Besides, they are Zhao Dongyun’s meritorious service, which is actually equivalent to their meritorious service. They want to get credit as much as Zhao Dongyun, but now the opportunity to grab credit is slow, but there is no more.

Immediately, Lin Yong said, "Since the supervisor has decided, I’ll arrange it!"
Li Zejun also looked at Lin Yong and then at Zhao Dongyun, and he didn’t know what to think. When Lin Yong finished, he also said, "I’ll arrange the camp!"
Zhao Dongyun nodded. "Let’s get ready to go. We’ll start early in the morning!"
Chapter 20 invulnerability
Although Zhao Dongyun has made up his mind to act alone in Shunde, he is not arrogant enough to make an unauthorized March into the southeast. In the final analysis, Duan Qirui is the commander-in-chief of the new army and Zhao Dongyun is just one of many reinforcements.
On March 13th, Zhao Dongyun sent someone to Zhengding Duan Qirui to tell him that his investigation cavalry Ningjin North found traces of the thugs of the Lianzhuang Association. It was even more reported that a large number of boxing bandits seemed to have the intention to March into Ningjin and Xinhe from Guangzong and Julu North.
The news is true or not. Zhao Dongyun, a detective cavalry, found the mob of the Lian Zhuang Association in the northern part of Ningjin. It is barely a fact that the Lian Zhuang Association and the boxing bandits in Guangzong, Julu and wei county have spread to the southeast, northwest and all directions. Zhao Dongyun said that the news is not very accurate, but it must not be said to be false.
After receiving Zhao Dongyun’s report, Duan Qirui was also worried that the situation in Shunde and other places would continue to expand and eventually evolve out of control. That is, he immediately approved Zhao Dongyun’s request to send troops south along the direction of Zhaozhou, but he also asked Zhao Dongyun to leave a team of machine guns to go to Shunde to cooperate with the friendly war.
Duan Qirui’s quick determination is still due to the increasing scale of the rebellion in Shunde. If Jing Tingbin and others were armed to resist taxes half a month ago, it has now evolved into the whole Shunde turmoil. Many counties in Shunde will have hidden the remnants of boxing bandits in series. Although the rebel flag has not been officially raised and the counties have not been conquered, it can be said that it is now surging.
Duan Qirui is worried that only relying on the Shunde government to practice military law to control the situation is even more worried that the unrest in Lianzhuang will continue to spread to the surrounding areas
Therefore, he will let Zhao Dongyun go directly to the south stag and then go straight to Guangzong. He hopes that Zhao Dongyun can destroy Jing Tingbin’s first league club in one fell swoop, even if he can’t completely destroy it, he will also hit them and control the expansion speed of the league club.
Zhao Dongyun naturally didn’t know that the development of things was much more serious than he imagined. When the villagers’ armed self-defense organization, the Lianzhuang Association, was combined with the Boxer Rebellion, the energy it burst out was immeasurable, as can be seen from the deterioration rate of Shunde Prefecture.
A month ago, the Lianzhuang Association was just one of several villagers’ self-defense organizations in a country. However, the Boxer Rebellion urged the rapid expansion to neighboring counties. Now, all counties and bases in Shunde Prefecture have the power of the Lianzhuang Association. What is even more worrying is that the expansion of the Lianzhuang Association has not stopped, and they are still expanding rapidly to places outside Shunde Prefecture. There are slogans against foreign taxes in Zhengding Prefecture, Yizhou, Zhaozhou and Guangping Prefecture nearby. If this situation is allowed to spread, the consequences will be unimaginable.
Although this kind of unrest poses no threat to Beiyang Regiment militarily, its real harm is to people’s livelihood. What’s more, because they act almost exactly like the Boxer Regiment did two years ago, they will lay siege to churches on a large scale and kill foreign human beings, which will lead to foreign armed intervention.
