In fact, Zhang Xiao, as a heavenly heart, still has a concern that he hasn’t said, that is, Xiao Ran and the earth treasure king! Zhang Xiaotian doesn’t know how Xiao Ran and the earth treasure king know deeply. It depends on Li Fugui’s evaluation of Xiao Ran. However, the hell dominates the earth treasure king, but he has been standing in the underworld. This time they are going to rob the daughter-in-law of the underworld boss Qin Guangwang Jiang Qin. If the earth treasure king comes out with Jiang Kun’s support, then Zhang Xiaotian can’t guarantee whether Xiao Ran will hand in Qin Wan again. Although Xiao Ran plays an important role in this operation, it is also a better way for Xiao Ran to grab Qin Wan and run directly, but Zhang Xiaotian dare not give Qin Wan to Xiao Ran!

Hear Zhang Xiaotian explain XiaoRan face expression also slowly stretch to ponder for a moment XiaoRan shook his head and looked at Zhang Xiaotian export slowly said, "do you know how fast the ghost emperor degrees you repair so short you can’t escape! There are so many ghost emperors in the heavenly ghost gate and the underworld that I can’t stop them for long! "
After hearing XiaoRan say this sentence, Zhang Xiao, as a heavenly heart, couldn’t help but give birth to a little touched and secretly bitten to grind his teeth and said, "Xiao Dage, you can rest assured! Brother Xiu is low, but I think there is still some gap between those ghosts and me except the ghost emperor! " Zhang Xiaotian’s words are full of confidence.
Hear Zhang Xiaotian so big bare, not from a face of surprise looking at Zhang Xiaotian wait for a while don’t know what to say! It took half a day before a few words burst out of his mouth, "Xiao Tian! Are you all right? " When you say this sentence, Xiao Ran looks strange!
Zhang Xiaotian responded and didn’t speak. Mind moved. Purple psychic force instantly fused with soul force! For a moment, the figure has disappeared and galloped away near the castle like a flash! It’s so fast that there’s not even a shadow left!
Naturally, Xiao Ran will not recognize that Zhang Xiao is teleporting naively! He can clearly see the trajectory of Zhang Xiaotian’s rush, but at this time, Zhang Xiaotian’s degree has gone beyond all the ghosts! Although the ghost emperor level is worse than ghost repair, it is also a little worse! See Zhang Xiaotian so quickly degrees XiaoRan demon long-distance eyes slightly gathered up eyes deep out two dazzling ground off!
Suddenly Zhang Xiaotian stopped running to stop in front of Xiaoran and looked at a face of incredibly Xiaoran with a smile.
"Xiao day! How can you reach your altitude so quickly? " Stupidly XiaoRan a tone of disbelief asked.
"I have an adventure in the secular world in the submarine fairy house! The body also changed there, and it turned out to be like this. It’s a pity that the fairy house disappeared into the ocean because the fat boy broke the large array of protecting the house there, or maybe we could find out what the reason was! But if you want to achieve this degree is also need to pay a great price! Time-varying situation is really narrow escape! If I have to choose again now, I won’t dare to choose change! " Zhang Xiaotian responded and said slowly, explaining some things, by the way, what would XiaoRan really do to him?
Smiling faintly, Xiaoran didn’t investigate how Zhang Xiaotian changed, but instead sighed and said, "It’s a pity that you didn’t reach the level of the ghost emperor, otherwise you might really have a fight with the general ghost emperor!"
Zhang Xiaotian light nodded face look but some otherwise! Zhang Xiaotian’s physical strength is comparable to that of the ghost emperor in the middle period after his body is integrated into the purple psychic force, and he has four sets of mysterious posture and fights with the general ghost emperor. He is not afraid! It’s those ghost-level ghosts who can’t catch up if they want to escape, and it’s hard to get rid of the ghost-level ghosts if they want to escape.
Seeing that Zhang Xiaotian’s face was a little awkward, his face became serious. He looked at Zhang Xiaotian slowly and asked, "Do you know what is the most special thing after Ghost Xiu reached the level of Ghost Emperor?"
"What is it?" See XiaoRan a face of serious Zhang Xiaotian pack up that otherwise some unnatural expression asked.
