Because Long Ze knows that Na Lanqing’s personality is too strong, she is dominant in both life and love. He is very white. He is a love doll. Na Lanqing will become what color she wants to dye him … It is called whether she is an emperor … a puppet or a lover …

If she wants to, she can turn herself into what she wants.
If it is an emperor, he will be the kind of emperor, tyrant or benevolent king that Xiao Qing-er hopes.
If it is a puppet, he will be Xiao Qing’s most satisfied puppet. He will not refute or disobey her orders.
If it’s a husband or a man, he will love Xiaoqinger the most. The man is obedient to her and deeply loves her forever.
Na Lanqing Long Ze’s personality is completely complementary. Na Lanqing will dominate in all aspects. She will not be willing to be suppressed … Long Ze, on the contrary, Long Ze is not interested in everything but has a deep obsession with Na Lanqing. This obsession is not to hold her in her arms, but to be eager to be loved by Na Lanqing.
I want to hold Nalanqing in my arms, but I want to be held tightly in my arms by the other party and imprisoned to declare to everyone that Long Ze belongs to Nalanqing.
Longze loves lowliness and Nalan loves distortion.
This is how others understand the world …
"You he paid everything if in the end …"
"Father, have you ever thought that Linghuang would betray?" Na Lanqing interrupted Na Lanling’s words, and her eyes were firm and serious. She was convinced that Long Ze also loved Long Ze deeply.
Nalanling is sluggish.
He doesn’t want Na Lanqing to take the initiative to love that person, which is happier to be loved and harder to love.
It’s all right if you give everything and love yourself. If you don’t …
That will be beyond redemption!
"I never thought that Long Ze would betray me, and I wouldn’t think about it … if one day I saw with my eyes that Long Ze had betrayed me, I wouldn’t kill him, but I would torture him and make him forget the consequences of betrayal forever … cut off his limbs and make him a doll, and I couldn’t go anywhere and say anything … even if I die forever, I will never let him die before me. I am not qualified to betray me …"
NaLanQing stretched out his hand over his eyes, her eyes twisted and shocked the eyes NaLanLing …
This is crazy!
The other party is a country emperor …
"He is the only one in my world. Will I allow him to betray me?" NaLanQing corners of the mouth greatly raise strange smile distorted her face beautiful face at this time become particularly gloomy and cold as the undead get up from hell.
NaLanLing staring at NaLanQing speechless for a long time.
It was a long time before he said, "You can’t move my chess, even if you are my child, you can’t enter my chess board … Nalanqing, don’t mess with me or I’ll let you know that I’m angry!"
"Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha … Wu ‘an Hou’s adult Zhao Jiake is a … Long Ze must never be controlled by others. Soldiers must definitely return to his hands and all those who covet his throne must die, including you!"
"Wait till you have something to say, you abandoned beast!"
"Ha ha … the beast? How can a mere beast be worthy of my Nalanqing? I, Nalanqing forces, want to raise heaven and war and kill all the real rebels to be the evil monster! "
Nalan Qingyin is crazy. At this time, she seems to be awakened from the sea of blood. The demon has been dormant for too long and urgently needs blood to moisten her throat.
Her white hair suddenly blew up, as if she were born out of hell. The ghost hand grabbed Nalanling’s neck and made him unable to say anything.
NaLanLing looked at NaLanQing from the back of his eyes, and the pain and different colors appeared deeply in his eyes. Suddenly, he punched one side of the wall in anger. "Somebody!"
"Let’s tie up all the horses!" NaLanLing angry growl.
"I dare to ask, I don’t know what the duke wants to tie up all the horses?" The dark guard was shocked by all the people. This kind of thing has never happened before, which also means that Hou Ye is trying his best to deal with someone at all costs.
Dark guard a surprised his eyes with a shock.
"Hou ye …"
"Immediately order all the troops to wait for orders!"
Nalanling’s eyes were in pain and rage, and he was very impatient, as if he were angered. The beast desperately needed an outlet.
Chapter 15 Did you abandon people in Long Ze? (2)
A update the latest chapter after the tyrant returns to bully the pet owl as soon as possible!
Chapter 15 Did you abandon people in Long Ze? (2)
What is abandoning the human field?
He watches too much …
No matter whether it’s a beast or a demon, it’s a dead end!
This world is just a chat show. When the demon was born, the heroes did their best … Even if the demon slaughtered more heroes, they would be defeated by the heroes in the end!
She is so desperate for a man … Is she still her?
He will never allow Nalanqing to go through such a path, even if he kills her, it is better than letting her be accused of confusing the world with demons.