Seeing this scene, the four elders of Candlelong suddenly turned around and stared at the elders of Wu clan and scorpion with hatred in their hearts.

If Sumo falls here, the culprit is Elder Scorpion!
If there is no scorpion elder to force Su Mo to return to the virtual realm, he will be baptized by the Zulong pillar!
Elder Scorpion looks complacent and quietly waits for the final result with a smile on his mouth.
Su Mo’s body emerged with reddish scales!
Four pulse dragon gas impact he has been forced to dragon up flesh and blood strength!
Of course, this kind of dragon is far from perfection, but some Long Lin grows out of his body. He is far from being a dragon in battle
In the eyes of the public, Su Mo actually got up from the original place, and the breath kept rising. blazing with anger was covered in red scales, burning with flames, and was almost glittering and translucent!
"I have come over!"
The four elders of Candle Dragon are overjoyed.
At this moment, the fifth Long Yin sounded!
The dragons gasped!
See Zulong Shenzhu, the five claws of the dragon belly are shining!
Five pulse dragon spirit all arrival!
Scorpion elder face smile has disappeared.
Five-pulse dragon spirit arrival, what does this mean?
Don’t even have a dragon with five claws born in the dragon!
"How is that possible!"
The dragon bell exclaimed
Long Cang sat not far away and looked calm, but at this time he couldn’t control his mind to come together!
Only at this moment did he realize that he had an opponent!
At the same time, the dragon skeleton valley vibrates and all the dragons are shocked!
Many dragon elders in the sky appeared to witness this scene!
Chapter one thousand one hundred and ninety-nine Talent avatar
"Good good!"
The candle dragon elder grew up in the cave and looked at the direction of the ancestral dragon pillar. His eyes were big and he nodded repeatedly.
"Five-pulse dragon spirit haha!"
The candle dragon elder couldn’t help laughing, and his face wrinkles were folded together.
At first, he tried his best to protect Sumo on the one hand because of the red-haired ghost and on the other hand, he valued Sumo’s potential.
Now the scene proves that his judgment and choice are not wrong!
A twist in the cave.
An old man with green hair appeared tall and vigorous, and said directly, "Congratulations, Candle Boss!" "
"Good talk, good talk"
Candle dragon elders and smiling replied.
Bearer is the elder of black dragon.
The five-pulse dragon elders are almost the oldest and most distinguished among the dragons.
Although the identity of the two men was shocked, they could still hold their horses. They didn’t rush to watch the fun like his dragon elders.