Qiao Feng flew away with the injured Arjun.

Powerful energy will make the whole hall a mess.
"Ten palms of the dragon are really chased by Qiao Feng, the Liao people!"
"Hey, young monk" Qiao Feng shouted to the young monk when he got to Ann.
But Zhu has been in a coma.
Qiao Feng saw that Arju’s face was easy to trace and tore off the skin mask, revealing Arju’s beautiful face.
But now Ah Zhu is pale without a trace of blood.
"Zhu girl" Qiao Feng surprised way.
The You brothers of Juxianzhuang and Xue Muhua, the enemy of Yan, are discussing Qiao Feng.
"This Qiao Feng is really cruel enough to know that he is a Liao person. He not only killed his adoptive parents, but also killed his mentor, Master Xuan Ku." You Ji looked resentful.
Youju also sneered, "Otherwise, how can you say that the Liao people are all wolf ambitions? Qiao Feng’s identity as a Liao person alone is already my sworn enemy in the Wulin of DaSong. It is hateful that he has already killed people everywhere now. "
Xue Muhua thought of a road "sending a hero post to call on the whole Wulin fellow Qi Xin to kill Liao Qiao Feng together"
Xue Muhua has been practicing day and night since he got Wang Yuejia Boxing. With his understanding of human acupuncture points and qi and blood, he has cultivated Jiaquan to a dark strength in recent years, although it is still in the early stage of dark strength, but he is also a first-class master in the Jianghu, which is much more powerful than the You brothers.
"Good Xue imperial doctor, this way is good. We will post a hero post. With Xue imperial doctor’s position in the Jianghu, I think all heroes will come." The You brothers were excited.
Wang Yue finally got married. After the marriage, Wang Yue no longer managed the martial arts museum and the village. Practicing martial arts and walking around with A Bi was equivalent to a honeymoon.
After a few years of nervous tension, Wang Yue naturally won’t let go of practicing in leisure, but also needs to relax, otherwise he will get into trouble.
But I didn’t expect that after meditation, Wang Yue’s martial arts actually advanced by leaps and bounds and entered the stage of transformation.
Now Wang Yue’s martial arts is a true master.
"Village head, I’m back."
A young man saw Wang Yue and A Bi salute and said, "I have seen my sister-in-law."
This young man is Wang Jiacun three dark fighters Wang He.
Wang Yue laughed. "Has the silver arrived?"
Wang He nodded. "It was sent to the law enforcement elders and the elders of the Beggars’ Sect. Oh, by the way, the village chief Juxian Zhuang sent a hero post saying that Juxian Zhuang would call a hero meeting in a month."
Then Wang He handed the hero post to Wang Yue.
Wang Yue’s heroic post turned out to be a crusade against Qiao Fengzhong, with the signatures of the You brothers and Xue Muhua.
A Bi asked, "Why does Brother Wang Yue want a hero meeting?"
Wang Yue laughed and said, "See for yourself."
A Bi took the hero post and looked surprised. "Qiao Feng killed his adoptive parents and also killed his mentor, Master Xuan Ku? Brother Wang Yue, is this true? Wang Qiao is aboveboard and chivalrous. Even if he is from Liao, he wouldn’t do such a thing. "
Wang Yue smiled and said nothing.
"Village head, you brothers and Xue imperial doctor all hope that you can go to this heroic meeting." Wang He said, "Qiao Feng’s martial arts can be described as a natural enemy. Even if Shaolin Temple monks go, it may not be Qiao Feng’s opponent. Now, in the whole Jianghu, they can compete with Qiao Feng, and Mufu and the village head Mufu have disappeared. Now, they can kill the master of Qiao Feng."
Wang Yue sighed heavily and hesitated to shake his head. "Wang He and your sister-in-law just got married and killed each other badly. Since you brothers and Xue Imperial Doctor sent a heroic post, it’s unreasonable. So I’ll let Shan Ge go with you. Both of you are family boxing fighters with dark strength, and Shan Ge family boxing has reached the middle of dark strength. You can represent our art museum."
A Bi took Wang Yue’s hand. She didn’t expect Wang Yue. She actually pushed the hero meeting, which made her deeply feel Wang Yue’s love for herself.
"And don’t be the first bird when you get to Juxian Village." Wang Yue ordered, "Although the two of you are masters of one side, Qiao Feng is a fierce bully who is extremely strong in the world. There are still some gaps between you and him. More importantly, you don’t know the truth without investigation. The murderer may not be Qiao Feng."
Wang He remembered Wang Yue’s words and nodded, "It’s the village head!" Wang Yue nodded. "All right, you go."
Wang Yue’s appearance has a faint majesty, and he has shown a grandmaster’s demeanor.
Chapter 23 Arjun is dying
Wang Yuefang checked and put away the doctor.
A Bi walked into the room with the newly put away doctor, and saw Wang Yue’s eyes staring, and his heart ached.
Over the years, Wang Yue has suffered from his father Wang Danhe’s illness, but he has tried everything. Now he specializes in medical skills.
Hearing footsteps, Wang Yue looked up and saw A Bi say with smile, "A Bi, you are back."
A Bi put the doctor in Wang Yue’s arms and said, "Brother Wang Yue, don’t be so hard. If you are sick, there will be a way. The beggar brothers claim that there are millions of them, and they will find Ziyang Bamboo."
A Bi heart andao "Wang Yue elder brother, how can I help you?"
Wang Yue patted A Bi on the back and smiled, "Don’t worry about being tired by my martial arts. I can’t put all my hopes on the beggar’s body. If I really can’t find Ziyang bamboo, I will think of his way. I don’t believe that my father’s illness can be cured by Ziyang bamboo. There must be other drugs that have not been discovered."
"The biggest wish of my generation is that my family is safe or I don’t know if these two things can be completed?"
A Bi looked at Wang Yue’s eyes. "Brother Wang Yue, I believe you can do it."
Wang Yue looked at the desk and smiled. "Is this the doctor you found?"
A Bi nodded. "Well, these doctors are all found in Suzhou. I have found all the doctors that can be found in Suzhou."
Wang Yue laughed. "Thank you, A Bi."
A Bi shook his head and said, "I don’t work hard. I want to help Wang Yue’s brother. You see, I’ll make ginseng soup for you."
A Bi left the house and Wang Yue laughed. "A Bi is kind and considerate. It’s a blessing to marry such a wife."
Wang Shan and Wang He hurried on with several martial arts brothers.
"There’s an inn in front of Shan Ge. Let’s rest here today. We’ll travel early in the morning. Anyway, it’s not far from Juxian Village. We’ll be there by noon."
Wang He said to Wang Shan