"Kanger, you come with me."

When Yan Hong Honglie came out, Yang Kang was still sitting there motionless, looking haggard and sad. It was really unbearable for people to see that it was her child who had been spoiled for many years. Yan Hong Honglie had to call Yang Kang away.
Yang Kang is always cheerful after Yan Hong Honglie, but today he always feels that others are no longer envious and fearful when they look at him.
"Kanger, don’t you want to call me a father again?"
There are Yan Hong Honglie and Yang Kang in the room, just like the two fathers get along with each other on weekdays, but Yang Kang is not as kind and bold as before.
Yang Kang’s sincere eyes for Yan Hong Honglie knew that he was sincere, and the more so, the more he didn’t know what to say, so they were deadlocked.
In the end, Yang Kang was defeated and called a sentence "Father"
Heard Yang Kang this father yan hong Honglie heart finally put some.
At first, Yan Honglie raised Yang Kang because he was Bao Xiruo. If Yan Honglie wanted to keep that weak and kind woman around, he could treat him well.
However, no matter how cold and hard people are, there will be soft places.
Bao Xiruo is as cold as ice to him all the year round, and Yang Kang will have a little good face when he is there.
Yan Hong Honglie personally raised this child and watched him grow from a small group into a handsome and charming boy. Listening to Yang Kang, my father saw his eyes admiring and admiring.
Yan Hong Honglie has long regarded Yang Kang as his own flesh and blood, and his own child is proud. He has cleaned up and spread out the best things for him in the world.
Nothing can change that Yang Kang is his own son unless Yan Hong Kang is perfect.
The truth of Yan Hong Lie will never be discovered, because Bao Xiruo is a woman who has no opinion. She is not determined to tell Yang Kang at all, but Yan Hong Lie missed one thing in her calculations, that is, Yang Tiexin is still alive.
Is he going to lose his wife’s love?
This is absolutely impossible!
Yan Hong Honglie’s favorite son of the Emperor Jin Guo has always been able to get whatever he wants. Unfortunately, the only thing he can’t get in this generation is Bao Xiruo’s affection, but Yan Hong Honglie doesn’t care that she can be buried in one place after a hundred years by his side.
So he will never allow the slightest change in all this.
Thought of here, Yan Hong Honglie’s eyes became sad and soft. "Kang Er, you are always my son and the little prince of Zhao Wangfu."
"Father, you know from the beginning that I am not your son, right? Then why are you so kind to me? "
Yang Kanggen doesn’t understand what makes Yan Hong Honglie treat others as his own.
"yes, I know that I am infatuated with your mother. You know that I don’t care about your identity. You are my own son.
But after all these years, even if it was originally because of your mother’s kindness to you?
Who doesn’t say I’m a tiger dog?
You are you, you are my son, and you will never change, even if you don’t want me as a father. "
Yan Honglie’s body is dignified, which makes people dare not stare at Yang Kang. But now such a determined person shows such a weak attitude. Even though Yang Kang is skeptical, he can’t help but be moved by Yan Honglie’s true feelings.
"Father …"
If Yang Kang was indecisive and hesitant at first, his heart is more inclined to Yan Hong Lie now.
In front of me, my father loved him for ten years!
"ah! Kanger, does your mother want to leave the palace? When she married me, she thanked me. One of them was living a good life. She wanted to stay with that person, but she didn’t care how that person got pregnant in those days. She was in that disorderly army.
To tell the truth, I don’t want your mother to leave, but if you really want to leave, I … I can’t see it easily. The location of Zhao Wangfu has been kept for you. If your grandfather blames them, his father will bear it alone and won’t call you something. "
What a move! Retreat in weakness, provoke separation and bear the burden of humiliation!
Yan Hong-lie has a good plan, and he is sincere, but this plan is not lacking. Every word is his feelings for their mother, and it is his fault.
It sounds like the implication is that Yang Tiexin is scum and he is the gentleman.
Yang Kang can’t match Yan Hong Honglie’s wiliness. Plus, he was already moved by Yan Hong Honglie. He’s right, and there’s no reason to lie to him.
Yang Kang’s heart pounded with his father’s sincerity and was moved by him, and he was worried about what sin it was to confuse the royal blood. He knew it.
But Yang Kang didn’t mean to abandon in Yan Hong Honglie’s words.
"Father, what do you mean he abandoned his mother?"
Yan Honglie sighed and explained the truth to Yang Kang. He didn’t embellish it, but Yang Kangqian had long been dissatisfied and misunderstood with Yang Tiexin. At this time, listening to Yan Honglie’s words added fuel to the fire. If he didn’t care about the so-called biological father’s birthright, he would even ask Yang Tiexin for justice at once.
Yang Kang, though scheming and calculating, is still too young to be calculated by Yan Hong Honglie. He really doesn’t want to recognize that dad.
Isn’t his father, mother and family fine? Why should you leave yourself and find yourself to suffer?
Yan Hong Honglie looked at Yang Kang’s face and guessed what was in his heart. He pretended not to find it. He still cut the way, "Kang Er, your mother doesn’t like to see me. Please go and see her again. Don’t let her hurt herself. If there is anything wrong, let the government doctor go and see it, okay?"
! ! ! ! ! w! w! w! ! ! ! ! 8! ! ! !
Yan Hong Honglie talked earnestly and told him that he would suffer as much as in the past. Yang Kang believed in this father even more.
Yang Kang should turn around and go. When he walked to the door, Yan Hong Honglie suddenly debuted. "Kang Er, I don’t want you to go, but if … you really want to go, can you talk to your father first?"
There has always been a little cry in the majestic voice. Yang Kang feels even worse. He won’t go and won’t let his mother go.