In history, this peasant uprising has affected more than 20 counties and counties in southern Zhili, western Shandong and northern Henan. At one time, the rebel forces were as high as more than 50,000 people. The rebels defeated Zhengding Town and Daming Town to practice the army until Yuan Shikai sent new troops such as Wuwei Right Army, Wuwei Right Army Pioneer and Self-improvement Army to quell this rebellion from many sides. In this process, because the rebels besieged the church and killed foreigners, they also attracted direct military intervention from the powers, and more than 6,000 people were directly sent to encircle the rebels.
Perhaps for the later generations, this was an insignificant one of several peasant uprisings in China, a minor riot in Jiageng Incident and Russo-Japanese War, but for the people in Nanzhili in 1992, this was a disaster, a disaster that was more cruel than Geng Incident.
Although these historical events haven’t happened and Zhao Dongyun doesn’t know about them, Yuan Shikai and Duan Qirui have already seen the risks behind Guangzong uprising, otherwise Yuan Shikai wouldn’t have sent an elite new army south as soon as there was turmoil in Guangzong.
And Duan Qirui won’t know that Zhao Dongyun was allowed to quickly go south to Zhaozhou and Julu after the expansion of Guangzong uprising.
Duan Qirui, the presidential official who put down the rebellion, is not afraid that Zhao Dongyun wants to monopolize the military. If necessary, he will directly support Zhao Dongyun’s line. He will really quickly suppress the Guangzong uprising.
However, when Zhao Dongyun received Duan Qirui to let him March into Zhaozhou, Ningjin and other places, he smiled. "It seems that the general manager is still worried about Shunde villagers!"
Next to Li Zejun, he also smiled. "This time, we have to do a big job, otherwise we are sorry for the adult’s love!"
Lin Yong also burst out laughing!
Then Zhao Dong Yun led the second battalion of Wu Wei’s right army, the new machine gun battalion, three teams and a cavalry team to form two thousand troops, and soon they left Shijiazhuang and arrived in Ningjin after going all the way to the southeast via Zhaozhou.
When we arrived in Ningjin, Zhao Dong Cloud suited the second battalion, the left team and the machine gun battalion, and continued to March to Xinhe along the southeast. Commander Bi Xiaoqiang of the left team of the Ministry also sent the second battalion, the machine gun battalion, to March to Longyao in the southwest, while he himself led the remaining main forces to continue south and go straight to Julu.
Zhao Dongyun divided his troops mainly because some thugs were bewitched by Guangzong uprising, and the villagers’ fighting capacity would not be very strong. Moreover, the Lianzhuang Association has not launched any large-scale military attack on the Qing army so far, nor has it captured a town. Their activity mode is a bit rural, encircling the city, and it feels that the main activity at ordinary times is the countryside.
In this case, the Zhao Dong-Yunnan counter-insurgency can naturally not be the usual concept of war mode, because there are not many regular enemy forces ahead for him to fight, but scattered people in various villages are acting as encirclement and suppression forces, and it is unlikely that there will be a large-scale battle
The next day seems a little calm for Zhao Dongyun, limited by the level of traffic and communication in this era. Zhao Dongyun’s troops are slow to move, even if they go south quickly, they can only walk 20 or 30 kilometers at most in one day, not to mention that he can’t go south quickly because he has to eliminate the local league clubs and boxing bandits all the way south.
It was a slow and steady move, but it also led to his slow speed south. It took him five days to arrive in Ningjin from Shijiazhuang south on March 13, and it was even slower to continue south after arriving in Ningjin.
Because Ningjin South is Julu, Guangzong and other places, but there are many places where Lianzhuang rebels are, Zhao Dongyun can’t say that he will go directly to Guangzong regardless of anything. It’s not that he always has to eliminate the surrounding areas, so that Lianzhuang can rest assured to continue south.
In addition, he also needs time to find many minds of the Lianzhuang Association to hide, so only after catching Jing Tingbin and others of the Lianzhuang Association can this civil rebellion be solved from the root.
