The ghost fairy in the emperor’s grave is covered with cursing power. How can you even touch it?

"What the hell are you smirking about!"
Just then, a sneer came from behind the black man.
The black-robed old man looked back to see Su Mo go back to the main hall, and looked at him with a face of scorn and provocation.
The old man in black robe is furious!
At the same time, Tang Ziyi also understood Su Mo’s meaning.
Su Mo left first. Root didn’t leave her here regardless.
Su Mo wants to lead the old man in black away!
Su Mo saw that the black-robed old man didn’t chase after him, but now he went back and deliberately angered him.
Although the black-robed old man has spiritual wisdom, those who are calm, sophisticated and mature are still far from being strong. Su Mo flew into a rage when he was slightly excited!
"Knowing the ants, you really think I can’t kill you!"
The black-robed old man stared at Su Mo’s eyes, and there was a surge of anger. Several ferocious faces emerged in his black robe, and he was roaring towards Su Mo!
Tang Ziyi suddenly felt sick.
If you are beheaded, you will die simply.
But if she is swallowed up by this black-robed old man, her face will also appear as one of these ferocious faces.
The black-robed old man abandoned the crutches in Tang Zi’s clothes and made a heavy meal and rushed towards Su Mo.
Su Mo fled without thinking about turning around.
He is not strong enough to compete with this ghost fairy at present.
The black-robed old man’s ferocious face falls off one by one to turn into a ferocious growling face, just like a spectre demanding to chase Su Mo closely, and the distance behind him is getting closer and closer!
In an instant, Su Mo and the black-robed old man rushed out of the Xiandi Palace.
"You …"
Tang Ziyi was in a hurry and swallowed a handful of Dan medicine, so she rushed out before it could be used.
But when she rushed out of the fairy emperor’s palace, Su Mo and the black-robed old man had already run away.
Tang Ziyi holds a fist and looks complicated.
She knew in her heart that Su Mo could have escaped because she had saved her, so she turned back and led the black-robed old man away.
She paid off Chu Sumo, which was mostly run.
Nothing in this tomb can escape from the ghost fairy!
Tang Ziyi took a deep breath and probably judged the direction and chased it.
Su Mo and the black-robed old man tandem extremely fast.
But with the passage of time, Su Mo has some support.
After all, he spent too much energy in the four Tianjiao wars in Yun Ting.
Even with the help of the speed avatar, the speed is gradually slowing down.
But behind him, many faces are approaching and whistling, and a ghostly cry is breathtaking.
"I told you you couldn’t escape!"
It didn’t take long for the black-robed old man to hear Su Mo’s ear ring.
It’s like someone blew a chill in his ear.
For an instant, Su Mo’s hair stood on end!
He want to also don’t want to directly to the town prison tripod offering out behind him.
But a ferocious face actually penetrated the town prison tripod and hit him hard in the middle of the back!
Although the town prison tripod is powerful and indestructible, it can’t stop the Yuan God from stopping the soul!
And the ghost fairy is all condensed by the soul!
The grimace he released is also a soul force!
Sue ink was huge earthquake mouth spit out a black blood.
This grimace broke out into a terrible force and poured into Su Mo’s body, sweeping the limbs, bones and internal organs!