Now, in Sumo Lingtai, the red-haired Yin God sits in the middle and controls the body.

Su Mo’s palm turned to condense a water mirror.
In the mirror, he was red-haired and his eyes were flashing with a strange light, and the whole person looked evil.
Although it is a Terran form, there will never be any demons who doubt his identity!
Sue ink secretly nodded with satisfaction.
It is more appropriate to practice in Wanyao Valley, and it will save a lot of trouble.
"Are you all right?"
Fox will Sue ink wake up hurriedly ran to the heart and asked.
Su Mo smiled slightly. "You continue to practice and don’t worry about me."
"Hey, I told you big brother was fine!"
Linghu smiled and relaxed.
"Monday morning quarterback"
Monkey pie pie stepped aside and continued to practice.
They have just cultivated the Yuan gods into demons, and there are many things to be familiar with.
Not only is it familiar with the changes brought by the body, but it is also necessary to sacrifice weapons.
In front of the monkey, leaning on a rusty long stick, he rose to the sky and was much taller than him!
This stick is covered with rust and is amazing.
However, this long stick was found in the saliva cave of the stars dragon, and Lin Xuanji seemed to be startled when he saw this long stick at that time.
The monkey chose this long stick for a simple reason.
It was because at the first sight of this long stick, he seemed to feel a kind of invisible call.
The monkey’s eyebrows flashed, and one by one, the gods spread out and wrapped this long stick, constantly offering sacrifices to keep its own unique Yuan God mark.
The monkey is going to make this long stick sacrifice into his own life instrument!
On the other side, Linghu also sacrificed and refined his own multiplier.
He got the multiplier in the Star-studded Dragon Saliva Cave. Either he or the four Tiger Claw!
The original four Tiger Claw have disappeared into his body.
It was not until he became a demon that he sensed four Tiger Claw!
Linghu runs, Yuan Shen’s arms are shaking, and his fists are clenched.
One of the two knuckles in the fist is almost as white as jade, but it exudes a new cold. The claws slowly pierce the flesh and blood and come out!
Slender and sharp as a long knife!
There are two for each fist.
Consciousness spirit tiger will touch four claws gently.
Qiang Qiang!
Mars is flying!
Claws touch each other and come to Jin Ge!
Linghu stared at his fist and leaned out of these four murder weapons, feeling the cold and exulting in his heart.
These four claws are absolutely indestructible!
Moreover, the perfect integration of the four instruments can be said to be like an armband, which is bound to exert its greatest fighting power!
In front of Qingqing, a emerald feather fan is suspended.
She was inspired by Yuan Shen, and a flame was burning around the feather fan, and it was green and dripping in the feather fan!
I chose this feather fan because the feathers of this feather fan are all refined by Bifang body feathers!
And green body with half Bi Fang blood!
No one is more suitable for this emerald feather fan than her.
The methods of refining the four monkeys’ sacrificial utensils are all different.
Now there is a big black umbrella floating above the fox’s head.
She looked dignified and looked up from time to time and spit out a powder mist with a faint fragrance, wrapped in a dark umbrella and left the mark of Yuan Shen.
Kaka, Kaka!
Just then there was a sudden crack in the cave, like something was broken.
Monkey’s heart moved and stared at the long stick in front of him.
This crack comes from the stick in front of him!
Yuan Shen kept offering and refining this long stick, and finally some changes have taken place!
There is a big rust crack from the inside, and a dazzling golden light diffuses from generate.
In an instant, this golden light will suppress the breath of the dark umbrella of the little fox with the green feather fan in Tiger Claw!
Even the entrance to the cave is decorated with many arrays, which can hardly hide this blazing golden light!
The golden light is gone!
The rust in the long stick finally fell to reveal the golden yellow stick body inside.
The golden light faded gradually.
Where the rust fell, two small words were engraved-fateful!
"Thousands of miles are domineering and good names!"
The monkey laughed and pulled out the long stick in front of him, waving it up and rejoicing.