Nine heads moved their mouths at the same time, spewing out flames and torrents, interwoven into a net of fire, water and fire that exudes the smell of destruction and enveloped the past with great fire!

There is a foul smell in the flames.
"Be careful that the flame is poisonous!"
Read march hurriedly wake up.
Extremely fire also soon realized that look dignified will own life multiplier fuelling up against the front.
At the same time, the extremely hot hands are constantly kneading the magic formula to condense the spell impact on this big net of fire and water, trying to tear this net to pieces!
It’s this fire and water network, but it’s the magical power of Nine Babies.
If the realm of two people is extremely hot, this net can definitely be torn apart.
But now, the magic power of the nine babies and half ancestors is constantly flowing, and this fire and water net is torn apart!
Seeing that the network of fire and water will be shrouded to one side, reading Qi has just killed a statue of a fierce beast that fits the environment and flashed his body to the extreme fire!
Nianqi urges the blood vessels to burst into a blood vessel vision directly!
Behind her, a huge pyramid appeared, and the mysterious party bowed down and prayed devoutly.
The top of Nianqi pyramid seems to be the world god!
Seeing this, the white-robed man nodded secretly with big eyes.
"Elder, you resist him, Kunlun clan, and I will deal with this nine baby!"
Read march quickly said 1
The pyramid goes up into the sky and instantly tears the net of fire and water towards the nine babies to suppress it!
Nine babies screamed, "Dare!"
When the pyramid came down, it directly crushed the two heads of Nine Babies, and the bloody brains flowed all over the floor.
But in a flash, the two heads of Nine Babies will grow back.
You know, the fit power can be reborn with a broken arm, but if the head falls off, it will definitely not grow.
But this nine babies are different!
Nine babies have nine heads, and even if one of them falls off, he won’t die!
His nine heads can be transferred at will. If one head is immortal, he won’t die!
Nianqi controls the huge and magnificent pyramid, and the pyramid comes again before striding.
At the same time, I read Qi’s hands and feet and condensed spells and secrets. In the blink of an eye, I burst into a storm-like offensive. Nine babies came!
Poof! Poof! Poof …
Nine babies’ heads burst one by one.
But it will grow back soon.
The most dangerous battle between the two sides was when Nine Babies broke their heads and were almost killed on the spot by Nianqi Town!
Nine babies, who are half-fathers, are also completely suppressed by Nianqi!
On the other side, there are seven fierce beasts left in the Kunlun clan!
These fierce beasts can’t stop the extreme fire war together!
"Please ask God to make an adult shoot!"
Nine babies can’t support crying for help.
The white-robed man next to him smiled and slowly stretched out his palm. The blood surged up and the golden light was shining. "It’s time to end."
Chapter one thousand four hundred and ninety Protoss half-ancestor
Seeing the golden qi and blood surging in the white robe man’s arm, he exclaimed, "protoss!" "
She is most familiar with this kind of blood.
This white man is definitely a protoss suspect!
But how can there be protoss in Kunlun market?