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After a little hands and feet to solve the two sisters’ body bans, Song Changgeng asked them about their eyes. "Let’s clean up here first and then talk about it."
Say that finish quickly away from the two women while burning the body named Ge Tong while thinking about how to say that he had an idea after packing the men’s flying swords and dry Kun bags.
Find a place to sit Song Changgeng smile tunnel "I know what you want to ask me this skill is how to return a responsibility? Where did the magic weapon fly sword come from? Let me ask you first, have you heard of Lu Yi, the elder fairy of the Great Wilderness? "
Qin Ziling thought and said, "It seems that listening to my father’s wild parents’ high skill is the top figure in this world. Are you? Is it? But aren’t you a disciple of Wan Miao Xian Gu? "
"The thing is, you know that my master, Fairy Wan Miao, often goes out for a walk, but she doesn’t come back for months. After learning swordsmanship, I often go out to play while she is out."
Song Chang Gung has already thought of a story, and he said that he is still perfecting it while trying to make everything more natural and persuasive. If it is too fake, it will be in trouble.
"Three years ago, when I was visiting Xianxialing on the border of Fujian and Zhejiang, I saw a strange thing. A big snake actually mated with a big turtle. I was curious and carefully observed that the turtle was a female now.
It’s a strange phenomenon that the snake is male and the tortoise is female, so I followed the tortoise to show it. There is an egg face in the cave, and ancient runes are naturally dense. I can feel the huge breath inside. It must be something great.
I stole the egg while the turtle was away, and I didn’t want to meet Lu Gui, a senior fairy in the wild, not far away. She told me that it was Xuanwu egg, a northern beast, and asked me if I would give it to her. "
"Xuanwu! You gave her that precious thing? " Qin Han calyx naive face is full of anxiety, even the steady Qin Ziling is a face of regret Song Changgeng can not help but sigh their simplicity.
He continued, "I also know that it is a treasure that I didn’t promise. I know that their predecessors are unscrupulous and don’t want to be contaminated by cause and effect, and they are not afraid of her."
But elder Lu told me that this Xuanwu egg is a disaster to me. Even if I hatch it, I have no power to control it, but it will eventually control it into a slave.
But this egg is different for a master like her. They have ways to deal with and control this egg, and this thing can be said that she is a key and she is willing to exchange conditions. "
"ah! So, do you? Is it? " Qin Ziling finally couldn’t help but ask her, her fists clenched tightly, obviously attracted by this adventure.
Song Chang Gung smiled and said, "I promised to ask her for many magic weapons, flying swords and Dan medicine, so I gave her Xuanwu eggs. This is where I got it."
Qin Ziling tentatively asked for a while, "What method have you changed? I’m just asking you, don’t tell me, I don’t mean anything, just asking."
When’ tis once spoken, Qin Ziling remembered that her father told her that she couldn’t inquire about other people’s cultivation methods and taboos, but she couldn’t keep her words, so she explained dryly
"Nothing, our husband and wife are one. Just look at these seven!" Song Chang-geng said with a smile that he took out the five paths for his brother to practice with the other two.
I took it and simply read the seven, that is, Qin Ziling was calm and steady, and she was also pale with horror. This July 1 can become a sect treasure, but there are seven here.
[Guangtiantian Sub-volume] [Tianzixiao Baozuo] [Great Jin Xuandou Treasure Danzuo] [Future Star Robbery Sutra] [Evolution of Symbol Array] [Tiangong Baozuo] [Life Map] If you take out these seven, you have to break your head and fight for it.
Qin Ziling trembling hands holding that a few she has a little speechless Qin Han calyx although know this precious, but she didn’t put it in my heart but a magic weapon and fly sword.
After flipping through it, she put it away and asked curiously, "What treasures do you want? Show it to me quickly and see if there is anything interesting?"
Qin Ziling was about to reprimand her, but Song Changgeng smiled and said with a wave, "It’s nothing. Lu’s predecessors gave me all these precious words. Will they care about anything else?" You see, that’s all. "
Then he took out the left waist red cloth bag and hid it.’ Gankun jade gourd’ took out all his magic weapons and showed them off in front of the two girls.
Watching him get introduced is not only Qin Han calyx, but also calm Qin Ziling. There are more and more greed and madness in her eyes.
Don’t talk about the ancient treasures &1; Yuanhui Ball > Green Dragonfly Bottle is widely spread into’ Daye Honglu’ and’ Jiutian Yuanyang Foot’. These are the glass shelters and Wen Yulian’s flower stands.
It’s the five elements, a few pieces of "Ruyi Jinyun Clothes" and "Xuanwu Ding", three firebirds, Bifang Feather Heart Lamp, Qinglong Changsheng Sword, Aoki Shenzhen Taiyi Jinlin Boat, Baihu Tenchu Order, which one is not extremely?
