With this in mind, Han Chen is also going to try his best to break this seal. Fortunately, it lasted for more than ten minutes, and then the wooden box came with a click, and the soul seal of the wooden box was also broken by Han Chen.

Seal breaking Han Chen corners of the mouth is also showing a smug look, with a pair of forehead sweat slowly running vitality Han Chen pale face. I can see that breaking this seal just now also consumes too much of his soul power.
"Shout" slowly spit out a sigh of relief. Han Chen’s face is full of excitement. When he rubs his hands, he is forced to beat the wooden box.
A brand-new wooden box will appear in front of Han Chen.
Looking at that Han Chen’s face, there was also a touch of excitement. The corners of his mouth slightly raised and he looked up at Ling Lao, who appeared beside him. He smiled and said, "Teacher, is this life hunter a soul secret skill?"
"Huh?" Ling Lao’s eyes flickered slightly and looked at Han Chen’s hand. His eyebrows were also slightly wrinkled, but when he saw that there were a few small words, a smile appeared on his face.
"It seems that you didn’t come in vain this time. This book is indeed a kind of soul secret skill, and it is also specially prepared for practicing hunting life. It is simply tailor-made for you."
Listen to Ling Lao’s words. Han Chen’s tiny Zheng is ready to play this book, but it is stopped by Ling Lao.
"Ha ha, look at your impatience. It’s not stable at all. You’d better get out of here quickly. Those guys at Tiedaomen are in some trouble now."
Smell speech Han Chen eyebrows is slightly wrinkled immediately with a cold mountain swept out from the eyes of a deep voice is from the throat.
"Is it crazy?" Looking at Ling Lao’s appearance, Han Chen’s face is a little irate. It is called the secret skill income of hunting life hand soul. Kirin quit its vitality and quickly lingered in the whole body, which is to turn a black shadow and quickly swept out of this stone room.
At this time, four figures in another passage of the cave appeared there impressively, namely, iron double pole, ironwood and Ye Xuanyu, who were crazy.
"I didn’t expect you to sneak up on the villain behind this three-abuse business." The iron double-pole glare at the whole body and the erratic face is also a little pale, and the blood on the corners of the mouth slowly drops, which seems to be hurt.
On the other hand, Temujin Ye Xuanyu, at this time, their faces are also a little pale and their clothes are messy. One by one, they are in deep footprints and suddenly appear there. I can see that there must be a lot of fighting here just now.
"Hum, I’m going to kill you, no matter what method, as long as you die. No one will care how you die." A grimace of a grin appeared on the corners of your mouth, and your face was covered with scars. It was more ferocious than the cold mountain in your eyes, and your whole body smelled like a volcano. generate came here.
"Scumbag" Tiemu coughed heavily with one mouthful blood, which is outstanding.
"Come on, what are your last words? When the time comes, I will help you reach the point where the individual will slowly torture him to death. He will come to you sooner or later. "Looking at the three people in front of him, they are flustered and crazy, and they smile. The right hand is strong and suffocating, and the amazing energy fluctuation suddenly spreads, which also makes the three people feel the horror of death.
Footsteps move slowly, and the crazy face is filled with a sense of coldness, which means walking towards the three people.
"Isn’t it a little interesting that I’m Han Chen without the desire to clean up our words?" Immediately after a sound exploding, a huge stone flew across the crazy man and roared away.
"Xiao you finally come? Can let me wait. "The stone is coming towards me, and I am eager to be crazy. I don’t want to avoid it. I am suddenly bulging my sleeve robe and gently waving that blasting and plundering stone, which is powder all over the sky.
Smoke-filled longed for crazy slightly narrowed his eyes and looked at the sudden appearance of the black boy’s face not far away with a new smile.
"Han Chen brothers?" Seeing this sudden scene, there is also a trace of depression in three faces. Looking at the smoke, it seems a little vague and familiar. When the eyebrows are tight, I can’t help but knit up.
"Han Chen brothers, this old guy is a master of the soul-setting realm. You are absolutely no match. You’d better leave. Come here and wait for you to become a soul-setting realm in the future, and then avenge us." Looking at Han Chen’s face with a double pole, there are also some concerns.
"Han Chen brothers leave quickly. If you can’t leave, the four of us will probably be wiped out." Temujin also came.
