It’s strange to see Lin Ying react to each other.

Lin Ying went to bed and suddenly found something was wrong.
From the time when Lin Ying first met the old factory director, his bed was in this position, and now he is still in this position, and he just raised his head but did not move.
Lin Ying suddenly thought of a possibility when his face changed, so Lin Ying slowly pulled the quilt.
Suddenly a stench came to my face.
Lin Ying looked at everything in sight and was shocked.
Chapter 15 Human Nature
Lin Yingla was found that the old factory director’s body was tied to the bed by a rope, and the old factory director could not move his roots except his head.
A stench spewed out from the quilt, which made Lin Ying feel uncomfortable.
Lin Ying endured the stench and lifted the whole thing.
Suddenly Lin Ying was stunned by what she saw.
The old factory director’s legs have disappeared from his knees, and the sheets have a lot of black blood. The wounds on his legs have festered and rotted, giving off a stench.
Lin Ying quickly cut off the rope of the old factory director and then lifted the old factory director up with a pillow behind him.
"What happened to the old factory manager?"
The old factory director moved his lips but couldn’t make a sound.
Lin Ying hurriedly pulled out less than half a bottle of mineral water and handed it to the mouth of the old factory director.
The old factory director took two sips, closed his eyes and rested for a while, then said, "Give me a good time, son!"
When I heard the words of the old factory director, Lin Ying was sour. "What happened to the old factory director?"
The old factory director shook his head and a line of tears came out of his muddy old eyes. "Give me a good time."
Lin Ying held the old factory director and asked sadly, "What happened to the old factory director? How did you become like this? And what will Wang Maolin become like a half-man, half-corpse ghost? "
Hearing the name of Wang Maolin, the old factory director’s eyes suddenly lit up and then faded away.
The old factory director hung his head and then a few tears fell from his face.
A moment later, the old factory director looked up at Lin Ying and said, "Did you eat, young man?"
"There is a treasure porridge for me." Hearing the words of the old factory director, Lin Ying quickly took out treasure porridge from her pocket.
Then Lin Ying dabao porridge was fed to the mouth of the old factory director.
A can of porridge was quickly eaten up.
After the old factory director ate a can of porridge, his whole spirit seemed to be better.
After resting for a moment, the old factory director thanked him intermittently, "Thank you, son. Thank you for your porridge, so that I can be a full fool before I die."
Lin Ying looked at the old factory director and spoke so strongly that she quickly waved her hand. "Old factory director, please don’t talk yet. You should take a rest and raise your spirits. Everything will be fine."
When I heard Lin Ying’s words, the old factory director gave me a wry smile. "Don’t comfort me, son. What’s my situation? I know I don’t have much time."
The old factory manager spoke vigorously for a while, then closed his eyes and rested for a while, and then continued, "The child pays me back and says goodbye to you. Don’t eat human flesh!"
Lin Ying was shocked when she heard this sentence.
Stop eating human flesh!
Watching the old factory director disappear and combining his legs with the old factory director’s words just now, Lin Ying suddenly thought of a very terrible thing.
"Don’t you?" Lin Ying’s eyes widened and her body couldn’t help shivering. "Are your legs eaten by Wang Maolin!"
The old factory director nodded his head with a sad smile. "Yes, my legs were eaten by him, but he also got what he deserved and became the kind of person who is not a ghost."
The old factory director told Lin Ying off and on the story of him and Wang Maolin after the end of the world.
It turned out that when the last days came, the whole second floor wanted the old factory director and Wang Maolin, and neither of them became zombies, so fortunately, they dodged a bullet.
Then the two men struggled for five days with food from various offices.
From the sixth day, they had no food.
There are more than ten zombies in the building, and two people dare not go upstairs to find food, so they can hide next to hunger.
If we keep going like this, both of us will starve to death.
But let the old factory director didn’t think things happened.
On the sixth night, Wang Maolin attacked him.
Wang Maolin knocked out the old factory director and tied him to the bed. Wang Maolin, a sad and sick man, cut off the old factory director’s leg and roasted it that night.