There was nothing wrong with Ma Jing and Ouyang Shan, but they were taken in.

The people who brought them in were none other than the people who helped each other to cool off the summer.
So when Tang Fang and Tang Peng meet Ma Jing and Ouyang Shan, it’s tantamount to meeting Liang to cool off the heat and being close to each other.
This meeting is the iron cable suspension bridge of Dadu River in Xikang.
Dadu River was called foam source, big Jinchuan and small Jinchuan in ancient times, and the southwest meeting of Tiogong County in Sichuan Province was called Dadu River just flowing into Xikang Province, passing through Shanghai to enter Sichuan Province, and the main Leshan entered Mangjiang River.
The Dadu River Bridge rolls by like Xikang surging local people’s feelings, and the Dadu River Suspension Bridge is like a dragon with extraordinary momentum.
They met each other halfway through the cable suspension bridge.
"The road to the enemy is narrow"
At the moment they met, Tang Peng and Tang Fang had seen that there were seven people in the other party, Liang Shu, Qi Chang Qi, four young men who helped the big fellow and a middle-aged man with a big smile on his face.
Ouyang Shan-yi and Ma unexpectedly ended up tied up by four big men with knives holding acupuncture points, but they also saw Tang Fang and Tang Peng.
At that moment, they were happy at first, but turned to fear, and their eyes were full of anxiety.
That’s to stop Tang Fang and Tang Peng from helping.
Tang Fang and Tang Pengbai, but they still want to save.
They know in their hearts that if they change each other’s decision, it must be the same. How can they from ruin!
Kuang Liang, Qi Chang, Qi Qi, Tang Fang, and Tang Peng are confident that they can handle it.
The horse was finally captured by this iron-clad hero, not to mention Ouyang Shanyi of course.
When Ouyang Shan is pregnant, martial arts fighting will be greatly reduced.
Tang Peng and Tang Fang are quite sure that they can be rescued.
It’s a pity that they don’t know who the smiling face is.
Tang Peng immediately began to work.
If Tang Meng makes a move, hidden weapons will probably even split the suspension bridge. If Tang Fei makes a move, the other party will have to catch her vertically, and hidden weapons will have to fall into the river.
If tang off the seven people will meet hidden weapons lost his life in an instant; The best thing about the Tang Dynasty is that no one can pick up the third generation of young masters in the Tang and Song Dynasties, hidden weapons and Tangmen, and hidden weapons was the first in the Tang and Song Dynasties.
But they don’t have Tang Fang and Tang Peng.
Tang Fang hidden weapons may be nothing, but she can’t stand her friends being bullied and bullied.
Tang Peng hidden weapons is also very good and has his own way.
His method is to instantly turn the "plague demon" into a "thorn" covered with needles, but the other party still doesn’t resist.
But Tang Peng sent out hidden weapons suddenly disappeared.
All hidden weapons fell into the hands of one person.
The man was all smiles.
Tang Peng’s eyes contracted. "Who are you?" The man laughed. "Have you ever heard of the’ King of Poisonous Drugs’ with a full face? Have you ever heard of the’ King of Drugs’ with a full face?" Tang Peng gnashed his teeth and said, "Is it wrong to be a drug king?" The man laughed and said, "If you know my name, you will die unjustly." He said with a Yang hand, he threw Tang Peng’s original three or twelve silver needles back to Tang Peng. "What are you?" Tang Peng stretched out his hand to pick up Tang Fang and suddenly slapped it down with one hand.
"Who can’t touch anything!" The silver needle looks the same, but when it falls into the water, the Dadu River turns blue and green in such a hurry.
Who smiled and said, "This little girl is so clever", and said with an evil smile, "I like clever girls best, and I like to give this girl my medicine best …" He didn’t finish his words, and Tang Peng shot again.
Tang Peng’s martial arts is not far from Qu Hanshan, and the King of Medicine and the King of Sword are tied among the "Great Kings".
Tang Peng is trying to make a move this time.
Murphy’s face also changed. He did something.
He grabbed the horse and finally blocked Tang Peng in front of him, which really turned white.
He half jumped up and chased himself to hidden weapons to collect it.
But the "drug king" made his hand at that moment.
He finally pushed the horse out and ran into Tang Pengren, who had jumped on Tang Fang.
He saw that Tangfang was the weak link.
But he still looked down upon Tang Fang.
Tang Fang’s martial arts is not as good as Tang Peng’s, but her flying skills are first-rate.
As soon as the drug king arrived, Tang Fang had been pulled up.
As for the King of Medicine, he stood unsteadily on his tiptoe because of the shaking of the suspension bridge. Is it wrong for Tang Fang to put three darts on his head?
At first, the medicine king didn’t expect that Tang Fang hidden weapons’s technology was so high that he almost got the mark.
It’s a pity that there are still relatives and friends. She took the Tang Fangsan dart as soon as she made a move.
When Tang Fang fell, he saw a fog.
It is not the "rain fog" of Tang hidden weapons, but the "poisonous fog"
Is it a "poisonous fog"
Tang Fang hid his nose and jumped to avoid being close to his family, and he split into Tang Fang’s back with a machete.
Tang Fang flashed and was swept by a knife.
At this moment, Tang Peng played twenty hidden weapons less.
Half of these 20-odd pieces of hidden weapons were accepted by the drug king, but the other half was extremely embarrassing.
Just then Tang Peng rushed out of the three steps and vomited an one mouthful blood.
Liang’s hand was behind his back to cool off the heat.
Tang Peng and Tang Fang have been injured, and they have been surrounded by three people: Liang Xia, Qi Chang Qi, and Murphy Yuan.
At this moment, a bowl of big fists suddenly met face-to-face and bashed people.
Qi Chang-qi was punched "bang" and was about to raise the knife hand. Another flute tip was buckled, embedded in a seven-inch sharp blade and stabbed directly into her belly.
A tear and a runny nose squeezed out of the bridge.