Feng Lang was watching a game when he suddenly heard the sound behind him and quickly turned to "coach"

She has been in the training hall for three days, but all of them are wrapped in thick clothes, and there is no training and no confrontation. There are many ideas, but do you really have to turn your back and take part in the competition?
The doctor was very surprised when she was examined. She was only twenty-six this year, but she looked like an old man in her fifties with brittle bones.
Feng Lang was afraid of being hurt again, and his confidence was shaken again during the Chinese New Year.
"What do you want to do after retirement? Have you been thinking about it recently?" Deng Zengtao’s tone is quite relaxed, which makes Feng Lang feel that Deng Ceng Tao was always the ideological worker when he was the assistant coach of the team a few years ago.
I don’t know, let’s take it one step at a time. I’m learning English now, and I may go abroad later.
"It’s good. I used to go abroad a lot, but I was too busy with the game to have a good look. It’s good to learn a lot and build the country after I come back."
Feng Langwen also smiled. "I was afraid that the outside world was colorful and I accidentally didn’t want to come back."
"No, you will definitely come back." Deng Zengtao is very determined. "You will come back involuntarily when the country needs you."
Chapter 79 79 Three months
He knows that these girls, especially Feng Lang, yan lin and the retired veterans, have loved and hated volleyball since they were poor. Although they are hesitant now, they will still come out if the country needs them.
It’s like yan lin said, "If you need me again, I will return to the team if conditions permit."
Feng Lang said that, but it’s just a lip service.
Feng Lang didn’t expect Deng Zengtao to believe in herself so much. She always hesitated in her heart, but when she heard this, she felt that this attitude was taken for granted.
"Coach, I want to rest for three months." After June, she returned to the team to rest for three months and then adjusted to prepare for the World Championships again and again.
"No problem." Deng Zengtao replied that high-level athletes such as Feng Lang can find their competitive state in one month, and the situation is three months.
Feng Lang feels a little sorry for yan lin. She is really out of the team this time. Going out to have a look and adjust her state can make yan lin take on many things.
"Captain words than let yan lin …"
"She will retire after the World Championships, so she won’t toss about it." Deng Zengtao smiled. "Fortunately, you will all retire after the game, which is enough for me."
Feng Lang was dazed. She didn’t expect that yan lin had already made plans to retire. More unexpectedly, yan lin also made a deal with Deng Ceng Tao.
Is she still sticking to her idea of taking a break and adjusting for a while before coming back to play the game?
Feng Lang left sadly, but after she left, it caused an uproar.
"The national team doesn’t want to stay and go wherever they want. What do you think of her holiday?"
Deng Zengtao has been criticized for more than half an hour. Cai Zhu is so angry that he has said many things many times without knowing it.
Yuan Chengmin and Dai Wenbin couldn’t persuade this matter. It was really reckless of Lao Deng to act first and act second. It was really difficult to deal with the demands of other players in the future with such an example of Feng Lang.
What if other people also say, coach, I want to rest for three months and come back?
"Feng Lang has entered the national team for seven years, and now it is the ninth year. She has won four gold medals in the world series and the Asian Games, and I can’t refuse her request that other players want this treatment. It is not impossible to achieve Feng Lang’s score first."
Deng Zengtao finally opened his mouth. When Cai Zhu heard this, he was stunned. "Do you still have a reason?"
"I don’t want her to set an example in the team if she can continue, but in our examination the other day, the doctor said that her knee was as fragile as an old man in his fifties, and she was only twenty-six."
Cai Zhu has nothing to say. This kind of data makes him don’t know what to say. It’s a man who has won several medals of athletes, but he seems to be weak and can’t stand his finger.
"If I don’t get results in this World Championships, I will accept formal punishment, but before that, I hope I can handle things in the team." This is the first time Deng Ceng Tao asked for it.
Cai Zhu is hesitant. He should let the women’s volleyball team go out of Yuan Chengmin’s era, so he has to pay the benefits. But he is worried that the men’s volleyball team has lost the World Cup. Now the people are counting on the women’s volleyball team. The women’s volleyball team can’t make a wrong move.
This step is very difficult for him.
"I can’t promise you this." Master Cai refused to disappoint Deng Ceng Tao, although he had long thought that this might be the final result.
"But if you don’t have any more moths, I promise no one will disturb you in managing the women’s volleyball team."
Deng Zengtao is stunned, which is not much different from handling. After all, he will control the moth.
"The World Championships are very important, so we must be prepared to go out and play this game and try our best to get good results."
This is natural, and Deng Zengtao knows it.
Good results mean that the players will be more confident to prepare for the competition, and the most important thing before the World Championships is actually to hold two competitions in China in May.
