Chapter two hundred and seventy-one Jiangnan centrifugal!

Asked about the capital, Chu Yi sat there steadily, and the supervisor opposite respectfully saluted Chu Yi. "Before the governor left, I told my handmaiden to tell him!"
Looking up at the big supervisor, Chu Yi nodded and said, "Oh, I wonder if you have anything to tell the supervisor?"
The supervisor bowed down and said, "Let the handmaiden tell the governor that if things are almost done, please go back to Beijing as soon as possible. He misses the governor!"
Chu Yi took a deep breath and bowed his hand in the direction of the capital. "I love Chu Yi very much, and I am very grateful. If something happens, I will return to Beijing to meet you at the first time!"
Nodding to Cao Shaoqin, he said, "Cao Shaoqin, please ask some angels to rest first and wait for the governor to hand a secret letter to the sky in person!"
That a few big prison to ChuYi worship with Cao Shaoqin to leave.
Fang Li looked at Chu Yi with a smile on his face, and he heard Fang Li say to Chu Yi, "It’s a great event to have a governor!"
Chu Yi nodded, "Yes, once the emperor’s birthday comes, some people will have nothing to criticize, let alone think about changing the world."
Several people in Tang Yin listened to Chu Yi’s words and couldn’t help but look at Chu Yi in astonishment. "The governor won’t really want to change the world!"
Chu Yi sneered, "What do you think will happen if something unbearable happens later?"
A few people looked at each other with a look of horror in their eyes. Fang Li exclaimed, "If there is something that can’t bear to be said, then it is inevitable to have a new king. The first emperor has positions in this life. Only the generation of the first emperor in the royal family has been selected, only the one that has recently offered the king. If there are two surprises, then the new king will be born among the branches that offer the king."
With this, Fang Li’s eyes flashed with cold color. "If you are willing to offer the king that pulse to ascend to the throne, you will definitely eliminate the power left by the court. When you talk about it, the governor will definitely become a thorn in the side of the new king!"
Tang Yin said, "The new king should be responsible for supervising the Lord!"
Fang Li is sneer at a way: "The new king will naturally re-supervise the Lord, but the more so, the more he announces that the new king will take the initiative to supervise the Lord. That’s because the court directly goes to Tianan to be in danger, but if it doesn’t grasp the new king’s own hands, it’s afraid that the new king will not eat or sleep well."
Qi Hu stood aside and said, "If there is a prosperous future in the Spring and Autumn Period today, the court will still be the ruler in the next few decades."
Chu Yi waved his hand and said, "It’s the greatest happiness for us to do things with peace of mind, no matter what happens."
In the middle of Peng Yi’s room, I saw a porcelain vase of a good official kiln being kicked to pieces. Ning Wang angered, "Zhu Houzhao’s children actually have eyes of the afterlife!"
Liu Yangzheng, the counselor in the room, is stroking his beard and watching him get angry. Ning Wang waited until Ning Wang calmed down a little before saying, "Let’s calm down. Now it’s just the queen’s happiness. If the queen is a princess, the East Palace will still hang!"
Ning Wang shook his head and said, "Sir, you should know that Wang is angry. After our efforts over the years, it has long been said that Tiande was convicted in Tianhou. This is the biggest stain of Zhengde, and it is also a big advantage that Wang will gain from starting his army in the future."
It can be said that King Ning had made various preparations many years ago. A few years ago, he even ordered people to spread the evil in the south of the Yangtze River and was convicted of rumors.
What Wang is most interested in is all kinds of royal sayings, and Zhu Houzhao is indeed a long heir. Although it is said to be a rumor, if a person in Wang’s eyes is even a rumor, it will be realized.
It is very important to know what the people want, especially when it comes to the struggle for heaven. Even a high-ranking person like Ning Wang may not put those ordinary people at ease on weekdays, but he at least knows the heaven of those who win the people’s hearts.
Once the people recognize heaven, if someone climbs the mountain and starts a rebellion, it may not be impossible to fool a group of people.
That’s what King Ning sought, but now the news that the queen is pregnant has spread, and it won’t be long before it takes King Ning a lot of effort to gradually be accepted by the people, and the rumor will be broken.
The will of the people in the south of the Yangtze River is not as heavy as tens of thousands of soldiers for Ning Wang.
It’s two concepts: people who are popular can be as powerful as bamboo, and the enemy can be as powerful as bamboo, but if they are unpopular, they can’t move if they are enemies everywhere.
Li Shishi’s eyes narrowed. "The temple can be at ease. These days, many gentry families in the south of the Yangtze River are secretly supporting the temple. It is unnecessary to get the help of these families in the south of the Yangtze River."
This is good news. I can’t help but show some excitement when I hear Li Shishi talk about the willingness of many families in the south of the Yangtze River to support him.
Most of the wealth, material resources and manpower in the south of the Yangtze River are in the hands of these great families. The great capital is located in the northern court, and its main energy is also in the northern border, which naturally makes the court less in control of the south than the north.
If the imperial court has mastered the south as much as the north, even these aristocratic families and gentry are bold and never dare to kill the imperial tax collectors.
Taking a deep breath, Ning Wang sat and looked at Li Shishi and said, "The two gentlemen have to be more careful. Since these great families have chosen to support Wang, let them show some sincerity. If the king wins a reward in the future, he will be generous."
Li Shishi handed over and said, "What the temple said is that these great families are willing to help the temple. Then it will be said that there will be no problem for Liangmo and soldiers to be soldiers. With the wealth support of Jiangnan, the temple can definitely arm an elite army to enter the capital in a short time."
Eyes narrowed Ning Wang frowned and said, "When it comes to the capital, we sent it to the capital to find out if there is news that the reorganization of the Beijing camp has reached such a level. Wang didn’t expect to kill all the way to Beijing when the time comes, and then he would attack the armored soldiers."
Li Shishi and Liu Yangzheng looked at each other with a wry smile. "I am responsible for reorganizing the Beijing camp when I go back to the temple, but Chu Yi, the general manager of Sili Prison and Imperial Horse Prison, personally presided over the establishment of ten regiments!"
"What ten regiments camp?"
Ning Wang, since he wants to rebel, naturally it is impossible to be unclear about the deployment of the capital forces.
Although Beijing camp has been reorganized several times, it has not changed much on the whole. In the early years of Zhengde, Beijing camp was reorganized and there were only 12 regiments at the very most.
Among them, there are still many elderly, sick and disabled people who can really fight. The twelve regiments add up to just 50,000 or 60,000 people.