"I’ll take you there to play after the college entrance examination in 2008."

255. Chapter 255 Big fight
When Mo Tianyuan stepped on this land of dreams and depravity again, even though he had been brainwashed by word function for a year, he could not help but sigh gently in his heart.
When I first came to this modern oriental city, there were several people around him who had the same goal. At this time, Mo Tianyuan couldn’t help but look around and see all kinds of people who were drunk and fascinated. It was still this car or that place. The only difference was that there were no more young people with the same dreams around him.
As bustling as traffic, there are people floating around like a tide, releasing their original vitality in this magical world until they finally become numb and bloated.
Mo Tianyuan suddenly didn’t know where he should go.
Go straight to the flurry team. So they are? He shook his head. Things change. Don’t do anything. They haven’t been bothered by their kindness for a year. Does it bother them to take the liberty to come this time?
Mo Tianyuan’s most familiar place here was the Dynasty Club, but he knew that it was no longer his home, or it never was.
He shook his head with a wry smile.
"Let’s make a message to Xiaojun first …"
Mo Tianyuan said in his mouth that he started to dig out a thief. He never dialed the number. "When I was in the team, I counted this little one."
He turned out the number in the mobile phone address book and caught his eye. An id of "High Wind, Small Handsome" stayed in front of him, but he didn’t click on the dial button.
"Alas …"
Even though Xiaojun is the most handsome man in the former team, I haven’t seen him for more than a year, so I suddenly found him. Even if his face is hung with joy, is it exactly the same as the smiling face before? Or is it ….. just one to cope with, full of unspeakable complex sight?
Thought of here, Mo Tianyuan put his mobile phone away, and he didn’t want to have such a strange feeling with these friends.
Suddenly he thought, "When I saw Lengyu Senior Sister in Tiancheng Bus some time ago, she said that they were connected with her?"
After thinking about this, Mo Tianyuan took a pause. He decided to go to Hai University to find the cold rain first, and then see them again after her, which might not make them feel so abrupt.
Taking out his mobile phone, he hurriedly dialed a number he had just gone to a few days ago. However, there was a "beep" on the other end, and no one responded after a long time. It seemed that the owner of the mobile phone at the other end was busy with something important.
Mo Tianyuan found a cart with his previous impression.
At this time, there are two groups of people in the student activity center of Hai University, which looks quite tense.
A group of young people dressed with the emblem of Hai University sat opposite seven men dressed in uniform, and most of them looked very different. However, although they were few in number, the momentum did not seem to be weaker than the overall momentum of the surrounding people, and there was a look that made the surrounding students glare.
In these seven boys’ shoulders, there is an identical school emblem embroidered with a red blood pattern.
"One game"
In front of these seven boys sat a young man who was also dressed in Fudan ornaments. At this time, his eyes were arrogant, and there was a domineering attitude that showed everyone around him, which made the young people around him feel unwilling and also had a deep fear written on his face.
And the page opposite him, dressed in Haida University, has a self-effacing face. Obviously, he has just played the first game, and he is the loser.
A tall and beautiful woman behind this self-effacing page couldn’t help stepping in the previous step when she heard the arrogant voice from the opposite side. "Best of five games, now you just got a winning point. Xiao Mo, aren’t you happy a little early?"
The young man who got up in the seat opposite the game heard that instead of being unhappy, he took up a little frivolous and said with disdain, "Oh? It seems that the president of Lengda still has a successful team in several games. Yeah, well, we have come a long way away. If we win your home game in the end, it will be really interesting. Hahaha! "
At this time, what is going on is the first game of this year’s mobile competition college league between Daiwa and Fudan University. Xiao Mo of Fudan University has a strong momentum to beat the big players. Although it can’t be said that it will lay a solid foundation for victory, it still has caused certain psychological pressure to many students watching the war in Shanghai University.
Sitting next to Lengyu’s position, a young man who looks calm seems to belong to Hai University camp, but it is puzzling that his face is not bothered by losing the first game as if it were all as he expected.
Just before the announcement of the second game, the young man just retired from the side of the page and blamed himself, "Brother Jun, I’m sorry I didn’t play this game well …"
Smell speech is still sitting quietly in the small joon is very easily with the wave at random, "don’t worry about this first game, we are here to test their strength, Xiao Mo’s strength is strong, and many of us know that you don’t have any remorse."
Hearing his words, the retired page was slightly relieved.
"In the second game, Mu Wenbin from Shanghai University appeared!"
"Fudan University Yang Shuai appeared!"
When I heard the referee quote these two names, the young people’s faces around Hai University just hung up and suddenly disappeared a lot.
