Linglong Xianwang arrived!

As soon as she appeared, she saw the patriarch chasing Su Mo in tandem and rushing towards the emperor’s grave.
"This …"
There is still a long way to go to Linglong Fairy di wang Tomb, even if it is intentional to stop it, will it be finished?
Su Mo caught a glimpse of Linglong Xianwang in Yu Guang.
Before entering the emperor’s grave, he took a deep breath and tried his best to wake up. "Let’s go, seniors, be careful …"
Su Mo’s words were swallowed up by the entrance of the emperor’s grave before he finished.
Linglong Xianwang is intelligent and good at deduction. When she saw this scene, she quickly thought about many things!
Su Mo should wake up. She is the patriarch of the hospital.
And she has one thing that has great attraction to the patriarch of the hospital.
That’s another article on Tibetan art-the lesson of six noble gods!
Or she’s coming here now. It’s possible that the patriarch of the hospital intends to guide her!
Linglong Xianwang slightly perceived it.
A great war has just broken out in the fading star.
And the residual strength actually smells like the emperor!
"Don’t …"
Linglong fairy king’s heart is still alive.
On the other side, the patriarch also noticed the appearance of Linglong Xianwang.
But he didn’t hesitate to decide to catch Su Mo first!
Linglong Xianwang Liuren God class is more important than Sumo Twelve Violets!
Not only that flesh and blood of twelve violet, but also the treasures derive from them, as well as the Yin-Yang Fu Jing.
This scripture alone is more valuable than the six-noble god class!
He will have another chance in the future when he teaches the Six Rens God.
On second thought, the patriarch of this hospital didn’t stop, and continued to rush toward the emperor’s grave to prepare to catch Su Mo.
But as soon as he came to the entrance of the emperor’s grave, suddenly a huge god knowledge overwhelmed the sky and enveloped it to resist it!
The patriarch of the courtyard was frightened and hurriedly released the gods to fight.
However, he was suppressed by this horrible god’s knowledge and coercion, and the star crashed into a big hole, and a wisp of blood spilled from the corner of his mouth.
Emperor territory!
This is the power of the emperor’s knowledge!
The patriarch of the court barely got up from the withered star and looked at the emperor’s grave above his head, his eyes flashing and his eyes indecisive.
How is that possible?
There is indeed a strong emperor buried in the grave of the emperor, but how can there be a threat from the emperor?
Besides, that god’s knowledge and coercion just now is definitely not the witch emperor.
Is there a strong emperor who can resist the curse of the emperor’s grave and step into the main emperor’s grave first
The patriarch looks pale.
The emperor’s grave appeared so suddenly that it was beyond his expectation.
If it’s an emperor’s grave, it’s just that
But what about that horrible god knowledge in the emperor’s grave?
Linglong Xianwang felt heavy when he saw this scene.
Sumo’s entry into the Emperor’s grave is already a dead end.
Perhaps the only thing to be thankful for is that the master of the academy has made every effort to plan such a shocking chess game. After all, it was a chess move that missed a variable and failed to get twelve lucky violets.
Chapter two thousand seven hundred and one A.
Linglong Xianwang didn’t stay with withered stars, but he left decisively when the patriarch of the courtyard paid attention to stopping at the emperor’s grave.