The cloud monk frowned slightly and didn’t want to give up Zhiwen. He left and asked, "I don’t know if Wu Huang is going to slay Zhiwen?"

"Because he won’t kill me, I will kill him!"
The voice of the wise monk suddenly became louder than that of the gloomy monk.
"Look out!"
Followed by the old man warning.
The monk Yun was so frightened in his heart that he didn’t think much about it. He gave up the physical Yuan God’s shell directly and fled towards the distance!
Wisdom asked the monk to crush the head of the cloud monk with one hand, and almost transported the monk Yuan Shen to kill him on the spot!
"You can’t escape!"
Wisdom asked the monk to look more red than ferocious eyes. Suddenly, he opened his mouth and stretched out his scarlet tongue, which spread several feet and rolled over towards the cloud monk Yuan Shen.
Chapter one thousand seven hundred and six Four are
This scarlet tongue is extremely fast, and when the cloud monk comes in such a short time, he will not reunite his flesh and instantly fall into a dangerous situation!
A scroll fell from the sky and quickly unfolded. The scroll still had some bloody handwriting on it, but it was much darker.
This scroll directly surrounds the monk Yun, with the handwriting written on it facing outward.
Wisdom asked the monk’s tongue to hit this scroll directly, but instead of penetrating this seemingly thin paper, it aroused a burst of smoke!
This scarlet tongue seems to be burned by some force and shrank back directly.
Wisdom asked the monk is stuffy hum a frown slightly.
"Ren Huang decree!"
Some of the emperors recognized the origin of this scroll.
It was Su Moshi who offered Ren Huang’s decree to save the monk Yun.
Hundreds of years ago, this Ren Huang decree once killed the emperor.
In the past few years, the power of Ren Huang’s decree to keep "killing words" in Ren Huang has almost collapsed, and the root law poses a threat to the emperor
But even so, this Ren Huang decree still retains the breath and strength of Ren Huang in ancient times, and it is not so easy to be penetrated!
The protection of Ren Huang, a cloud monk, soon reshaped his body and reappeared. Looking at the eyes of Zhiwen monk, he showed doubts, anger and incomprehension …
"Zhi asked you this is!"
Monk Yun still can’t believe that the wise monk would do this to him!
Just now, if Su Mo didn’t come to the rescue, he was already dead!
Wisdom asked the monk to look cold with a strange lotus flower in his eyes!
"You also practiced that magic skill?"
Cloud monk seemed to frown and asked.
Wisdom asked the monk to smile and ignored the lotus flower in the eyes of the cloud monk, and said, "Wu Huang, let me try your means!"