Looking at Stuart from the side of Mu Sheng Xiao at first glance, his eyebrows were slightly wrinkled and his handsome face quickly burst into a smile. "What is the secret of Princess Rong Ning’s refusal?"

Redjade listened to this words, Rao is calm again, and people are angry at the moment. She said coldly, "Is this a curse to miss mu Shi?" Our young lady has a grudge against you. Aren’t you afraid that heaven and man will laugh at you for looking for a door to bully a weak girl like this? "
"The world is the heart of Princess Rong Ning. What do you think of Princess Rong Ning?" Mu Sheng Xiao stared at the shallow, and the more she refused, the more she proved that there was a problem.
Glancing at Redjade shallowly, he nodded and said, "Since it seems that the palace of longing for the world can’t refuse any more, it’s hard for you to treat the poisoned doctor."
Chapter 19 failed
Glancing at Redjade shallowly, he nodded and said, "Since it’s a palace of longing for the world, it seems that it’s hard to refuse again. Then please treat the poisoned doctor."
Mu Sheng Xiao smell speech can’t help but take a shallow look at the original and she will continue to refuse. He turned to Stuart and nodded his head first.
Mu Jing qi looked at him and wanted to stop him, but looking at the shallow cold and calm eyes, he suddenly thought of something. He was silent and watched the play.
Stuart first glanced at her coldly as if to find something from her.
However, the shallow root doesn’t look at whether he is holding out his left hand to make eyes, but he is not half sharp, like a quiet water, and most people can know what she is thinking.
Stuart’s first face of anger gradually disappeared, and he looked back to take his pulse.
"Hey, take your dirty hands and don’t touch us, miss." Green weeds suddenly shouted and took out a piece of silk handkerchief to cover the shallow wrist.
Glancing at the green weeds, this girl pays more attention to it. Is it because she is afraid that her wrist will be poisoned by his hand? If that’s the case, it’s really a wave of fame for him to poison the doctor.
Stuart stumbled a few steps before he got his feet up and looked at the green weeds coldly. If it weren’t for someone here at the moment, he would not hesitate to kill her directly.
"Princess Rong Ning is a female pulse, which is naturally a little particular." Mu Sheng Xiao said with a smile that if he is the final result,
Listening to this, Stuart’s first cold hum didn’t say anything. He went back to the shallow side and took a look at the silk handkerchief covering his wrist. A melancholy pulse flashed through his eyes.
Next to Redjade and Lvwu, two people glanced at each other, and their eyes flashed with a dignified look. Miss Zhang was always in poor health, and I didn’t know what happened yesterday. Besides, Stuart was a big poison. Let him feel the pulse of Miss Zhang. Can Miss Zhang end up well?
Mu Jing Qi and Mu Sheng Xiao both looked at the hand with a shallow pulse and waited for the final result.
Suddenly Stuart first looked up and looked surprised at the shallow as if he had found something amazing.
Mu Sheng Xiao noticed that Stuart’s first look was different, and a slight flash of eyes in the peach blossom fell on the shallow body. However, the woman was always cold. Is she really a white-haired ice girl? Stuart first told him yesterday that the white-haired Bingji was chilly because she cultivated a chilling method. In addition, if she wants to resist the coldness, she must take care of a kind of heart method of inflammation at the same time, or don’t contain toxins with the nature of inflammation. He will only bring him here today to make sure this is true. His heart is subconscious and he wants to be suspicious. After all, she is the most unique woman he has ever seen. She always wears a mysterious aura. Maybe he subconsciously wants to uncover this aura to see the most quality of her.
"What can the poison doctor see?" The cold guy suddenly said
Stuart first has withdrawn his hand and looked at the quiet woman in front of him with a slight frown. He always said, "Princess Rong Ning just has a bad diet for a long time. In addition, adding more dreams will lead to a loss of qi and blood and there will be no serious problems."
"Will you see the disease? Don’t give us a wrong look," said Green Historian, mocking Stuart at first sight.
Stuart can first find out what is happening from the shallow body, but now it backfires, and his mood is not good. He will be satirized by the green weeds and his anger will surge again. He said coldly, "Even if the public is at worst, it will not even be impossible to see this disease. Princess Rong Ning’s body is fine."
"You also admit that you are very bad, Mu Shi, and you have heard it." Green Wu vomitted to stick out his tongue toward Stuart first and turned to Mu Sheng Xiao and said.
Mu Sheng Xiao slightly squinted at the peach blossom eyes and stared at the shallow face to see what she wanted to see from her face, but she always looked like she was humiliated, as if everything around her was empty. Isn’t it really her? Yes, she is just an unloved ordinary woman, even if she has some temperament, but if she is a white-haired bingji, how can he make a thorough investigation? Even now he proves that she is.
Stuart brushed his sleeves and looked at the green weeds coldly. "If you dare to talk nonsense again, I don’t mind letting your mouth never speak."
"What a hero you are bullying a weak woman!" Green weeds not gas looked at Stuart first angrily said
Looking at Stuart’s first look on the verge of breaking out, he suddenly smiled and said, "Silly girl, how can you say that he is a hero? I don’t know if he is also an outlaw. How can you compare him to a savage?" Although everyone knows that he was born in the Valley of the King of Medicine, he is also a contemporary man. Now he is a noble family, and your nonsense is bad for the reputation of poison doctors. "
Stuart’s first eyes turned to look shallow. Did this woman deliberately ridicule his poor birth? No, the drug king, Gu Yigui, what is she trying to say? This woman seems to be a little different from what he imagined. Every word of her seems to mean something.