In this case, his speed in the south naturally became extremely slow. It was not until mid-April that he entered Julu County with a great army. However, although he walked slowly, he wiped out many Lian Zhuang Hui strongholds in the north of Julu County. From Ningjin all the way south, he had found more than a dozen Lian Zhuang Hui and boxing bandits strongholds, killed less than 100 thugs and arrested more than 300 people.
When Zhao Dongyun gradually forced the thugs of the Lianzhuang Association in a slow and steady way, Shunde finally tried to March eastward and go to Nanhe, Jize and other counties on a large scale.
At this time, the historical trend has changed completely. Due to the gradual clearing of the Julu North area of Zhao Dongyun, the Julu North forces of Lianzhuang Society suffered huge losses and forced them to move to the south and east.
In this way, it is equivalent to strengthening the southern forces of the Lianzhuang Association and the giant deer of boxing bandits, especially the combination of the Lianzhuang Association and the Boxers in Nanhe and wei county.
In mid-April, Shizhaoqiao in the northeast of Nanhe County was crowded with thousands of people, most of whom were farmers, but quite a few of them were thieves or hooligans! In addition, there are hundreds of monks and Taoists who don’t know what to read.
In the altar sat a monk who had just shaved his head. Zhang Zhenbang, the leader of the Boxer Rebellion in Nanhe County, called for invulnerability, burning, killing and looting the year before last. However, after the Geng Incident, Yuan Shikai, the first Qing army, killed the Boxer Rebellion badly. He was also forced to flee to Nanhe and shaved his head to become a fake monk to continue his rebellion. The current method number is’ Cijing’!
And beside him is Hu Jingfang, who is wearing a short robe of a martial artist. This person is not small. However, today, the two men are gathered together with their own hands to swear an alliance!
After the fake monks on the stage danced a song, Zhang Zhenbang, that is, the kind monk, got up and read the magic door scripture. After seeing him muttering for a long time, he suddenly drank "God possessed!"
Then at this time, there was a flash of light on both sides of the altar, and there were bursts of smoke at the same time. With such a visual effect, Zhang Zhenbang was still dancing and jumping, shouting that the gods were possessed by bullets and guns, which was very modern.
The effect of such a good stage play is naturally not bad. At one time, many people in the country prostrated themselves in unison and said something like Guanyin miracle and Buddha apparition. At this time, dozens of fake monks carried an old virgin platform
The virgin’s face was frozen and red, and her eyes were so beautiful and lovely that she was wearing a white French dress and a white paper hat.
At this time, Zhang Zhenbang went to Taichung and took out some pieces of paper. After reading it, he put the yellow symbol on the virgin’s body and then shouted, "The fairy symbol is invulnerable!"
Then, when the hand flashed, I didn’t know where to escape. An old pistol was aimed at the virgin and raised my hand. After a shot, the virgin immediately fell down. At this time, suddenly, the smoke rose from the big stage and enveloped everyone’s sight.
At this time, in the smoke, two fake monks quickly jumped out of the back platform, and then one person dragged his clothes directly and the virgin, who had been dyed red with blood, went to the back platform.
At the same time, another girl dressed exactly the same was pushed out from the back stage. She didn’t seem to know what had happened. She just came to the stage and looked at the flames and smoke around her, and her little face was very excited.
When the smoke stopped, everyone in Taiwan opened their eyes and saw that the girl in Taiwan was well. Immediately, they were all excited and shouted, "Immortals are invulnerable!"
Chapter 21 The training army suffered a crushing defeat
On April 10th, the Lianzhuang Association and the Boxer Rebellion in Nanhe County relied on various methods to entice thousands of people to March westward to meet more than 1,000 training troops from Nanhe County and Shunde Prefecture.
The next afternoon, rebels in Nanhe County shouted invulnerability, waved hoes and sickles, and launched an attack on the training army entering Heqiao area. Because the rebels were familiar with the terrain, they ambushed and went to suppress the training army. Moreover, the key point is that these training troops are only nominal troops. Most of them are opium addicts, old and weak, or young. After being ambushed by the rebels, this training army broke up without holding on for five minutes.
