Su Mo knows that the lotus platform in the sea is slowly rotating, and it is changing all the time. There are thousands of auspicious colors in generate!

Violet’s real strength has been accumulated to the limit to absorb the vitality of heaven and earth.
Everything is ready, but an opportunity is lacking!
Su Mo took Wutong Dan out of the bag and swallowed it directly into his stomach.
Wutong Dan is made from the leaves and fruits of Wutong, supplemented by many fairy spirits, which can greatly reduce the obstacles encountered by the fairy when she breaks through the fairy.
Here, the magic bullet enters the abdomen and instantly explodes into a hot and boiling warm current, which flows through the limbs and bones, and the huge force pours into the blood vessels, which impacts the Wisdom Hall and nourishes the Yuan God.
Su Mo has clearly felt Tianyuan’s barriers close at hand, but he still touches the law.
After all, it is a great leap from the land to Tianyuan.
In just one hundred days, Su Mo made a direct breakthrough from Terrace Fairy to Tianyuan, which is simply more difficult to imagine!
It’s almost enough to help him break this barrier!
At this time, knowing the sea has been refining several treasures these days, and the prison tripod suddenly trembled slightly.
The last tripod wall has been repaired!
The tripod body of the town prison is permeated with an ancient breath, as if it had come back from the long river of years to read the vicissitudes of life.
The crack in the town prison tripod has been partially repaired!
Su Mo could feel that there was something different in front of the town prison tripod, but he couldn’t say what was different.
On the fourth side, the tripod wall, the white tiger’s holy soul, opened its eyes, and generate showed a cold and solemnity of murder, which was no less than killing the sword in heaven and earth!
A memory flooded into Su Mo’s mind.
At the same time, pieces of golden Sanskrit appeared on the fourth tripod wall, and the Sanskrit on three tripod walls were perfectly connected.
The restoration of the town prison tripod means that the complete Prajna Nirvana Sutra reappears in the world!
The golden Sanskrit on all sides of the tripod in the town prison seems to have fallen off the surface and emerged in the sea of Su Mo knowledge.
Su Mo’s knowledge of the sea has become golden, just like the Sanskrit sound of the Buddhist temple resounding in my ears, with the shadows of the buddhas and the dragons ringing!
The whole sea of knowledge is full of Buddhist power
Understanding the fourth tripod wall scripture by Su Mo’s short-term return method
However, after all, the Sutra of Prajna Nirvana is a taboo secret. After the restoration of its integrity, many Sanskrit sounds diffuse out and golden light pours into the violet gods, which makes the lotus in the lotus platform change a little.
Violet really sits on the lotus platform, covered with a layer of Buddha’s light, holding three treasures and jade, with low eyebrows and solemn eyes.
Sumo seems to have a broken yoke.
He can clearly feel that his Shou Yuan limit has soared to 300,000 years!
Su Mo took a deep breath, and a steady stream of vitality poured into his nose and mouth, and the violet was surging and rolling.
With the taboo secret book "Prajna Nirvana Sutra", Weili Sumo finally broke the fairy barrier and stepped into Tianyuan to achieve the first-order fairy!
At the same time, violet Yuan Shen was baptized by Sanskrit, and the nourishing realm of lotus platform was once again broken through to reach the triple realm of Tianyuan!
Su Moshen’s transformation is not over.
Violet’s body absorbs a lot of energy from old trees and ancient sycamore trees, and the breakthrough of Su Mo realm makes violet’s body change dramatically!
All the petals of the lotus platform in the sea fell off and grew back in circles, and the green was about to drip.
After the tenth circle of lotus petals, the eleventh circle quietly blooms, revealing a bud with poor vitality and a vibrant lotus platform!
There are more than ninety-nine lotus caves in Liantai!
The lotus has also changed!
Violet has also broken through thoroughly remould oneself!
Eleven accident violet!
Su Mo’s body is full of qi and blood, and every inch of skin is flowing with bright green glow. The whole person exudes a faint fragrance and is full of vitality!
Even he sat in an ancient sycamore tree, showing a trace of fear, afraid to shake for fear of disturbing Su Mo.