Let them know what it means to say that the height of the Tao is one foot and the height of the magic is ten feet!

I didn’t expect Yunzui to be so dizzy with such a big slap.
Iron than love immediately hold cloud petticoats.
And those kneeling people immediately followed the sound of neat pumping when they slapped Yunzui.
They didn’t think that Yunzui’s strength was so big and hard!
"If this is just a slap, the general can be replaced at any time." Although Yunzui has made great efforts, it seems that nothing is still cool there.
Burying his face in Yunshang’s resentment, he stared at Yunzui, who had never been so humiliated before.
But also as everyone’s face
It’s like getting drunk in a cloud and calculating it!
"Who says I can’t stand a slap?" At this time, her face is burning and painful, and the pain has not been reduced. Now it hurts all over her face and all of it is thanks to Yunzui.
She remembers this hatred!
"Oh, that’s stable." Just that slap, she was just looking for a feel.
Yun Shang is very stubborn. After pushing the iron fan, he raises Pakistan’s most arrogant posture and accepts Yun Zui’s slap.
Yunzui doesn’t have a passion. She naturally won’t show mercy.
Raise your hand again. This time, Yunzui has been fanned continuously.
There are five rings in this silent hall, which is so piercing.
Everyone was shocked. Dou Yun’s petticoats were very tough, but Yunzui was even more arrogant and malicious!
Yunshang was fanned, and the little white stars were particularly dizzy, and his cheeks almost seemed to be baked by fire, which was very warm and burning.
And the mouth hurts very much, and the mouth seems to be torn.
"If you accept it, you won’t get six slaps." Yunzui dumped her wrist fan of cutting and it was very sour.
Although we can’t find the southeast and northwest now, Yunshang still clearly heard Yunzui say that.
Chapter 3 Fish in troubled waters
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Good. Did the loser counterattack?
It’s good to have a backer, isn’t it
She must take revenge, hold fast to Tiefanyi, bite her teeth in resentment and squeeze out a word "take me away" through her teeth.
If she wants to leave here, or she will impulsively fight back, then the slap will be wasted.
Iron than love dearly at this time also don’t hide their murder mercilessly stared at the cloud drunk after holding the cloud type.
Yunzui watched them leave, and her mouth was raised, and she was waiting for them to fight back.
In ancient times, she didn’t have entertainment to accompany the ancients. It’s not bad to have a battle of wits and courage. It’s very suitable for recreation
Two people figure completely after leaving the cloud drunk eyes glance to kneel a large number of people waved and said "go"
Those people looked at each other, only to return to absolute being from the stunned expression just now, and then they immediately got up after kowtowing, and they all stood up first.
And the cloud drunk suddenly sounded "wait"
The sound of drunken clouds is faint, but it makes those people nervous.
"Go and prepare dinner for me." Those people who were behind in the drunken talk immediately breathed a sigh of relief, but fortunately they didn’t settle accounts with them.
"Yes" Many people respectfully retreat.
After everyone left, Yunzui glanced at his mouth and had nothing to do again!
Just when Yunzui was about to leave, she heard a clap.
Yunzui looked at Liang Feichi in the room in amazement!
She didn’t even notice when he was at the beam.
"Do you like to play with people?" I was worried that Yunzui would suffer if he followed Tiefan, but I saw such a wonderful drama and he was worried for nothing.
Yunzui looked at him faintly and immediately said, "Don’t you want to give it back after being bullied?"
The bottom line is that if people don’t attack me, I won’t be happy if they offend her.
"So if you were like this before, you wouldn’t be bullied. Now you fight back?" Chi Mie’s sentence is a trick. He doesn’t know who Yunzui really is.
Is it a soul of Su Dye Pupil?
If Su Dye’s pupil is a soul, will Su Dye’s pupil become so black after the soul is possessed?
But this is also good, because it is very appetizing to him!
Two belly blacks together, that is, belly black plus belly black, it will be interesting in the future.
"Don’t worry about this." Yunzui can’t answer. She can’t tell the truth. Yunzui is not really Yunzui now, is it?
Instead, Yunzui seemed to think of something and immediately asked, "What are you doing here?"
Chi Mi certainly won’t tell the truth and tell Yun Zui that he came because he was worried.
"Give someone away for you" Chi Mi actually has another meaning when he comes.
Behind the words, Chi Mie immediately high-fived three or one seconds, and ten cold-faced killers wrapped in black tights appeared in front of them.
They all looked grim and smelled of coldness.
"Give it to me?" Yunzui has some accidents to give to her?
"The king is still waiting for you to tell me what the first emperor asked you to do. Of course, you can’t have something. These people will be responsible for protecting you." I don’t admit that I really care about it. I am good at pulling out a very persuasive excuse.
"Thank you very much." Yunzui is willing to accept it, of course, and these killers don’t look weak in martial arts.
39 Chapter 39 Fish in troubled waters (2)
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Although she doesn’t like to accept other people’s things for nothing, Chi Mie said that she wanted to know what she was talking about, so she really thought Chi Mie was curious to give them away.