"Ghost repair can manipulate the surrounding soul force energy to make their actions more flexible after reaching the ghost shape period! What can you do to defend the enemy! The higher you repair, the more you control your soul, and the more powerful you are! The greater it will be for the enemy and itself. "
Zhang Xiaotian nodded slightly for this he was but has a personal experience! In those days, the ghost king in hell oppressed him, but he couldn’t move at all, and he couldn’t be willing to let Jiang Kun ravage at will. But that’s because Zhang Xiaotian hasn’t broken through to the ghost-shaped period, and after the ghost-shaped period has reached the ghost-shaped period, the self-cultivation experience will produce texture changes, and then it will be very small to deal with the ghost-shaped period.
Smiled coldly, bare, and continued to say slowly, "But the ability to manipulate the surrounding soul force to influence the enemy’s action is really unbearable! The influence will be very small after the ghost cultivation reaches the ghost stage! But it also depends on who wields this kind of manipulation of the surrounding soul force to influence the opponent’s action ability. But it is different to wield this method to achieve the ghost emperor level! To reach the level of ghost emperor, ghost cultivation will have the field! In the field, even the ghost-level ghost repair will be greatly affected! " Said in the end XiaoRan is a face of sneer at.
"domain?" Zhang Xiaotian asked some surprise! What is the domain?
"After the ghost repair reaches the ghost emperor level, the spirit will change again like the ghost repair first reaches the ghost shape period! Ghost emperor level ghost cultivation produces metamorphosis spirit display will form an aura around the body, that is, the field! Field and those methods of manipulating the surrounding energy to produce different fields are formed by the spirit after qualitative change, even if there is no energy field around, it can still be put to good use! Only if you have the same domain, ghost practice also displays the domain, otherwise your action will be greatly affected if you want to enter other people’s domain! The response of the ghost king level ghost repair entering the field of ghost emperor should be slowed down by at least half! And ghosts can’t even move a little when they enter the weakness of the ghost emperor’s field! " XiaoRan smile said "hissing-"I heard that Zhang Xiaotian couldn’t help but breath a mouthful of air conditioning.
He doesn’t have this thing! It’s slower to come than the average ghost emperor. Wouldn’t it be even worse if he entered the ghost emperor’s field, and the field can be put to good use without energy around him? Wouldn’t it mean that even if he ran to the secular world, he would still enter the ghost emperor’s field than the ghost emperor?
"How big is the scope of a ghost emperor?" Pondering for a moment, Zhang Xiaotian suddenly looked up and asked a key question.
"Generally, the scope of the first-time ghost emperor’s ghost repair is 10,000 meters in Fiona Fang!" Wanted to think XiaoRan export said
"Is there any strength in the field?" Hear XiaoRan answer Zhang Xiaotian looked strangely asked.
"Of course! With the increase of repair strength, the field will naturally become stronger and stronger! Not only will the enemy be restricted from becoming stronger, but the scope of the field will also become larger! " XiaoRan said a pair of course
"But there is a problem. The greater the scope of the field, the faster the spirit will be consumed, while the scope of the field will be reduced without increasing the power." Then Xiao Ran added
"How strong is Brother Xiao’s field?" Such as XiaoRan finish Zhang Xiaotian when export asked.
"My field?" Xiao Ran suddenly smiled strangely. "Do you want to try?"
"all right! Then I’ll try! " Thought for a moment, Zhang Xiaotian slowly nodded and said that Qin Wen, the ghost emperor, was born to be the first person to repair ghosts. He didn’t brag about it, but also said that Qin Wen’s strength was similar to his! Zhang Xiaotian might meet him this time! Now it is better to be familiar with the strength of Qin Wen at that level and have a psychological preparation!
"That’s good! You must be ready! " Hear Zhang Xiaotian promised XiaoRan zheng first and then laughed and said.
Chapter two hundred and twenty-six It’s time.
As XiaoRan the words sound just fell a huge momentum to Zhang Xiaotian pressure with dumping!
After coming into contact with this huge momentum, Zhang Xiaotian’s body gave a slight meal, and all the hairs stood up like a mortal body being hit by a weak stream.
The breath is very dull! Zhang Xiaotian has a feeling that he can’t breathe.
Ghost emperor field! It turned out that the spirit formed the aura spirit to oppress the enemy! Zhang Xiao, as some horror!
Zhang Xiaotian want to move but in the mind micro spirit action was so slow! It’s like falling into a deep muddy swamp, and everything is slow!