Watch out for Luo Peng Sun Hao at any time and find that Luo Peng’s palm is slightly worse than Luo Pengfei’s. Of course, it is very likely that Luo Peng will have a subsequent party and break out at this time.

Sword forging wood blade’s hand is sharp, and the bloody handprints on the edge of it are all stabbed and worn, which is also equal to Luo Peng’s war
Kangle didn’t wear white gloves, Sun Hao didn’t make a sumeru tower, and even the aloes and swords didn’t come out.
Two people really yuan agitate to attack a Taoist dragon burst into bursts of crashing explosions. The scene is not weaker than his battlefield, but both of them have left a cause.
After a long battle, Li Min’s gods didn’t move, and the traction was returned to a case where three monks qi qi whisked a big drink, "99 to 10,000 dharmas were returned to the Sect …"
It belongs to a family with special secret skills that can control the attacks of fellow monks and form a more powerful secret skill attack. Moreover, this secret skill body was born in a group battle, but it can’t be kept at the critical moment.
The three monks who belong to a family moved neatly together to repel their opponents, then retreated a little and then really rushed out.
White, black, and red are three true elements, and the trinity attacks out.
Before the enemy across the street could react, the position of the three forces belonging to a true gentleman was slightly dislocated, and the second and third blows were attacked. The three powerful forces belonging to a true yuan almost rushed to Dujiu, Jianbai Forging and the pocket in no particular order.
The attack is more powerful than breaking a large array of power.
Three monks eyebrows a wrinkly slightly are preparing for emergency response by various means, or when they fly away, Sun Haoqing pronounced "Four Elephant Arrays".
Three people move a horse in the heart felt the Corleone light god knowledge traction.
All three of them have been through the battlefield and are no strangers to the four elephants. Sun Hao is a god who pulls the horses into position.
Sun Haoyiqing drinks "Xuanwu Shield Defense"
A long whistle of "Gangang" and a lifelike shadow of tortoise and snake appeared in Xuanwu. A huge tortoise shell in the sky blocked the three strands from returning to one true yuan.
A series of explosions broke out.
The huge shock wave made the earth tremble and the sky change color.
The disposal was a little hasty, and the sword was forged, and it was thrown far away in the explosion.
The three men were strong and not directly bombed by the explosion, but there was nothing life-threatening. The three men floated in a triangle and stood for half to continue the confrontation.
Li Min broke out and returned to a true yuan. At the same time, Huang Daoyuan’s eyes flashed and his mouth opened, and the talisman appeared.
His two Zodiac Godsworn don’t have a heart in command, but they also spit out a life charm.
The three chapters of the life charm are going round and round, emitting three golden lights to condense into a half-half, forming a golden tall Hercules.
Lux is as tall as three feet with yellow paper in his mouth, wearing golden armor and holding a huge axe.
Huang Daoyuan binged on "Lux Mountain Watching Axes"
Eyes flashing with golden light, mouth binge drinking, legs jumping, hands raising hatchets, and suddenly slashing at Daewoo to control the friar war.
The hatchet seems to be about to split a deep crack, and the axe blade has not been under great pressure, which has enveloped the Daewoo war.
To Daewoo, the eyes are calm, the gods are turning continuously, and the war adjustment personnel are mobilized.
I didn’t notice to Daewoo that after several adjustments, Qi Tianzong and Qi Xiaoai were actually adjusted to the axe, which just happened to face the axe blade directly.
Looking at the aggressive axe attack and Qi Xiaoai’s heart was shocked, I couldn’t help but think of Du Jiu’s words, and my heart flashed a little bit of doubt, asking Daewoo whether he would lend an axe to kill people and deliberately put himself on top.
In the heart, I hesitated a little, and I loved to move a little, and my side flashed to the side to try to avoid the axe blade.
To Daewoo’s heart, Zheng andao is not good.
The eyes flashed with a flash of god’s knowledge, and the body rushed away with a "believe me" binge drinking.
JiXiaoAi shook her body, but then she was horrified to find that the pursuit of the axe in Jinjiashan was huge enough to make her suffocate and chase her madly.
Qi Xin’s heart sank in a dark tunnel, and it’s hard to say that this time it’s miserable. He struggled to take a chapter for himself to defend himself and prop up the protector.
God Gang just got up and the axe has been chopped head-on. God Gang is like a glass axe and smashed with one blow.
The dense axe blade has rushed together with the little love jade head and chopped it straight.
His beloved eyes are not closed.
See JiXiaoAi will die suddenly axe side a strong JiXiaoAi involuntarily hit a crooked crooked.
To Daewoo’s silent suddenly rushed over and bumped into JiXiaoAi to replace JiXiaoAi’s position, and at the same time affected the war force to form a basaltic shield.
Crash with a loud crash
The axe cut down the Xuanwu shield.
The shield armor should be broken, and the red light flashing to Daewoo’s body propped up the protective god.
The axe crashed and fell on Daewoo, chopping the gods.
Although Sun Hao, the deity of Daewoo, is not as beautiful as Sun Hao, it also refines three dangers and is stable and abnormal.
The axe failed to break the gods in an instant.
I took a chapter of defensive character seal to Daewoo calmly and struggled to influence the second Xuanwu turtle shield.
Qi Xiao loves flowers pale.
Eyes also show filar silk don’t understand looking at the front to daewoo tall figure eyes or a look of consternation.
Poof, Daewoo was destroyed, and then the defensive armor was instantly defeated.
The second Xuanwu shield struggled to get up, but the defense was slightly insufficient.