In that three-yang sword with seven mouths, a set of big Yan seven-star swords, a three-foot-long purple jade dragon soul sword and a’ Tai Chi rotating shield’, the two of them have been dazzled.
Mrs. tian hu Baoxiang also claims to be a magic weapon, but she also steals some natural materials and treasures herself. Although her functions are strange and good, she can also compare with these things.
A while Qin Ziling eyes gradually restored Qing said, "It seems that the Xuanwu egg is really important. Lu’s predecessors even took out such precious methods and treasures, which is obviously all."
These things must have been saved by her for thousands of years. If you hadn’t promised at that time, I’m afraid it’s a good thing you promised these things. You are really lucky. "
Song Chang Gung saw that Qin Han calyx was still addicted to all kinds of treasures, but Qin Ziling was able to regain consciousness so quickly, which made him sigh that Qin Ziling was firm, but this made him want to sign this woman more and more.
After thinking about it, Song Changgeng flashed a joke in his eyes. He smiled and said, "Don’t say that. Aren’t we husband and wife? Am I not you? Come on, let’s divide the babies and see what’s right for you. "
Chapter 53 Integration of husband and wife
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"Really give us? Great. Let me see. I want this, this, this and this … "Qin Han picked it up after cheering.
"Little sister! I don’t know if these treasures are for display. You can master your skills and even one thing. What do you need so much for? " Qin Ziling calmly drink a way
Song Changgeng appreciated Qin Ziling’s steadiness and said with a smile, "Ziling said it’s good to be greedy but not chewy, so there are just three sets of flying swords for each of us."
He picked up the three-foot’ Purple Jade Dragon Soul Sword’ and handed it to Qin Ziling. "This’ Purple Jade Dragon Soul Sword’ is an underwater jade core with a demon dragon soul sealed inside. The sword soul is stronger and harder than steel, and the five elements are different. It just happens that there is a word’ purple’ in your name for you."
Then he picked up the set of’ Dayan Seven-Star Sword’ and handed it to Qin Han Calyx, who had pursed his mouth.’ This’ Dayan Seven-Star Sword’ is a set of seven mouths, and each mouth is one foot long, which can be guided by the manufacture of extraterrestrial meteorites. It can be divided into seven hundred and forty-nine swords, and the attack methods can be combined and scattered in Dan Zhan.’
He picked up the set of "Three Yang and One Qi Sword" and said, "I like this sword very much. I won’t give it to you after I have practiced it. I will keep it for myself."
Then he slowly put the magic weapon into the dry Kun bag one by one in Qin Han’s eyes. When he picked up the three firebird bifang feathers, he said, "This is the magic weapon of fire property, just three for one person."
Qin Han calyx face immediately smiled, and she quickly reached out and grabbed a palm and put it in her hand, caressing and tossing and turning.
Song Chang Gung smiled and said, "These nine pieces of Ruyi Jinyun Clothes are condensed into a self-contained cleaner, which will never stick to dirt and can be refined according to your body shape."
You can also use your own spells to adjust the color style. The most important thing is that it is defensive, and it is difficult to break through its defense. You can always come with us to protect you. "
These nine pieces of "Ruyi Jinyun Clothes" were brought back by Xu Feiniang after she got to know three palace lords of Ziyun Palace in the South China Sea, and five pieces of "Xiaoyao Island" were mass-produced in exchange for a bottle of "Tianyi Zhenshui".
It is said that a drop of water can be turned into a river, and a drop of water can be refined into such a piece of "Ruyi Jinyun Clothes". These nine pieces make nine drops of "Tianyi Zhenshui".
Song Chang-geng was going to give away everything except himself, but he put himself away because of this plan, and now he can finally do it.
Finally, Song Chang-geng picked up the one-foot-big white’ Wenyulian Flower Block’ and said, "This baby is made of Tianfu Jade Lotus, which can be used as an auxiliary cultivation tool.
There are also many effects such as defensive attacks, calming the mind, clearing the mind and eliminating evil spirits. Aunt asked me to help her to control monty’s confusion and heart robbery. This magic weapon is stronger than me. "
Qin Ziling stroked the’ Wenyulian Flower Block’ for a while, and she got up and pulled it, which still puzzled Qin Han Calyx. She was about to kneel down, and Xie Ensong Chang Gung grabbed her arm and stopped.
"What do you do? How many times have I told you? We are husband and wife. I am not you. Why are you so welcome to me? "
Qin Han calyx beside big smiles "is ah! We are a family. Thank you for coming and seeing more! You’re right not to bother! Do you have any treasures? "