The participation of China, the Soviet Union, Japan and Cuba also represents the strongest array in women’s volleyball today.
Feng Lang is still resting, but he also came to watch the game. Let’s watch the game together with Sun Jin and Zhang Fang, who have already retired.
When Sun Jin retired and went to college for further study, it was still because of Feng Lang in this competition.
"I really don’t want to fight?" Ms. Sun doesn’t quite believe that she has her own things to deal with these days, and she really didn’t receive Feng Lang’s words very much. She was still a little surprised.
Feng Lang smiled and watched a match cross-match. Today is the match between China and Soviet women’s volleyball team. Cuba and Japan will play another match later. Just play in Northeast China and then go to Xi ‘an for two days.
In the first game, the Soviet women’s volleyball team pre-emptively won the game 9-15. Feng Lang probably wanted to play an array without yan lin and her, but it was obvious that the problem was still a bit big in this array.
In the second game, yan lin played one game, which was the core of yan lin.
The advantage of Soviet women’s volleyball team in the net is no longer so obvious. yan lin didn’t say anything about blocking and defense, and the spike method was changeable. In the second game, China played very easily
Fifteen is easier than four.
"It’s good to be young. At that time, we didn’t have yan lin’s performance at this age." At the age of 24, we won all the championships and our own conditions were outstanding, which was really enviable.
Feng Lang recorded some problems in the process of coming to the competition, and then he said, "It’s good, but she also works hard." Xiaoju Yang has been listening to her, saying that the young people on the yan lin team recently were more afraid to see Lin Yan than Deng Zengtao.
Even if you are named, you have to train more because of the name; However, I hope to be named because of the follow-up training in yan lin.
Probably still want to train successors for the team before retiring, but yan lin has been exposed to rain and dew until now, and Feng Lang didn’t see who she was focusing on.
"That’s true," Zhang Fang knows a little. "If she doesn’t get married after playing the game, she can do it. Thanks to Fang Qin’s age, she has to wait."
When this was said, several people laughed.
The game was played fairly well, but in the third game, the Soviet women’s volleyball team tried to fight. In the first half, the score was quite tight. However, in the second half, after Wu Dan hit two amazing balls to score points, the Soviet women’s volleyball team lacked confidence by four points. After losing the third game, it was not so good to score four points in the fourth game.
"In fact, the second level is good, and the height and strength of the main and auxiliary attacks are still quite threatening." After retiring, Sun Jin stopped playing, and his physical condition was not allowed, but his eyes were still on. "But the defense is weak, and if we don’t concede the ball, we will still have a chance to defend and counterattack. If you are present, this game will not be dragged into the fourth game."
Feng Lang smiled. "They played well, but they were not in a good state at first and failed to fully mobilize their enthusiasm."
Yan lin did hear that her old teammate came, but she didn’t come out. Recently, she has been under a lot of pressure. She can lose one or two pounds every month and can’t make up for anything. Fang Qin often cooks chicken soup for her when she has no class, but the effect is not obvious.
"Let’s retire after the World Championships." Fang Qin asked yan lin to retire for the first time. He really couldn’t bear to see yan lin so thin again. When he first met yan lin, he felt that Lin was so thin that he hardly looked like an athlete. It was good to recuperate in recent years, but this year she was haggard a lot.
Yan lin thinks that the World Championships have driven many people crazy, Feng Lang, and he still has a Fang Qin now.
"I’m thinking about getting married after I retire, and I’ll become a yellow-faced woman. I won’t be treated with chicken soup then. I have to think about how to get a good deal." Fang Qin was in distress situation when he heard this. yan lin was secretly glad that someone had to accompany him.
Since that day, the number of chicken soup deliveries in the rear has increased. Is yan lin still losing weight? Her spleen is not good and her absorption ability is weak. These nutrients are difficult to supplement. In addition, there are many things in the team that are not in a hurry, and it is fortunate that she is too tired to fall ill.
Yan lin didn’t go to Feng Lang, but Feng Lang found the door.
Because it was a little difficult for them to win a net victory of three to two against the Cuban women’s volleyball team the next day, that is, two points, and every game was dragged into the inning, which made yan lin play no more.
The audience enjoyed it, but everyone was suffering.
"Hard work" Feng Lang feels that yan lin is quite gaunt and thin-faced recently.
"Feng Jie, I won’t be so hard when you come back soon." Lin Yan finally caught her and began to play tricks. "I can’t hold them down. You have to come back and help me teach them a lesson."
Cann’t help it? No one dares to be angry when she is a coach now. What do you mean, she can’t help it? Feng Lang knows that she is crying, but she still feels dependent. "Okay, okay, I’ll return to the team after your game. I’ll help you cure them."