She won’t regret it once she has worked hard and paid attention to the outcome.

If Lian Yan Jing knows that Dong Yong Ling has not reconciled, she will be drunk if she wants to leave.
Into the house, Dong Yuling saw Nan still lying on his back, his eyes staring at the beams, and his mental state was very bad.
He just caught Nan. He didn’t know that Lian Yan Jiing and Dong Lu Ling were calculating this. He never thought that Dong Lu Ling would beat the king of other methods.
After all, the method of the king is his ancestors, that is, he is not driven at will now, more thought that others can drive it.
Nan, who has been served by people with delicious food and tonic, has not lost his job, hoping that he feels that once he has the chance, he can escape from life, so his mental state is still normal.
But now even his family’s secret silver needle turtle breath solution has been broken, and he was deeply hit for a while, and finally this group of people raised him, so the root won’t let him die easily
Until then, Nan didn’t know how this group of people raised him. It was hard to succeed. The escape method failed. He looked very depressed and frustrated.
"Just say how can such a person commit suicide?" Lian Yan Jing disdained to hum a scenic area, and the royal family still dreamed of rejuvenating the country. How many officials of Shenglian have been killed by the worm master Nan in retaliation over the years?
Every time it’s a butcher, even pregnant women and newborn babies don’t let him go. Where can you commit suicide? It’s not that Lian Yan Jiing despises this man. Nan has absolutely no courage to die.
"I think so, too," Dong Yuling agreed. It was because he had a successful cause of suspended animation that he dared to do this to his hand.
This subsequent party must have been given to Nan Yinzhen. How can he still have such dangerous things left in his body?
It’s so sad to say that Dong Fengling didn’t check the roots and wanted to block the news, so that if Nan really died, he could invite you to the urn. Who knows that the world cares that his father can collect evidence in the most stupid way?
They regarded nan as one-way talking when he didn’t
"His kung fu can fail? Will it affect? " Lian Yan Jing implicitly asked whether the subconscious mind would affect Wang Huo.
They never abolished Nan’s martial arts because they were worried that King Gu would be affected. Instead, they gave Nan a chance to take advantage of it.
"It won’t affect for a short time, but it will soon." In Dong Yuling’s words, it means that the root will soon be treated without waiting for a long time.
"Floating clouds nullify his martial arts and limbs, so long as he can eat and sleep." Lian Yan Jiing has never been soft-hearted.
Nan Genli, who has just "lived" from suspended animation, naturally has no room for resistance.
"Wait …" Dong Yuling stopped the floating clouds from moving. Lotus Yan Jiing and the floating clouds moved out of the house together. "Don’t waste martial arts, but don’t waste your limbs. I don’t know what his method king has for the time being. If you can repair the owner’s injury, you will wave the method king’s energy."
Dong Yuling took out two bottles of different colors from his purse and continued, "I have a medicine here. The blue bottle smells it for him. He will always sleep. The red pattern bottle is the antidote. Every time he eats, he has no strength to eat."
"His body sleeps more, but it is more conducive to the absorption of the king of the method, which will prevent him from secretly moving any thoughts, but when you are asleep, you should also keep an eye on everything."
Floating clouds baby took two bottles of heart and was moved to tears. Lord, if you have such a good thing, you should take it out early. They are very grumpy when they look after such a person these days, okay?
Dong Fengling can’t help laughing when he comes into the room at the brisk pace of floating clouds. Honestly, it’s amazing that it’s easy to kill a person and it’s necessary to take care of a person.
A lot of things they don’t say in front of Nan are just afraid that he will break the pot and fall, knowing that he really committed suicide, so the king of the method will be gone
See you later. Lian Yan Jing is looking at her eyes. Dong Hong Ling immediately reminds me of two people who can’t help but feel a little embarrassed. past lives has seen a lot of experience in dealing with this kind of thing.
Even a super expert hasn’t practiced the theory, and a small white one will still be at a loss when something happens.
Seeing that Dong Yuling didn’t look at her eyes and didn’t know where to look, she couldn’t bear to let her entangle and pull her hand and said, "Let’s go into the house first!"
Sitting in the room, Dong Yuling was about to say something when he suddenly saw a familiar couch. Isn’t that what someone said? I had to move her away and then compensated for a rare rosewood couch?
I figured out that the world didn’t mean what I said at that time, and Dong Yuling completely embarrassed her. I don’t know how many things she did in the afterlife.
Although it looks a bit silly, it is quite touching and comforting to think about it carefully.
Of course, I think so because I like it in my heart. If someone else did this, she would definitely feel sick and disgusted.
Ok, Dong Yuling once again affirmed that his heart is biased towards the world, otherwise how can he treat it differently?
Following Dong Ling’s eyes, Lian Yan Jiing also saw the couch and smiled gently. Suddenly, the whole person jumped up and took Dong Ling’s waist and lay down with her to the couch. The heart was filled with sweetness. Chapter 187 You are enough.
Dong Wei’s spirit felt that he spent a good time smelling the fragrance and laid down on the couch.