"Idiot" slowly exhaled Han Chen’s face suddenly showed a strange smile.

"What did you say?" Hearing Han Chen’s words, Hua Tian’s face eventually became uglier than before.
"I said you were an idiot" and shrugged. Han Chen continued, "I’m a cousin. How about that? What if you are an elite brother? Are you superior? "
"Good, good, small, today, you have something to do. It’s good to be able to annoy me." The whole body’s breath fluctuates with the earth, and it suddenly sends out a surprise to Li Shu and others.
"Han Chen, say a few words less. This elite brother is something we can’t afford to offend." The voice trembled a little, and Li Rat quickly urged.
But as soon as the words sound just fell and Han Chen’s side rang suddenly, Li Rat’s body suddenly shot back one mouthful blood and suddenly spit out his face, which was also beaten like steamed bread.
"Noisy" faint sound came out from Han Chen’s side and he looked at Han Chen with an irate look.
"Don’t you dare to start work" came from Han Chen’s mouth, but soon he was holding back his anger.
"Why? Do you want to be beaten, Xiao? But in my eyes, you are not even qualified to be beaten. Do you know? " Hua Tian’s face became a little ferocious but not as dull as before.
"Hum not worthy? What are you? " Han Chen’s heart is also angry. The other side is so strong that it is still so arrogant to injure their own people.
"I won’t even take a look at you outside brothers on weekdays, but today you dare to be a small outside brother against my elite brother. It seems that you don’t want to live?" Huatian sees Han Chen’s eyes more and more new, like a beast. His whole body is full of chills and suddenly rises.
"Cold attribute vigour? It is no wonder that so arrogant "corners of the mouth a wide Han Chen eyes provocation before looking at the field.
The faint sound of "I want to challenge you" sounded slowly from Han Chen’s mouth. When Han Chen turned around, he went to the overturned Li Mouse and a healing pill appeared in his hand.
After giving it to Li Shu, Han Chen also got up quickly and his face suddenly disappeared, replacing it with a kind smile.
Bowing his hand, Han Chen smiled indifferently. "Brother Huatian wants to have a discussion with you today. I wonder if you are willing to take up the battle?"
"What did you say? Want to challenge me? " Seeing Han Chen like this is also weird in Hua Tian’s heart. It is better to look at Han Chen and say, "Well, if you lose, you will kneel down and knock three heads."
"What if you lose?" Shrugged his shoulders Han Chen cannot deny a smile.
"How could I lose?" The corners of the mouth slightly lift that Hua Tian proudly smiles when striding across the whole body, which is chilly.
"If you lose, you will return the six-eyed magic ape beast nuclear of the peak magic lotus that day. That’s all." Smiled Han Chen Zhou’s vitality was instantaneous. Chapter two hundred and thirteen Against elite brother [the second more]
"Hum, since you want to play, the senior can play with you. Of course, I won’t hurt you or I will be said to be bullying the weak." The faint sound slowly sounded, and Huatian’s face flashed with a ponder smile.
"That’s a lot of thanks." Han Chen’s eyebrows are slightly raised at the corner of his mouth, and he also has a serious look. Although he can defeat the master of coagulation soul, this field is a master of coagulation soul. For him, there is no chance of winning.
"Alas" sigh Han Chen face smile is suddenly a frozen with a cold meaning gradually filled his face.
"Don’t wave me, but it’s precious. You can’t let this battle be a foregone conclusion." The faint sound slowly sounded, and Huatian was still a face of pride.
"As you wish"
A light drink of Han Chen is a quick operation, and the soul of the big day Lei Fa beast changes.
And after the display of these Han Chen breath is also gradually climbed to the solid nine peaks.
"Little you, is this the secret law of society?" Feel Han Chen suddenly rise and breath that Hua Tian face smile is also a little stiff eyes staring at Han Chen intensely.
Corners of the mouth slightly lift Han Chen ignored the Tian Yin at this time to see his arm shaking when a touch of golden light at first glance, even a golden pike.
Imperial magic golden gun
"What are you? Five printed talisman weapons? " Seeing that Han Chen’s royal magic golden gun in his hand changed his face and his eyes were full of disbelief.
"And you’re still … still a life hunter with five rings?" Feeling Han Chen’s instant is to climb the soul power. Even he feels dull and stressed, he has a feeling that his soul is oppressed.
"What? This Han Chen turned out to be a five-ring life hunter? "
"And he even has five printed talisman weapons?"
"Yeah, who is he? How can there be so many treasures? "
"It’s really horrible, but that Huatian is a soul-setting double realm. I don’t know if Han Chen can defeat it."
"I don’t think so. Although Han Chen is a life hunter of the Five Rings, his strength has not yet reached the realm of soul-setting, so in my opinion, Han Chen wins."
Han Chen behind to those companions ring.
"Ha ha Xiao you can beat me with these things? Alas, it’s an idiotic dream. "Looking at Han Chen’s royal magic golden gun, Hua Tian’s face is also a bit greedy." It’s a waste of time to put these five-printed talisman weapons in your hand. How about you give me your five-printed talisman weapons and I exchange them with the six-eyed magic ape and beast core of the peak magic lotus that day? "
"Brother Huatian is really good at abacus. Do you think I will exchange with you?" Han Chen looked at Nahuatian with a look at idiots.
"In that case, I will capture you and then give the five-printed precious weapon to the factions as your contribution." With a faint smile, Hua Tian’s eyes are still inseparable from Han Chen’s royal magic golden gun.
"Try it then" shrugged his shoulders, but Han Chen stopped talking nonsense. When his body flickered, the royal magic golden gun kept waving and half-neutral, and the road rang like firecrackers.
"So small" saw Han Chen’s hand, and the smile on Hua Tian’s face also slowly disappeared when his body suddenly jumped to Han Chen and suddenly rushed away.
"Great Fierce Grasping Hands" is the instant appearance of Han Chen’s front hand, which suddenly leans out to form a kind of vigorous hand, which is to grasp Han Chen mercilessly.
"The magic-bending silver gun, the residual magic, the magic-breaking and the magic-destroying type" is a light drink, and it slowly reminds me of Han Chen, who also quickly displays the first three types of the magic-bending seven types without hesitation.