"Let’s go-everyone’s home!" Ziyun proudly said.

The scene is chaotic, and the bodies of the emperor’s landing and others should be dealt with soon, and the emperor will soon know that today’s game is not the emperor’s son, but the emperor’s landing is the emperor’s own flesh and blood. At this time, it is better to avoid the emperor and the game.
Before helping Huang Junyi solidify, several people lost their energy because it was not an easy thing. Everyone was very tired and had to find a quiet place to recuperate, so several people immediately prepared to go back to Wangfu after hearing Ziyun’s words.
When everyone walked for a while, Ziyun proudly found that the existing individual never followed. Chapter 941 He didn’t move.
"hey?" Ziyun proudly turned around and looked at Huang Junyi, who was still smiling. He felt a little inexplicably distressed. What was he laughing at? She had the illusion that she was losing something.
The beautiful teenager across the street hunts in red, as beautiful as a lotus face and as beautiful as a poppy, with deadly toxins.
Clouds drifted behind him.
Everything is so beautiful, beautiful and unreal.
Didn’t hear him answer, as if something was deposited in her heart. Consciously, she took a step towards her and then took another big step, perhaps because she was too flustered. They had ten steps, but she stumbled and fell halfway.
"The proud son-"They were taken aback and busy to help her up.
The girl lowered her head and covered her cheeks. She couldn’t see her expression at the moment, but she could feel her body trembling.
"What’s the matter with you?" Wounds fire Ryutsuki want to help her move suddenly freeze …
Ziyun ao slowly raised his head and seemed to freeze into ice at that moment-
What game still hasn’t moved! What? He smiled back at her! ?
Wounded fire Ryutsuki followed her line of sight and finally seemed to understand something and withdrew her desire to raise her hand and looked at Huang Junyi without expression.
Not moving or not moving …
Even if she fell, he didn’t help her. There must be something wrong with this movement or this expression!
Everyone in hindsight to react with a bad feeling over the white dragon face Hao son in the previous step was absolutely light dust.
The lion scratched the ground desperately and soon dug a big hole on the spot.
Yi dad … Lian’s eye pupil passed over with a bit of consternation, weeping over Ah Jing’s mouth at night and not letting him eat or talk.
Snow Wolf tried to hold Ziyun proudly, but he still let go …
Ziyun proudly got up in a trance and her eyes flashed a cool light. She looked at Huang Junyi and took steps towards him again.
One step, two steps and three steps …
We’re two steps away from him. What, she thinks her feet weigh a thousand pounds …
Michael doesn’t seem to be caught in any emotion.
Afraid? She actually developed a kind of fear, which is the one who stumbles her steps!
What would be afraid of him smiling so beautifully at himself! ?
Because …
Feel that he hasn’t changed even a trace of expression since just now!
If it is a game, you won’t help her when you see her fall! ? What? She can’t remember!
"Talk to me!" Ziyun proudly looked at Huang Junyi, and his eyes seemed to be able to see himself at the moment through his eyes.
What? Don’t talk! ? I wonder if she will be worried? I wonder if she will be afraid! ?
"hey?" She put her finger on his shoulder and gently pushed him-
At this time, Huang Junyi suddenly vomited an one mouthful blood-
"Yi-"Ziyun was so surprised that he hurriedly held Huang Junyi … Indeed as expected, as she imagined, he was seriously injured! ! When was it? She didn’t find anything carefully! ? Or did she hear him cough twice and see his pale face, but she didn’t consider so much, so she ignored the past. Chapter 94 There is only one death.
Others were also surprised. Hao’s face was white-washed. She had never seen her master as fragile as it is now, as if it would break easily … Absolutely light dust has been holding Hao’s hand, and she still feels nervous and suffocating.
Master will be fine. She said to herself over and over again.
Junya immediately walked slowly to buckle Huang Junyi’s pulse and touched Huang Junyi’s pulse. His face was more dignified.
Ziyun proudly stared at her eyes and asked, "What happened to Yi!"
"He just broke through the sixth order root of controlling qi, and when there is no stability, there will be a strong Armageddon reaction, and I’m afraid he will give in-"Jun Ya’s words surprised everyone.
God damn it! ? Is he being punished by the scourge of heaven? Isn’t it painful to lose? What’s that? It’s just motionless. You have to endure that pain and keep smiling! !
Since when! !
It suddenly occurred to her that she fell into him when she fell into Biyue Hot Spring in the 21st century. At that time, he suffered from illness and pain, but he smiled like this, as if his roots didn’t hurt! No one is worried!
Yes … She finally understood why she felt so scared when she saw that smile because her subconscious had told her … that he was in pain!
Ziyun proudly stare big eyes in shock. "What do you want to be so brave! Stupid idiot! "
"No" Huang Junyi gently rubbed her head. "Purifying the red spirit is the most important thing, isn’t it?"
"Game-"Ziyun proudly looked at his pale face and forced a smile and suddenly felt heartache to the extreme.
Junya’s eyes flashed a mysterious light. "He was killed!"
Ziyun proudly stare big eyes pupil in amazement "is the method of poison in Duan Xiaoxiao? ! She’s dead. Isn’t the poison solved? ?
"Breaking bad method will not be solved with the master’s death-"Jun Ya didn’t continue to say, but suddenly opened his eyes wide and this poison root was solved! Unless the victim dies, this blood-borne parasite will die because of the loss of its living environment, and the poison will be solved.