But now these innate blue clouds thunder ignored the wind Zichen’s intrusion, and they seemed lifeless after being immersed in sorrow.

In the depths of the thunder field, the innate blue sky thunder gathers to form a blue sky thunder house, which breeds a fetus of the first god.
When I came to the first fetal god, Feng Zichen looked at it carefully for a moment and found that the vitality of the fetal god was exhausted. It was obviously a stillbirth.
"Sure enough!"
The only thing that can make Razer so sad is that the congenital ghost has fallen in front of him, which is Razer’s birth.
I don’t know who killed the fetus, so that the congenital ghost became a stillbirth before it was born.
Chaos bead came to another thunderfield in a flash, where the innate blue sky thunder gathered to form a blue sky thunder house, and there was still a fetus of the first god.
It’s just the same. The first deity’s tire is suffocating around life.
When the wind came, Zichen found a fairy fetus in each of the seven Leifu buildings: Shenxiao, Danxiao, Jingxiao, Yuxiao, Langxiao, Zixiao and Taixiao, all of which were surrounded by suffocation and vitality.
"psst! How cruel! Not brave! Who did this? Taking away the vitality of nine ancestors in a row is equivalent to killing nine unborn congenital demons. Isn’t he afraid of the wrath of heaven? "
Find out what happened to Razer, and Zichen’s mind was shocked, so she had to be loved by Heaven, not to mention that it was bred by Thunder Source, and the nine congenital demons were favored by Heaven.
It’s audacious of that man to ruin the baby of Nine Wonders!
Chapter sixty-four World Tree Seedlings
"Ah! Nine children died in a row. No wonder Razer is so sad! " Sighed. Feng Zichen first took away the Nine Thunder Mansions and then hurried to the Ninth Leize.
In order to take away the Nine Thunder Mansion, it was when I saw this thing, and Zichen suddenly remembered that this Nine Thunder Mansion was the residence of the later Antarctic immortal emperor.
The Great Immortal Emperor of Antarctica, also known as the King of Jade Qing, and the Holy Heaven of Tongyuan, is the source of Raytheon, the ancestor of Thunder, which attracts many stars.
The body is governed by four powers, the spirit is in charge, and the four seasons’ climate transformation can make the wind and rain serve, and the thunder and ghosts can also control the fortunes of all things, Cardinal.
And the same four emperors and one purple emperor ruled all the stars, and the three celestial stars and the gods of mountains and rivers were all phenomena. They lived in Wang Neng and used it to make thunder and ghosts.
The Ziwei Emperor in the Arctic ruled all the stars around, while the immortal Emperor in the Antarctic was named Jade Qing, and the king of gods surrounded the gods because of his source of gods.
In any case, the two forces overlap, and in the future, if Feng Zichen wants to prove that the stars will inevitably bypass invivo.
Today, we have met the Nine Thunder Mansions. No matter if the immortal emperor of Antarctica takes away the Nine Thunder Mansions in the future, it will never hurt to weaken his strength.
Will it cause and effect for the Antarctic immortal emperor?
Isn’t this a joke? The overlap between the two handles is so serious that it can be said that it is inherently entangled in cause and effect. What can one more cause and effect and one less cause and effect change?
In the future, when heaven is established, there will be a struggle between the two. Now, if one point of his strength is weakened, will he win another point in the future?
"I really don’t want to be surprised! What a jade emperor it is that the four emperors and six emperors appeared in the future! Still a Chinese emperor! " Rushing to the ninth Leize Road, Feng Zichen’s mind is full of imagination
The Jade Emperor and the Emperors of the Later Heaven and Earth did not talk about Gouchen’s command of all gods, and at the same time, Ziwei Zhongtian, an assistant, ruled the order of the stars.
The longevity emperor of antarctica has the ability to make the thunder of the emperor Ziwei;
Emperor Qinghua of Dongji lived in the underworld to save thousands of ghosts, while Emperor Ziwei incarnated in Beiyin Fengdu Emperor to govern the underworld.
It’s really scary to think of the great power behind the three of them when they put the jade emperor behind them and even the Chinese emperor at the same time!
"Ah! This vast expanse of water is really deep, and the sage’s heart is really … "What seems to be the thought of bad things? The wind Zichen shut up and flew to the ninth heavy Razer.
"No wonder Razer was born and today people can get the fruit of thunder robbery!" The ninth heavy Leize looked at what the marginal destruction god Leifeng Zichen gasped.
"If Taiyi Jin Xian can break through on his own, what else can he do? He can prove the truth on his own!"
The thunder of destruction swims, the air of destruction overflows, and everything is destroyed.
"chaos bead is just a congenital Lingbao-class destructive thunder attack to protect itself. I’m afraid it won’t work!"
Wanted to think, Feng Zichen decided to sacrifice the innate Lingbao power of HarmonyOS Daozhong, which should be able to stop the thunder of destruction, right?
Before the wind Zichen offered the HarmonyOS Daozhong, he knew the innate merits in the sea and suddenly flew out, hanging behind his head and releasing a certain amount of light to shine on the ten worlds.
But seeing that the thunder destroyed by the light seems to meet a nemesis, it has receded in succession to make way for a passage.
"Pangu is so thoughtful!" Secretly praised the wind Zichen stepped into the ninth heavy Razer goes to the depths.
The so-called extremes meet, and the gas will converge, and it will be born. The nine-fold Razer will destroy the god Lei Yun, and there will be a machine of creation.