Normally, it is not allowed to conjure up a complete dragon body in other areas except the dragon blood battlefield fighting.

And in the sight of Longqiu, it is not against the dragon clan rules.
He is now in a semi-dragon state, which is similar to Su Mo’s once-dragon state!
There are two stages in the transformation of dragon into dragon. The first stage is the half dragon, and the second stage is the complete dragon body!
Long Qiu although tone quite disdain.
But he can’t be careless in the face of Su Mo!
It’s a fight, and he conjures up a half-dragon form, ready to burst into one hundred percent strength to resist Su Mo’s palm!
Long Qiu’s throat burst into a roar, and before striding, he set up his arms and pressed his hands against the head-on suppression.
A loud noise!
Both of them remained in this position as if they had solidified!
After a short pause, the dragon’s autumn body rattled in waves, and the whole dragon’s bones seemed to have fallen apart!
Long Qiu spit out a big mouthful of blood!
Great pressure he Long Lin cracks are oozing scarlet blood!
Su Mo moved fifty percent of his strength, and he could not resist it!
Chapter one thousand and seventy-seven Noisy!
Even if Su Mo single-handedly defeated more than 100 miscellaneous dragons and suppressed the four major miscellaneous dragons, he would be slightly surprised and not shocked.
Zalong, one-pulse dragon, thin blood, and five-pulse dragon’s combat power is very different
But now a pulse of Candle dragon Longqiu was suppressed by this dragon ink so easily that it really made the dragons move!
Dragon blood, terror, strong flesh, and most of them are close combat.
The most terrible thing about Su Mo’s secret book of uniting the Wild Lich King is the close combat force to cooperate with this dragon, which can be said to be invincible!
Many monks in the whole fix true world know this.
However, there are only a few people in the Dragon Skeleton Valley who know the origin of Su Mo.
These dragons want to take advantage of melee, which is different from wishful thinking.
Su Mo’s hand has not touched the blood until now, and the melee technique is simply relying on the physical crushing to push everything horizontally!
Long Qiu struggled to get up from the ground and looked ferocious. His eyes were full of anger and he glared at Su Mo.
He lost to an outsider in full view, which made him feel humiliated!
"Brother Qiu, are you all right?"
Behind several Candle dragon look worried can’t help but ask before.
"get out!"
Long Qiu pushed everyone cold and said, "I haven’t lost yet!"
If Longqiu doesn’t give up, he can really continue to fight.
But the dragons can see that the zang-fu organs have been shaken, and even if they continue to fight, they are asking for it.
Su Mo looked indifferent.
In all fairness, Long Qiu’s combat power is never weak, and it can be compared with the major titles in the field of repairing the truth!
But Su Mo’s eyes are nothing!
He got the help of Taikoo Shenquan, and his body recovered. When he stepped into the virtual realm, the fighting power of the pure Yang God soared, saying that it was no exaggeration for him to be a melee enemy!
Long Qiu was panting, and there was a huge airflow in his nose and mouth, with a burning smell, and his anger was burning more and more brightly.
Even a few Candle dragon nearby can feel it!
"Autumn elder brother …"
A Candle dragon heart sank faintly aware of what can’t help but low shout a want to wake Longqiu calm down.
But Longqiu seems to have never heard of it.
Candle dragon is a fire, and most of Candle dragon’s anger is extremely violent, especially Long Qiu.
The original defeat made him feel great shame.
And seeing Su Mo’s picture of light clouds and light winds is even more exciting to his heart!