He surprised way

Ceremony platform
Gu Qingshan negotiated with magic dragon.
"It’s crowded here. Let’s find a quiet place to talk slowly." Gu Qingshan said.
He walked towards the palace with the tap on his hand, and constantly arranged around him.
"Lola interrupted the live broadcast, let the guests leave, put all the palace defense measures into play, and let all the guards and troops get ready for battle, and be alert to what may happen at any time."
"Good" Lola replied.
"Lin, you protect Lola. I’m worried that magic dragon has an accomplice."
"It doesn’t think so much-it’s better to be careful." Lin said and went to find Lola.
"Zhang Yinghao, Ye Fei, come back to the palace with me before you leave."
At this time, the thorn general Ilya appeared again and announced the end of the ceremony.
Thorn guards keep order.
Soon the Thorn Kingdom army came to the scene, and their auxiliary armed forces quickly threw themselves into the work of maintaining order at the scene.
Ritual officials appeared one after another to lead the guests away from the ceremony.
Until then, people were still blind.
Protoss appears
Protoss extinction
What happened in a white time?
No one can remember the scene.
Then there was death in magic dragon.
It shows how powerful it is, and the sensation caused by its death on the spot is as strong.
Thorn kingdom should have such strength to deal with such enemies!
It turns out that in addition to the thorny ancient trees and the wealth of the thorny kingdom, the power has been so terrible!
The 900 million-story world is a sensation.
At this moment, I don’t know how many forces are reconsidering, such as facing the thorn kingdom.
Today’s ceremony was completely ruined, but what happened today was enough for everyone to digest it slowly.
Gu Qingshan put the faucet on the table and waited quietly.
Ye Fei handed Zhang Yinghao a can and Gu Qingshan another one.
"No, I took it just now." Gu Qingshan said
"The one I gave you before was a heavy battle preparation, and now it’s a little lost, or my hand is a light supplement," Ye Fei explained.
Gu Qingshan took the jar and drank it slowly.
The taste of this thing is controlled by random method
But this time Gu Qingshan was lucky. This can of drink tastes like strawberry.
Zhang Yinghao’s can of drinks is rich in flavor, mostly ribs soup.
Gu Qingshan drank a few mouthfuls and the physical strength consumed by dancing and fighting was gradually replenished.
It’s amazing
He couldn’t help asking, "Will flying away from you with so many drinks have any bad effects on yourself?"
Ye Fei said with a smile, "This thing is really made with soul force, but it doesn’t get a lot of soul force in my world tower."
"You killed many monsters?" Zhang Yinghao asked
"Well, that tower is very big. I found a place in the tower where monsters refresh quickly. I stayed there for a few days and brushed my soul force to the limit of this ability before giving up." Ye Fei left the road
"Severe" Gu Qingshan praised 1.
After a while
Lola and Lynn come back
"It’s all arranged. If anything happens, we will get the news immediately and choose to fight or run away," said Lola.
Gu Qingshan nodded and looked at magic dragon
"How to consider it?" Gu Qingshan asked
"Who do you want to know?" Magic dragon asks.