"Second brother, listen to the sound at the door," said the man called Xiaowu.

"There is a sound?" The second brother wondered, "Ray, did you hear that?"
"No, Xiao Wu, did you hear wrong?" Ray asked.
Just as several people were discussing whether there was a sound, the door suddenly rang and then the light came on.
"Hush, don’t go out." Qin Shaojie put his finger to his mouth and made a static motion.
"You … you are Chinese?" Small five staring at wearing a black sports Qin Shaojie asked.
"Yes," Qin Shaojie said, "Don’t go out. Come with me and I’ll take you out."
"Good" was arrested. Seven fishermen agreed to come when they heard that Qin Shaojie was a Chinese or came to take them out without thinking.
They have been detained for many days. Although they are hungry, it is absolutely uncomfortable to be taken care of. Now that the state has sent people to save them, they are naturally excited.
"There’s someone in the room over there, but he’s already asleep. Let’s take the ladder," Qin Shaojie said.
Fortunately, several people successfully entered the ladder without waking the sleeping police inside.
It took only five minutes from entering the building to rescuing people into the ladder. I hope Fujiwara Mae has taken care of the police, Qin Shaojie thought, looking at his mobile phone.
"Ding" a ladder door slowly hit, but I didn’t see a few policemen lying on the ground. There were two other three policemen lying in a triangle and surrounded Fujiwara.
"Let’s go, they have called for help." Fujiwara Mae shouted at Qin Shaojie while dealing with three policemen around her.
"This ….. this how to do" Xiao Wu looked at Qin Shaojie in panic and asked.
"What’s the panic?" Qin Shaojie said unhurriedly, followed by a wave of his hand and three real yuan. He directly hit three policemen who were around Fujiwara. "Bang bang!" Miki Fujiwara didn’t fix three policemen for a long time. He was directly hit by Ling Fei, went out and hit the column in the hall, and then he was motionless on the ground.
I’m afraid this one is hurt.
"All right, let’s go." Qin Shaojie clapped his hands and said.
Fujiwara Mae also came to her senses and quickly said, "Yes, let’s go. They have just called for help, and they can’t come if they don’t leave."
Several people quickly ran out of the building across the road. Qin Shaojie came to the RV.
Fujiwara beauty quickly started the car sped away.
"It’s a good thing they didn’t make dumplings," Fujiwara said with a big breath.
"I don’t think so. Look at the back." Qin Shaojie said.
"Huh?" Fujiwara Mae looked back in the rearview mirror, just relieved and suddenly came to her throat. "Why did you come so soon? No, they are not policemen."
"Not a policeman?" Qin Shaojie asked blankly, "What is not a policeman?" Said the fast down the rearview mirror to see four off-road motorcycles and a van to catch up quickly.
"It’s the Yamaguchi group," Fujiwara said, stepping on the accelerator and adding some strength.
"Yamaguchi group?" Qin Shaojie one leng, I depend on it. Isn’t this RB’s achievement in local products?
Qin shaojie’s so-called RB local product is A~V girl and Yamaguchi group
A~V is an important industry of RB, and the Yamaguchi group also has a lot to do with the RB government.
"You send them to the place and I’ll clean up these people." Qin Shaojie said to Fujiwara.
"No, it’s too dangerous."
"Don’t worry you don’t understand me? You send them away first, and I will go to your place to find you. "Qin Shaojie smiled and said that Qin Shaojie jumped directly by pulling the door before Fujiwara could speak.
"Boom, boom", four lights flashed, followed by a violent explosion, and four motorcycles instantly became huge fireballs.
"Cheep!" When the driver of the van saw that something was wrong, he quickly stepped on the brakes. The tire dragged out two long black lines on the road, and he could even smell the rubber rubbing and producing a smell.
"Bang, bang, bang" followed by the van. Six people in black suits each had a gun in their hands, and one of them pointed a gun at Qin Shaojie, which was a babble.
"What the grass says always doesn’t understand" Qin Shaojie quickly started to pounce on those black suits.
"Quick gun" One of the men in black shouted, but Qin Shaojie didn’t understand the R language.
"Bang" one by one bounced out of the chamber and flew directly to Qin Shaojie’s head.
Qin Shaojie didn’t hide, but he didn’t hide. A mixed heart sutra instantly transported the protective gas, and the cover was impenetrable. When he heard the "ding" bomb, he was blocked by Qin Shaojie’s protective gas when he was ten centimeters away from Qin Shaojie, and then he was very unwilling to fall to the ground and let out a "ding" sound.
And several yakuza members looked at this strange scene and immediately opened their eyes and forgot their guns.
How did he … how did he stop the bullet?
Chapter 155 Actually, I am Superman
It was half an hour before Qin Shaojie returned to Fujiwara’s residence.
"Bang bang" Qin Shaojie knocked on the door. Fujiwara gave him the key and I don’t know where to throw it.
"No one?" After waiting for a long time, I didn’t see any movement inside, so I increased my strength and knocked on the door again. Just when Qin Shaojie was really not ready to break in, I suddenly heard Fujiwara’s beautiful voice coming from inside.
"The heavenly king covers the earth and tigers"
Nima … Qin Shaojie’s forehead suddenly showed three black lines, brimming with an impulse to kick the door and grind his teeth and say, "River Demon Gate in Baota Town"
"Crunch" Qin Shaojie just finished the door and called to see Fujiwara. She pulled Qin Shaojie in at the door and quickly closed the door. Then she patted her chest and said, "You can come back. I’ve already sent you away. I’ll pay you back."
Qin Shaojie stared at Fujiwara and took one look at her trembling chest before she didn’t get angry and said, "You’ve just been settled. Why didn’t I knock for a long time?"
"Oh, of course I’m scared. Do you know that the road has been blocked by the police now and I finally came back?" Fujiwara said suddenly. "Who are you? Is it a robot? "
Qin Shaojie was said to be one leng, and this woman’s thinking was too jumping. The first sentence also said that the police closed the road, and this latter sentence was related to his identity.
"Want to know?" Qin Shaojie asked with a mysterious expression.
"Uh-huh!" Fujiwara beautiful chicken pecked rice and nodded quickly.
"I tell you, you mustn’t tell anyone, not even your parents," Qin Shaojie solemnly said.
"Don’t worry," Fujiwara said holding up three fingers. "I swear to the ceiling that if I tell this secret, I will curse my generation for not getting married."
You this brain abnormal woman don’t swear estimates that no one wants Qin Shaojie thought.
Qin Shaojie didn’t speak up and quickly pull the curtain and then lie prone on Fujiwara beautiful ear novel way