It’s faster for these trained soldiers to run than for the big brothers of the Boxer Rebellion who posted the underground escape symbol and the divine walk symbol. They can sigh at the sky. It’s not that our magic is not deep, but that the demon soldiers run too fast!
In this campaign, more than 1,000 company commanders in Daming Town and Zhengding Town were defeated by thousands of refugees. In the end, if it weren’t for more than 20 county teams equipped with guns led by Zhu Jiabao in Nanhe County, it was estimated that more than 1,000 training troops could be wiped out.
Facts have proved that Lian Jun, the official army of the Qing Dynasty, could not even beat the unarmed mob. The combat effectiveness of Lian Jun was not as good as that of more than 20 county teams equipped with guns in Nanhe County.
This kind of thing is as funny as it is.
Although the news that the Qing army suffered a crushing defeat in Nanhe County was deliberately concealed by the company commanders of Daming Town and Zhengding Town, it was still poked out by Zhu Jiabao, the magistrate of Shunde Prefecture in Nanhe County, and Zhu Jiabao, the magistrate of Nanhe County, jointly sent a message to Yuan Shikai, the governor of Zhili Province that night. They didn’t give any face to those training troops, saying that "the name of the attack on Shizhaoqiao and the training of troops in Zhengding two towns were like a burst of water, which actually collapsed."
Finally, Zhu Jiabao also showed off himself a little. "Fortunately, the twenty foreign guns team in Nanhe County resisted the enemy in a crisis and solved the crisis in Nanhe!"
Yuan Shikai was furious when the news reached the governor’s office in Zhili!
"They both ate how to make a refugee, but they were able to be wiped out. Look at more than 1,000 people practicing the army and beating 3,000 refugees. Don’t say that many people were killed or injured, and more than 500 people escaped." Yuan Shikai looked a little black and put his hand on the table.
Aside Wang Shizhen saw that Yuan Shikai no longer scolded this way. "We had expected that the old army had low combat power, but we didn’t expect that they would even beat the refugees. This is really …"
Wang Shizhen already don’t know what to say, those military training is really too language!
He quickly turned to the topic of practicing military language. "Now the Shunde uprising is no longer something that the local government and the practicing army can cope with, and finally it depends on our new army!"
Yuan Shikai, who spoke to Wang Shizhen, also nodded, "Those old troops really can’t keep the county. It’s good to tidy up those disorderly troops or our new army. Are our troops there now?" When can I go to Guangzong? "
Wang Shizhen didn’t answer for the first time, but looked at the map on the table and then said, "Brother Zhiquan is now coordinating the overall situation in Zhengding County. He was head of a battalion of Wu Wei’s right army riding team in Zhengding County. In addition, he has sent Zhao Dongyun’s south stag.
Two battalions of the vanguard of the East Wuwei Right Army have also moved westward to Feng Guozhang, and the first battalion of the Self-improvement Army is about to go to Dezhou. When these battalions arrive in Shunde, they will encircle the rebels in Guangzong and Julu areas and seek to destroy their nests in one fell swoop! "
Yuan Shikai frowned slightly after listening. "What about Henan in the south? Why didn’t you send someone north? "
Wang Shizhen said, "There is no effective new army in Henan, and those who practice the army are unbearable. Let them guard the local counties and counties and rush to the far north. Not only will it not help, but it will also hinder our army’s suppression!"
Yuan Shikai nodded after listening. "So it’s all right. Don’t let these training troops get in the way this time!"
In this dialogue between Wang Shizhen and Yuan Shikai, the disdain for the training army is naked. I don’t want the training army to help. If the training army comes, it’s not called help, it’s called trouble!
Yuan Shikai looked at the paper in his hand again at this time. After a long time, he said, "Since the training army is unbearable, it is meaningless to keep it. It seems that we have to speed up the training!"
Yuan Shikai presided over the compilation and training of the new army, which was directly linked to the abolition of the old army. Because of the abolition of the old army, he was able to free up more troops to compile and train the new army, which may be more difficult for the southern governor, but it is not a big problem for Yuan Shikai.