And she knows very well that she is dead against it. Maybe the memorial tablet will be sent to Meng’s house. Maybe it will be notorious after death!

This is simply a matter of getting rid of life and death.
Escape? Hehe, she doesn’t know where a little girl can escape if she lives outside. It will never be a big deal for the frenzy to find her.
If you die outside or something happens outside, Montessori will applaud!
She was also in a hurry. On that day, when she saw the person named Lian, she felt that it was barely pleasing to the eye, and his expression was so fascinated by his appearance that she said that.
In fact, after saying that, she vented a lot in her heart. She felt much better and didn’t have much hope for him.
If you can take one step ahead, you can take one step!
In fact, her heart is ready to marry into the Meng family.
But I didn’t expect that company to do it.
He actually invited someone to kiss him or invited the old Min County King as a matchmaker!
There is such a matchmaker, and this marriage is certain, and no one can change it!
Xu Yiyun didn’t know how he felt when he learned the news.
Ice green see her listless heart even more sad reluctantly smiled and said, "in fact, it’s good to have a small door, and the in-laws can live freely in the future, and no one can trip up the big lady again!" When you have a young master and a young lady in the future, you are not afraid of being worthless if you invite a famous teacher to teach you well! "
Said Xu Yiyun "sloped" a smile "this just where to where? Even the young master came out! You are not ashamed! "
Ice green is three years older than Xu Yiyun, and immediately his face turned red and he couldn’t speak.
Xu Yiyun was sorry to see her so much, but she changed the subject and said goodbye.
In Weining Houfu, Lian Fangzhou told Lian Ze that he was eager to see the news. Lian Ze was so happy that he didn’t know how to express his joy except laughing. He thanked Lian Fangzhou again and again, and thanked Lian Fangzhou again.
Well, when you get married, you smile like this to thank her for having a daughter-in-law and forgetting her sister!
Lian Ze is scratching his head. I don’t know what makes my sister unhappy. When her attitude is not good enough, she becomes more and more depressed and careful. If she is careful, the more she is angry.
Finally, in everything, I adjusted my mentality
By the way, it’s enough to have a husband with a lump in his head. Now it’s really terrible for brothers to have this trend.
"Elder sister bride price thing also please elder sister to help me host! Sister is oversensitive! " Even ze this time to get down to business quickly busy and laughed "how much money all have no! Anyway, you can buy everything in Beijing in ten days, which is enough to prepare your sister. Just pick the best one! "
"I know!" Even Fang Zhou gave him a white smile. "My brother married his wife. This is the most important event in the family. Can you handle it well?" You just wait to be the groom’s official. Don’t worry about the dowry! "
Self-mockery in my heart made her compete with one marriage after another this year: first Xiao Mu, then yu zhen, Miaoyun and Kexin next month, and even Ze next month!
The betrothal gift has really been given some thought in Fangzhou. There should be a natural shortage of betrothal money, cakes, seafood, three sacrifices, fish, wine, four fruits, four sugars, tea and so on. Even live geese, which are quite rare now, please ask Xiao Mu and Luo Guang to bring a couple.
Other colorful silks and satins, precious pearls and jade, rouge and gouache, antique decorations, etc. are also well-made.
In addition to the ready-made purchase in Beijing, Lian Fangzhou also picked out a dozen excellent pieces from his own library and put them in it, including a pot of pure gold branches, jewel pearl flowers, emerald leaves and peach bonsai, one-to-one feet high, dragons and phoenixes wrapped in gold, three-legged candlesticks, 60 big pearls, two white fox skins and two Firefox skins.
The king of Laomin County actually sent a housekeeper to send several good things to Lianze, including a white jade carving ruler Yu Kuanxian crossing the seamount with a lobular rosewood base; A pair of red corals more than three feet high are as red as fire, and the branches are scattered gracefully, evenly and perfectly; The pure color of a pair of Yue kiln celadon and the bottle with a texture as thin as cicada and smooth lines are pleasing to the eye …
Let’s not say that everything is first-class and first-class. It is an admirable honor to be given such a title by the king of Laomin County alone.
How can you have a princess who stays in the county? She also sent Mammy Jing personally to send two sets of headdress jewelry, one set of headdress with beaming red, blue, precious stones and red gold, one set of headdress with colorful jadeite jade and pearls, plus two misty and gentle twines and six red pins and gold everywhere.
In addition, other objects carefully prepared by Fangzhou were spontaneously helped by soldiers who were not on duty in the Governor’s Mansion of the Five Armies. They were carried to the Duke’s Mansion of Xu Guo, which was quite neat and mighty, and attracted several people to stop and watch and inquire about it.
Needless to say, its envy.
They all say that the big lady in Xu Guogong’s house is really lucky! Don’t say don’t worry about food and clothing in this life just by this dowry!
You know, this dowry, except wine, tea and many other foods, is for dowry and still accompanied back to the husband’s house.
And when I came out of my husband’s house, it was a public affair, and the dowry became the bride’s private property in the past.
Xu Guogong’s house was taken aback. I never dreamed that even my family was so rich.
Seeing that one lift after another was carried into the mansion, Xu Guogong was naturally surprised and particularly proud. Anyway, this is a great honor!
Montessori and peeking at Xu Yizhen were also taken aback, and Montessori’s smile became a little reluctant.
Xu Yizhen pinched her handkerchief and snorted, "It’s really interesting to be a small town. I can do it on the surface, but I don’t know what junk is here!"
Say never put off till tomorrow what you can in the cutting pa turned and left.
At the same time, the ice green also hid in the dark and watched it quietly, and then hurried back to inform Xu Yiyun that the corners of his mouth were up and high. "Miss! Miss big! Even the family sent a dowry! I don’t know how many I lift. Look at the handmaiden’s eyes! There are a pair of live geese! Handmaiden has never seen a live goose that looks like that. Chapter 111 Montessori’s mother and daughter are jealous.
Bing Mei and Lu Mammy are both happy to congratulate Xu Yiyun with a smile.
Even the live geese are brought instead of geese, which shows that even the family really attaches great importance to this marriage and the big lady.
In a lift a dowry, they are far from Xu Yizhen’s point of view, and they all think that it is a good-looking face.
Xu Yiyun heart also somewhat unexpected face unknowingly also gave me a smile slightly red.
"Miss that even home seems to be really interested in marrying miss! The most rare thing in this world is that you really treat your family with sincerity and can’t afford to support your daughter-in-law, so you can live a good life and forget everything! " Lu mammy said softly
Xu Yiyun suddenly a little unnatural reluctantly smiled and nodded vaguely.
My heart is disappointed.
The bride price has been delivered to the door. Is she really getting married?
My brother and that one kept appearing alternately in my mind, and even the shadow in my heart became more and more uncomfortable.
It’s hard to get out of today’s situation!
Meng’s family and Xu Guo’s justice are looking at the bride price list in the room heating pavilion.
Xu Guogong smiled more and more proudly with a red face. Montessori was secretly surprised and his face became more and more ugly.
The long, paged bride price list made Meng’s heart sour.
"Ha ha ha! This dowry is also top-notch in the capital. I didn’t expect that even the family was so rich! Haha, I see who else said that my daughter’s name is not good! " Xu Guogong was satisfied and felt that it was a great pleasure in his life.