"hmm? Han Chen brothers seem to be a little different than before. "Eyebrows slightly wrinkled Ye Xuanyu looked at that black figure and a slight quiver in his heart immediately reminded him of a terrible idea from the bottom of my heart.
"Wait, this Han Chen brother has broken through to the realm of hunting life division in the Fourth Ring Road". A slightly sharp voice came out from that Ye Xuanyu mouth.
"What?" Temujin’s face changed dramatically when they heard this. You know, before they came here, Han Chen was a three-ring hunting life teacher. It was only a few hours before the latter actually broke through to the realm of four-ring hunting life teacher, which made them believe it.
But when they see the side that has been Han Chen when drag bottle Ye Xuanyu face wry smile is also the heart that doubt pressure.
"So you are promoted to the fourth ring hunting life division? Haha, it’s no wonder that puffed up will take the initiative to come to me. "Listening to the words of the iron double-edged trio, the crazy face is also flashing with a sneer." Although you have been promoted to the Fourth Ring Hunting Life Division, it’s a pity that it is far from my opponent. Now the three of them have been injured, even if the four of you are together, they are not my opponents. "
"Really?" Shrugged his shoulders, Han Chen’s face remained the same. After a moment of meditation, he said, "Since you talk like this, the two of us will come to meet you for a while." See if you are a master of this soul-condensing realm or if our two soul divisions are better. "
"What?" Hearing Han Chen’s words, Ye Xuanyu’s face is also slightly changed. Looking at it, the young face in black is also somewhat changeable.
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"Ha ha Ye Xuanyu eldest brother although you didn’t think much of me before, but now it’s an emergency. Please let us deal with this guy together." Han Chen went to Ye Xuanyu and looked at the latter with a smile, waiting for the latter to reply.
See Han Chen so Ye Xuanyu corners of the mouth is also take a smoke slightly thoughtfully for a moment, this just gently nodded tone some remorse said, "Han Chen brothers you adults regardless of the villain is I mottled please don’t mind"
Shaking his head, Han Chen responded by pulling Ye Xuanyu’s hand-picked, even if it was loose, and nodded gently, then he said, "Brother Ye is not that stingy. Now let’s meet this crazy."
Nodding knowing Ye Xuanyu is to smile gratefully at Han Chen. Without trace, the right hand will put the Dan medicine into the mouth and throat, and a stick will slowly recover the injury.
When I saw Ye Xuanyu swallowing Dan medicine, Han Chen’s face flashed with a calm look. When I turned around and looked at the face changing constantly, I laughed wildly. "Are you afraid that our two enemies will defeat you?"
Listen, Han Chen, it’s a bit of a provocation, but the words are crazy. He said with a laugh, "When you miss me, this little doll was not born yet. How dare you provoke me? But I want you to know that up to now, everyone who provokes me has a place to die. Since you two are going to die, I will let you die happily. I will accept your challenge."
See longed for crazy nod Han Chen this just breathed a sigh of relief cast a glance behind Ye Xuanyu smiled and said, "that we can now I will be interesting to see what you this condensate soul realm a heavy master"
But having said that, Han Chen’s heart is more astonished than horror at this time. Although he has reached a solid weight and is still a four-ring hunting life master, he is far from the crazy opponent. But at this time, he is not fighting alone. He also has Ye Xuanyu, a four-seal talisman, as a helper, and don’t forget that the latter is not only a four-seal talisman but also a master of soul-setting realm.
"That’s right." Eyes narrowed slightly. In the eyes, generate was chilling. When he drank lightly, his vitality instantly swelled.
When longed for crazy to do these things, Han Chen’s heart seemed to have a huge stone, which weighed him down a little.
Cold hum one by one, a complaint runs Han Chen, but it will soon throw away that depressed mood, and then it will run without hesitation.
Buzz …
Once the beast’s soul changes, Han Chen’s strength is also from solid one to solid three.
"hmm? Brother Han Chen, what secret method is this? Can he rise to a solid triple when his strength is so short? " Seeing Han Chen’s changes like this, he looked at each other, and obviously they didn’t expect Han Chen to have this skill.
"Hum secret method? Although you can temporarily increase your strength, there is a time limit, and even if you are a solid triple, you are still not my opponent. "Although Han Chen surprised him with this skill, he could not pose a threat to him.
"Add me?" Ye Xuanyu sound is also abrupt when you want to be crazy like this.