"Mu Ge abused him to death!"
"Yes! We have to pull this game back! "
Amid all the noise around, a boy in a gray shirt walked out of the team of Zhonghai University. He seemed to turn a deaf ear to the cheers around him. With a sad and unhappy expression, he stared at the seven students from Fudan across the street, and the boy came out and sat down.
"Mu Wenbin’s strength has already broken through 20,000 meters in the past, and in that Yang Shuai, we learned that Fudan’s top combat power did not have this name among those people. The hope of winning this game by Mu Wenbin should still be great," Leng Yu said.
Smell speech Xiaojun nodded, but at this time he quietly looked at the seven students of Fudan University, and his eyebrows were slightly wrinkled at this time.
256 Chapter 256 Professional to Professional
"What’s the matter with you?"
Small handsome eyebrow Angle that a faint frown was beside cold rain accidentally to see when asked with a hint of curiosity.
Xiaojun shook his head slightly and said, "I don’t know if you found those young people’s faces without Fudan coming. It seems that there is no worry about anything …"
Leng Yu heard something puzzled. "So what?"
"Under normal circumstances, they come all the way to your school to play away from home, and there should be some pressure, especially when they know that their own combat power is not as good as ours."
"But now, if you look at our side and add me, Mu Wenbin and your strength are determined to be three in 25,000 meters. On the other hand, their side just won Xiao Mo, and Han Bing is a person who hasn’t played yet. Even if Xiao Mo won the first game in 25,000 meters, they have nothing to rely on, but instead of being nervous, their faces look very calm and …"
"And they seem to be waiting for someone." Leng Yu’s eyes also found clues at the moment. Looking at the eyes of several people opposite, she took up a point of vigilance because she saw that Xiao Mo actually looked at the wrist watch at this time and showed an anxious look.
Xiaojun nodded. "Well, I know all the professional players. Now I’m curious about who they are waiting for to make them have such great confidence …"
Just when they were talking, they had an answer. Finally, the combination of Mu Wenbin, Uncle Bird and Nana at Shanghai University defeated Fudan’s appearance in Yang Shuai.
As a result, both Xiaojun and Lengyu didn’t find it strange. At this time, both of them looked far away at the seven young people behind Fudan.
Those young people seem to have expected this result. Although they are a little disappointed in their faces, they don’t regard this game as a necessary thing. Xiao Mo’s face just now seems to have a little more urgency.
"What on earth are they waiting for …" Small joon murmured.
Ten minutes later, the referee read out the list of players who appeared in a game.
"In the third game, Wang Tong from Shanghai University appeared!"
"Fudan University Zhao Gang appeared!"
Wang Tong and Zhao Gang’s strength can be said to have almost reached the edge of 20,000 meters before 10,000 meters. They are half a catty. It’s really hard to say who wins and who loses. After hearing these two ordinary names, their faces are all curious.
Even Xiaojun, Lengyu and Xiao Mo also looked at the line of sight at this time.
On the other hand, the competition between players with similar strength in both sides is even more exciting.
However, a few minutes later, Wang Tong finally lost in Houhai University, which made hundreds of pages watching the game not collapse, but in contrast, the faces of the seven young people in Fudan opposite were all showing a little joy.
In the middle of the shaw ink is unbearable big laughs "ha ha! President Leng, it seems that we will win today! There are five games, and now we have won two. What do you mean you are still dying? It is better to just surrender, haha! "
"It’s too arrogant to say these things now." Leng Yu sneered.
Xiao Mo left the pie mouth and said, "Hum! Stubborn "
I was just about to assign a Fudan appearance. At this time, a young man in white was sitting beside him, but he came out and said, "Brother Mo, I don’t think this game is really interesting. Let’s end it before I come!"
Xiao Mo smell speech leng leng slightly thought for a moment is nodded and said, "Well, senior Han Bing came to plan to let you stay until the last game, but Brother Hao hasn’t come to this game yet, so it’s good to bother you. So your opponent should be Lengyu. Xiao Ni, although there are two brushes, it’s always not your opponent. We won the third game unexpectedly, but now that we have this advantage, it’s no longer so much trouble. You really saved a lot of things by ending the game."
Han Bing nodded and walked slowly.
On the other side, Lengyu’s eyes are wrinkled in the mobile competition team of Hai University.
Aside Xiaojun said, "We Han Bing will be the last one to play in the fourth game. They will send an ordinary player, but I didn’t expect that they won the third game and let Han Bing come out directly in this fourth game. It seems that they can’t wait …"
In the original plan of Hai University, Lengyu was the fourth player and Xiaojun was the last one, but at this moment, several people had to change this plan slightly.