"Don’t contradict me, don’t exclude me" said the moon in the cloud and buried her head in the mystery. The neck was a faint smell of tobacco and the moon in the cloud was accompanied by the fragrance of the moon.

"Teacher younger brother …" Mystery smell speech was surprised at the choice of the month in the cloud. After all, the month in the cloud is not a middleman like her. He can be immune if he wants to.
"Mystery, this is not whether I want to enter the game or not. I made this choice for you and myself. You don’t have much psychological burden."
"And after you can call my name directly? After all, you have a lot of younger brothers, but I have a "cloud month holding a mysterious hand to caress my heart."
He doesn’t want to be a mysterious teacher younger brother-after all, Mo and Zhu Fengyi are also mysterious teacher younger brothers and school sisters in general, so that he can show his uniqueness.
"… well, I’ll call you the moon in the clouds later." Mystery sighed.
Suddenly, Xuanji felt that his hand was taken to the cloud in the middle of the month to look at Xuanji’s face and disappear, and he took his hand back directly.
"Don’t make a fire, you can’t help me extinguish it." Mystery reprimanded the moon in the clouds.
The cloud month has hooked the hook lip "how do you know that I can’t help you put out the fire? Mystery, don’t worry, I live better than Xuanqing. "
Mystery wonder before bamboo in the appropriate said the cloud on thick-skinned, she still don’t think now is a personal experience.
"I said, what were you doing just now?" Snow stained clothes suddenly appeared with a smile and looked at the clouds, and the eyes flashed with surprise and cold light.
Why don’t you see the clouds, the moon and the mystery so much closer?
And the shameless moon in the cloud actually took the mysterious hand to touch his chest. It’s so coquettish that he hasn’t done it before!
"What did we just do you can’t see white? When you see the snow-stained clothes, you should turn your back silently, not smell them, not look at them, instead of jumping out. It’s very difficult for me to do this. "In the mouth of the cloud, I took a mouthful of flue.
Those wily old wolves also forget it. What’s going on now that the pups are also joining in?
"Don’t smell, don’t look at this is your cloud month to do things to mystery. You weren’t bullied by the cloud month just now, right?" Snow stained clothes looked at the mystery.
Chapter 198 Chapter 190
"The underworld? !” Hear the underworld people sign up, mystery is very surprised way
Look at them trying to converge, but they still can’t hide the cold and cold breath. Mystery invites people in sideways. "I’ll call our cabinet owner later."
As soon as Xuanji stepped on the corridor, he suddenly covered his waist.
Qing Ming was emotional and said, "The one in the underworld is not dealing with me and not staying alive!"
At the same time, the living room was not left alive, and the necromancers in the underworld quickly stopped him. "Wang Calm, this is the romantic pavilion, which is your future master site."
The cloak doesn’t frown, even if you can’t see the figure of Qing Ming, you still stare at one direction.
The necromancers in the underworld don’t know the identity of Qing Ming. They have been watching the mystery and leaving the direction. They can’t help but guess, "Do you like that female monk? This can be a bit difficult. The other party is alive after all. "
"What do you mean like it?" Don’t stay alive and ask them.
"that’s why we’ve come to send you to the romantic pavilion to study, and you’ll know the meaning of liking after class," the necromancers said.
On the other side, the mystery managed to calm the fried Mao Qingming, and went to wake up the moon in the clouds.
When Xuanji pushed open the door, Yunyue was sleeping soundly, and when she saw Yunyue lying in a pure white and shallow clothes, her face was half buried in a pillow. When she saw Xuanji, she whispered, "Xuanji, let me hug you."
Said the cloud half closed his eyes, look lazy blurred face rubbed on the pillow, hand stretched out to get mystery into her arms.
Mystery directly threw the wet cotton handkerchief into the cloud and said, "There are guests visiting, so get dressed and tidy up yourself."
Say that finish mystery and leave directly.
Mystery doesn’t eat the moon in the clouds for a reason, because she and bamboo clouds know that the moon in the clouds and the snow-stained clothes are both normal meditation in the pavilion, and they haven’t slept so loosely. Who knows that when she comes to the clouds, the moon and the snow-stained clothes will be irregular every day.
This is really a test of people’s determination and mystery, and they feel that they are practicing every day.
I heard that a guest knew that this rare opportunity was white this morning. Soon, the cloud and the moon packed up and went out to see the mystery. After that, I told the mystery, "Don’t worry about the snow-stained clothes. If he wants to sleep, let him sleep until he dies. Just when the underworld comes, take his soul away directly."
Mystery can’t help but chuckle and then go to see the underworld with Yunzhongyue.
The romantic pavilion is waiting for the living room table to be low, with futons on both sides. Even in front of outsiders, the clouds and the moon are not well-behaved, but they sit on the side of the mysterious body and tilt their heads towards the mysterious body.
"Tell me, what can I do for you people from the underworld to come to my romantic pavilion?" The moon in the cloud yawned lazily until he smoked a few mouthfuls.
"It’s like this. Please accept our king, your registered brother. This is our king," said the newcomer from the underworld.
"Ahem" cloud mouth directly choked by smoke "what did you say? Are you sure you want me to take your brother? You won’t worship the wrong teacher. "
"How come? We just came to worship you. To tell you the truth, Wang is not very enlightened and needs your teaching very much." The necromancers in the underworld sighed.
"Our king is in a special situation, unlike those of us who have lived, who have somehow experienced the world. At first, our king was as straight as a blank sheet of paper. Now, we teach the rest, but some of them are taught by our law. Please let the Lord of the romantic pavilion accept our king."
"Really? But what does this have to do with me? I don’t want you to do this." Yunzhongyue Lazy Road doesn’t intend to accept no life, even if it is a registered brother.
Hearing this, the necromancers in the underworld sighed, "But according to Bai Yujing’s regulations, you shouldn’t refuse your brother. As far as we know, there is a close brother at the main gate of the romantic pavilion. If the rest of Bai Yujing knows about this, will you be stuffed with many brothers?"