There was an uproar when he fell into a state of enlightenment.

Falling into this state at this moment is definitely a curse rather than a blessing for Su Mo!
There is no one around Sumo to protect the roots, and any external stimulus may interrupt his enlightenment process.
This is secondary.
Because there is a person who wants Sumo’s life!
"Since God wants to take your life, it’s no wonder that I am!"
White new smile body flashing from the bag pulled out a handle cold light cold long knife galloped towards Sue ink.
Come to the nearby white with a horizontal knife.
This knife is not fast, its strength is not strong, and it doesn’t emit any murderous look.
White worry about waking up to enlightenment, China, Soviet Union and Mexico.
Quiet but deadly!
Su Mo still closed his eyes and didn’t seem to be aware of the danger!
Seeing this, many monks shook their heads and sighed.
This man got the sword from the emperor because he envied everyone.
But who would have thought that this person would disappear in a blink of an eye, and in the end, he would be able to make a fool of himself with a sigh
See the blade will wipe Su Mo throat white corners of the mouth cocked up a smile.
"It doesn’t matter what knife you have, it’s not going to die in my hands!"
White sneer at slightly.
As soon as the blade will cross Su Mo’s throat, Su Mo’s body will suddenly retreat and narrowly avoid this fatal knife!
White look a narrowed his eyes.
Chapter three hundred and ninety-five Countercurrent trend!
White clearly see that the blade has split the hairs on the surface of Su Mo’s skin. If you want to advance an inch, you can cut your throat.
But this knife still fell.
By a hair’s breadth
The weirdest thing is that Su Mo didn’t open his eyes during the whole process.
This evasive action is like his consciousness!
Su Mo lowered his eyebrows like an old monk immersed in his own world, oblivious to everything outside.
"Do you still want to be enlightened?"
Enwrapped sneer at a no longer hide the heart of murder fuelling blood spirit knife contend trembling light big explosive force towards Sue ink cut down in the past.
This knife is extremely fast, almost instantly!
Su Mo’s look is still the same. His eyes are closed and his body shape is like catkin floating. Once again, he avoids enwrapped this murder and blows a knife!
White big frown.
He really understands Sumo’s present state.
Su Mo can’t see the long Dao trajectory with his eyes closed.
Just rely on erli to judge that the wind doesn’t dodge at all, but Su Mo just hid in the past.
If the first time is a coincidence, then avoiding two knives in a row …
"Can you hide? I see how long you can hide! "
White stride before the blade a shock was filled with a faint blood gas will Sue ink shrouded.
Shua shua shua!
The secret book "Shura Knife" by Bai Yu’s continuous knife exhibition is deadly and endless, and the knife angle is extremely tricky!
This situation Su Mo still didn’t keep retreating with his eyes open.
But as time goes by, Su Mo’s evasion is getting smaller and smaller, and it is gradually enveloped by the white knife method and sealed the retreat!
The two men’s meetings were so confusing that they watched the monks.
Technically, it’s not a fight, because one side has never made a move and has been dodging.
"This man is so bold and incredibly enlightened. It’s really killing him!"
"This person’s eyes are closed, but it seems that he can perceive danger, like an eye in the sky!"
"How did he do it?"
In the line of sight, it seems that Su Mo has some keen sense of danger and can avoid it.
Actually, Sumo is now in a state of waking up but not waking up.
White to him at the moment the spirit sleep has been warning Sue ink can wake up from the state of enlightenment.
But this opportunity is too rare.
Su Mo felt that she almost touched the mystery of "potential"!
Su Mo’s forced neglect of external interference is based on his keen spiritual awareness to avoid moving himself, and then he continues to feel physically and mentally.
This move is extremely dangerous and crazy.
If anything goes wrong, Su Mo will be lying dead on the spot and realize that everything is gone.
That’s why he has to improve his strength and speed to achieve mastery through the practice of seven things, so that he can fix the magic offensive for so long.
But if you keep it long, you will lose.
The white knife method is getting sharper and sharper, and the blood gas from the blade is getting heavier and heavier. Su Mo is shrinking and can flash around in a very narrow range.
The situation is critical!
And he has not yet realized the mystery of "potential"
Su Mo must make a choice!