" and laughed. "I thought they wouldn’t come, waiting for us to send people back another day! It’s coming after all! "
Li Fu has never said much, and he also said a sarcastic sentence, "How can you be ashamed of this kind of thing before dark!"
Even Fang Zhou laughed when he heard it funny. "Although I hate Zhu Yuying’s doing those things, it’s really boring, but I never like to kill them all. Since I’m here, please invite them in!"
Chunxing was ordered to leave.
Li Fu smiled and carried Lian Fangzhou to the drawing room of the outer court, waiting for Zhu Dagong and Zhu Guanjia.
Even Fangzhou’s efforts to make the whole city of Zhujiajian famous once greatly made him feel bored when he thought that he had to smile and speak politely.
He could have done such a narrow thing. The woman must be a bitter-looking, sharp-tongued and tide wait for no man. I felt uneasy all the way when I walked in.
Who knows met Li Fu face light that Li Furen smiled a face of calm and amiable Zhu Dagong dumbfounded at the moment.
The two sides met Zhu Dagong seated, and the housekeeper Zhu lowered his hand to stand on the side behind him, and then withdrew after serving tea.
At that time, there were two servants in the modest drawing room, namely, Chunxing and Redjade behind Fangzhou.
Rao, there are no outsiders present. Think of those words from his father. Zhu Dagong still feels a little hard to say-does he try to ask people for help?
He didn’t open his mouth, and his master didn’t even open his mouth to see Zhu Guanjia secretly worried and couldn’t help but gently cough up his master.
Zhu Dagong always looked up at Li Fu and Lian Fangzhou and said with a wry smile, "General Li and Li Furen’s sister are not sensible. They really made some mischief yesterday and made Li Furen laugh!"
Even Fang Zhou "sloped" smiled and said, "I almost became a joke myself. There is nothing to say about" laughing "! Zhu Dagong is joking! "
Zhu Dagong a lag quite some don’t know the heart, this Li Furen proved to be an irreverent no wonder it would do such a thing! Alas, it’s also charming …
Zhu Dagong got up and bowed his hand to him with a wry smile. "I’m making an apology for my sister. Please forgive me, General Li and Li Furen! My father and mother have taught my sister to be grounded at home for reflection and will give Li Furen an account … "
Even Fang Zhou disdains this Zhujiajian sincerity so much! After all, I didn’t say anything to make Zhu Yuying apologize. Instead, I bowed my head and pleaded.
It seems that this Zhu family is really very, very fond of Zhu Yuying. No wonder it is so overbearing and reckless!