That is, to suppress the wild ancient fiend!

Feng Zichen named it HarmonyOS Mountain and released news that anyone who wants this tunnel to be heard by fate.
All beings in mainland HarmonyOS were shocked when they heard the news, and then they all started for HarmonyOS Mountain.
Three thousand years have passed in a blink of an eye.
The mainland of HarmonyOS is not too big. In three thousand, it was windy enough for Zichen to spread herself all over the mainland.
So the wind zichen is finished what the ancient fiend did not finish.
Then, as Feng Zichen expected, he really noticed something wrong in mainland HarmonyOS.
There seems to be something hidden in the void somewhere in mainland HarmonyOS, which fluctuates slightly.
If Feng Zichen had not completely mastered everything in mainland HarmonyOS, which made the fate of this place change and exposed it, he would not have been able to detect this slight fluctuation.
In fact, this wave appeared in a short moment, and it disappeared with the calm of the HarmonyOS mainland.
After the discussion, it is also the law that the wind Zichen shakes the fate of HarmonyOS mainland, which makes this subtle fluctuation appear again. If you don’t know that you can’t feel the wrong wind Zichen was just an illusion.
After many experiments, Feng Zichen also made sure that the secret hidden in mainland HarmonyOS should be here. The ancient fiend also came here to find it.
Hidden so deep, what can it be but the secret?
After all this, Feng Zichen followed the memory in her mind to find the source of the fluctuation.
HarmonyOS mainland searched for a long time, and Zichen finally locked in a void. If he remembered correctly, the slight fluctuation he felt before came from this void.
It’s Feng Zichen’s spirit, which has been repeatedly explored for several times and failed to find the wrong place.
"It’s really extraordinary to find this place at the risk of being a wild ancient fiend!"
I didn’t find Feng Zichen. Although I was disappointed, I was still more excited. The deeper the sentence was hidden, the higher the value of the things involved.
After thinking about it, the wind Zichen suddenly smashed this place into pieces, and then he thought about looking for the origin of the wave through these gaps one by one.
But it turned out that Feng Zichen was disappointed. He searched all the cracks and found nothing wrong.
In my heart, Naifeng Zichen’s hand strength is strong enough to send out the avatar. It is no longer a virtual blast to pieces, but a complete smash into a virtual state.
But that’s it. Feng Zichen still didn’t find anything wrong.
This virtual place stood still for several months, and when the wind was restored, Zichen didn’t destroy it, but the secret communication world tree attracted one of his roots.
It is the best thing in the world to detect emptiness, and there is nothing more professional in this field than the world tree.
It can be said that if the world tree can’t find the virtual problem here, Feng Zichen can give up before it is too late.
Buzzing …
The roots of the world must quietly poke their heads out of the void and make inexplicable fluctuations, which may resonate here.
Seeing this wind, Zichen’s heart moved to separate a wisp of spirit into the roots of the world and spread outward with his strength.
After the roots of the world must be merged, the wind zichen will have a different experience in an instant, and the layers of emptiness will be extremely mysterious before his eyes.
Then Feng Zichen found that the power of the world tree was spreading to the virtual depth. This "depth" was deeper than Feng Zichen imagined, so he could touch the virtual depth.
By this time the wind zichen was shocked.
"How is that possible?"
"The universe is so deep? Why don’t I know? "
Feng Zichen, the second master of the universe, believes that she still knows about the universe. Although it is empty, it is only forty-nine in general.
And the deeper the virtual reality is, the closer it will be to heaven. Once you enter the forty-ninth virtual reality, you can face heaven directly.
However, the more virtual layers there are, the more dangerous it will be, which is better than the innate Tao Zun, and he can enter the 36th virtual layer. If he goes further, his life will be in danger.
And the mixed yuan Luo Jinxian can also go deep into the forty-fifth emptiness, and then he may be assimilated by heaven.
Yu Feng Zichen’s respect can barely enter the 49th virtual face to face with heaven.
Chapter 95 Western Mythological World
However, even the Chinese Emperor can’t stay long. If he stays too long, he will be inspired by heaven and become a part of it.
The so-called three realms have always been in the 49-fold emptiness, which constitutes the imaginary part of the universe.
But now the roots of the world must lead the wind. Zichen is constantly deepening the emptiness, which has surpassed the forty-nine heavy emptiness and came to a deeper emptiness.
Yes, how is that possible!
The emptiness between heaven and earth is forty-nine, and it is the limit here, so we can face the heaven directly. If there is something deeper than this?
No one answered Feng Zichen’s question that the roots of the world must seem to have sensed something and continue to go deeper and deeper.
It was also at this time that Feng Zichen realized that she might have gone to other places instead of the vast expanse, and the emptiness of heaven and earth was 49 times heavier than this number, so it can be said that Feng Zichen has left the vast expanse.