"Brother Wen, don’t go. Let’s have dinner at noon." Song Shifeng stopped him.

"No, the company still has a lot of things to do. You have a good time." After that, the man drove away like a fire.
"Your brother is not doing finance? Shouldn’t this work be quite idle? " Anyway, that’s what he thinks
"It’s okay. My brother has his own financial company, but he’s been having some problems recently and he’s trying to get through it." He waved his hand impatiently after a slight gentle sentence. "Oh, what’s he doing? Let’s play. Shall we go diving today?"
"Diving? I swim straight across the moat. "
"I’m eager to learn and have a special coach to teach me." Wen Erya suddenly came to him. "I can teach you, too."
He was so uncomfortable with his arm slung over his arm. The thought of two people bumping into each other underwater was just as bad as taking a bath together. He immediately said, "Let’s go shopping. I remember to come back to you and see a cufflink. Let’s buy it."
Just then, Wen erjie suddenly left and returned. "Er Ya Zao, how did you think about telling you something?"
"You know I can’t get out one million dollars every month because my money is limited." Wen Erya cut a strand of hair that was blown away by the wind. "Brother, why don’t you just lower your head with your father and get it done in one or two hundred minutes?"
Song Shifeng listened to his tongue, and one or two million minutes proved to be very rich.
"You know I didn’t want my father to interfere in my affairs before I came to you."
"Then you can wait for months and months, and I’ll give it to you when my money arrives."
"Your brother will bankrupt me next month."
"Then I can’t help it." Wen Erya spread her hand and left with Song Shifeng on her arm. "Leave him alone and let him find a way to go."
"I’d like to manage it, but it’s not that." Song Shifeng laughed at himself.
"Oh, you don’t feel inferior. We all have a venture fund when we grow up. It’s not like he started from scratch and is inferior to you." She said as she walked, "I like self-reliant men best."
Song Shifeng said that I don’t feel inferior. You are rich second generation, I am rich generation, and I am still young. There are opportunities.
"Erya, come here," followed by Wen Erjie. "I’ll discuss it with you."
"No discussion" Wen Erya is unhappy "Brother, why are you endless? I have no money, he has no money, and we all have no money. Don’t you have a big box of stock subscription cards in your hand? If you sell it, you will have money. "
"If you sell it now, you will lose it. At least you can quadruple it!"
"But he can save the emergency, it’s up to you." After that, she ignored his brother’s words, ran away with the windmill in Song Dynasty, and complained that "it’s really annoying to mess up our date." "Your brother probably needs your help too much." Song Shifeng was absent-minded and said, how much is a box of subscription cards? 300? 500? But it’s worth the old money
"He has a way to change money himself and still wants my help, but he can’t bear to part with the box of subscription cards."
"Do you think your brother will sell it?"
"It’s hard to say. Usually, the baby seems to be put in the bank safe, but it’s just tied with a belt." Then she giggled. "Okay, okay, don’t talk about him. Let’s go shopping."
What street are you going to visit? Song Shifeng has grown grass in his heart. He just fluttered up a while ago and cut it all day. Is he selling it or not?
Chapter 7 Chapter 7
Song Shifeng almost crustily skin of head to Wen Erya to a message.
When he went back to the hotel alone, he was still thinking about it. Finally, he couldn’t help but beat about the bush and asked if he had any plans. When he heard the other party say that it was really impossible to make a part, he immediately said that he wanted to make a point.
Just listen to Wen erjie and laugh and scold, "You also come to fish in troubled waters."
"Does it count? I didn’t touch it, but it’s what Wen Ge took care of me, right?"
"It’s not impossible to take care of you, but I don’t break it." Song Shifeng heard a crunchy lighter sound across the street. "If I sell it to you at least 200, I’ll pay it at the current price. You know that this thing may go up by 30% in half a month."
Of course, Song Shifeng knew about it, but he certainly didn’t have enough money in his hand. I hope he can give some time to raise money.
"A week at most, I think it’s for my sister’s sake, or I won’t wait a day."
Well, Song Shifeng took another job to make money, and he was so excited that he didn’t sleep. He was so excited that he called Wen Erya early the next morning and said that he would go back and couldn’t accompany her.
Wen erya hung up without saying anything.
Song Shifeng was sorry in his heart, but he was so sorry that he couldn’t resist the temptation of the subscription card. He went to the airport in high spirits, only to find Wen Erya sitting next to him when he boarded the plane.
"Why are you here?" He was shocked and dropped.
"If you don’t accompany me, I’ll accompany you. What’s the name of this? If the mountain doesn’t save me, I’ll come to the mountain." She smiled slightly. "I’m not too touched. This is what a girlfriend of mine should do."
"But but …" He finally remembered what to say after a long time. "But does your family agree?"
"What don’t agree? I’m not going to play? " She looked at him with a wink. "My company is going to do coal business and visit you there."
"Your company? Still coal business? " He’s not hearing voices, is he? He’s never heard her.
"Yes, my brother has a company, so do I, but this is what my father asked me to practice and do. I have the final say."
What else can Song Shifeng say about rich people’s games? He can sigh and stop.
"You can take me to have a good inspection-I’m a big boss doing big business." Wen Erya looked at him. "You won’t cheat me, will you?"
"Why do you think?" Song Shifeng had no idea who he was.
"Then can I stay at your house first?"
"This is not very good." Song Shifeng refused to open his mouth. "It is not good for you for a single beauty to stay at a bachelor’s house."
"I’m not afraid."
"I’m afraid"
"Ha ha ha" Wen Erya smiled and her eyes narrowed. "I have a good eye."
Song Shifeng was praised, but he was very worried about his girlfriend. Why didn’t he guard against the heart at all? No matter what, he is still a man. In case of a bad start, she has no place to cry when she is thousands of miles away from home.
He came here to let her stay in a hotel, but it’s better. Hotels are all in the city. People say, "I’m here to inspect the market. It’s too far away to live in the city. Don’t you feel bad about bumping back and forth every day?"
Then I went to see the county hotel, but people left at a glance and didn’t talk. Song Shifeng couldn’t get through it himself, and finally brought people home.
While walking, I muttered that I should be excited about the beauty staying, but why not say it? It’s a little annoying, and the first thought that came out of my mind was that Yan Dong should not come over.
Why doesn’t he want them to meet at all?
Inexplicably guilty
"My house is just like that. You can make do with it." It is estimated that in her eyes, his cottage is just like a bungalow.
"I don’t mind even thatched cottages."