In terms of weight, the barrel length of the 6-pound Napoleon gun is 93mm, including the gun rack, which weighs 39 kilograms. Among them, the heaviest gun barrel weighs about half less than 2 kilograms or 4 kilograms. These strong mountain people can still bear the weight of 1 kilogram, and they don’t feel hard when they are constantly replaced, but they smile because they are carrying these guns to help them fight.

With advanced weapons, equipment and relatively well-trained soldiers, they are more eager to take back their land than desire. When they appear in the mountains, you can imagine how surprised the natives who have been waiting for them to starve to death since they have sealed off their Hakka in the mountains.
Brave guest people rushed to kill muskets, broadswords, spears and even bamboo guns after seeing the shanzhai destroyed by artillery fire. Crazy attacks have been stunned by artillery fire, and the local people have been uprooted one by one, and the local people have been trapped by them.
But at this time, they had a disagreement. Hakka Lian Yong wanted to kill the black dog and take back their land from their homeland. They immediately sent troops to Guangzhou to help Zhu Jinglun defeat the elderly. The two sides argued and almost took a knife.
Chen Quzhi’s side has attracted hundreds of small squires, not only in the manhole, but also in the manhole area, including Kowloon and Longgang. But in the end, 10,000 people are willing to go to Guangzhou with him. These 10,000 people are all ethnic groups whose younger brothers work in Zhu Jinglun’s army, and the Hakkas account for half of them.
What makes Chen Quzhi angry is that the clans in Kowloon are ready to respond, but most of them have remained silent like the clans in other places. Zhu Jinglun has helped them defend their homes many times, but now they have abandoned Zhu Jinglun, which is simply treachery.
Ten days later, when Chen Quzhi was tired and took ten thousand people to Guangzhou on a merchant ship in Xin ‘an, Zhu Jinglun gave them a grand welcoming ceremony. After all, it was also reinforcements, which had no effect on their already high morale, but it was definitely a blow to the enemy’s morale.
Ten thousand people went to the city to make Zhu Jinglun’s hand force reach 20 thousand, and the pressure of defending Guangzhou City suddenly decreased a lot. Although it is difficult for these rural brave people to attack the city and pull out the village, they can keep an eye on those flag soldiers in the city, which is more than enough.
That’s what Zhu Jinglun did. At the fastest time, he assigned some officers to organize them for simple training, and then he asked them to be stationed in Xicheng to keep an eye on Guangzhou. Guangzhou is different from cities with garrisoned flags such as Xi’ an, Beiping and Nanjing. There is no strict meaning here because there is no wall outside the flag garrison.
Unlike other areas, where the flag bearer is isolated from the local people, Guangzhou has no city. It is said that it was because of a fire that burned the city in the early years. After all, Guangzhou is a city far from the ruling center, and its economic status is important. In fact, the political and military influence on the central dynasty is relatively small, so there is no need to spend money to build a wall.
Another reason is that there are temples in the flag station, such as Guangxiao Temple and Huaisheng Temple, which can’t completely stop the people from entering the incense, so they can’t be closed. Therefore, the camp is full of roadblocks and sentries at most to stop the direct contact between the flag bearer and the people, but these things can’t be stopped.
The Guangzhou flag bearer and the local people have been in contact and influenced each other for a long time. The customs and habits of the flag bearer have long been assimilated by the local people. If you don’t know the details, it is difficult for people to see at a glance that these guys who speak Cantonese and look like Cantonese are flag bearers.
The Qing dynasty probably also intended to integrate the flag bearer Zhonghua Banner with the local people. In the year of Qianlong, a large number of freshmen Ding Kou of the flag bearer were forced to move out of the flag organization and integrate into the local society, which led to the fact that these flag bearers were relatives everywhere in Guangzhou.
Because of this list of reasons, after the Revolution of 1911, Guangzhou Hanqi directly defected to the revolutionary army and was incorporated into the new government army sequence, but the navy division of Hanjun in Qinjiang Banner, Fujian Province actively belonged to Manchu, which was partly because the soldiers of Guangzhou Hanjun were more inclined to Han people in their identity.
Most of the flags stationed in Guangzhou are the flags of the Han army. Zhu Jinglun always felt that this was a force to win over. If all the troops with one flag could join Zhu Jinglun’s army, it would be very meaningful in politics and a great blow to the psychology of the old ruling class.
But it’s too early to win them over.
Zhu Jinglun saw that even Xin ‘an, his earliest operating base, had 10,000 people to support him. Most of the gentry clans were out of wait and see, and even if they were Han troops, it was absolutely impossible to win these flags.
It is a neutral attitude to wait and see, even when foreigners occupied Guangzhou, squires generally organized regimental training and armed confrontation with foreigners on the side of the Qing government. If Zhu Jinglun encountered such confrontation everywhere, it would be impossible for him to win Guangdong in a short time.
Even if Guangdong is finally forcibly acquired by relying on military force, he will not want to pay for the social and economic damage, but it is only a chance to succeed. The effect brought by his reform will be enormous because he is one year late. If he is allowed to fight the Guangdong War for ten years, he will be in an unfavorable situation if he is innovating. If he can carry out reform a few years first, Zhu Jinglun is confident that he will always step on the Japanese to become a hegemon in East Asia.
Therefore, he is not afraid of the squire watching, because watching means that they have considered Zhu Jinglun instead of rejecting him blindly, which means that Zhu Jinglun can show enough power and they are willing to turn their loyalty from the Qing dynasty to Zhu Jinglun’s side.
If Zhu Jinglun makes a breakthrough as soon as possible, so that everyone can see their future, instead of being deadlocked here in Guangzhou with the elderly.
After the arrival of ten thousand reinforcements in Xin ‘an, Zhu Jinglun immediately ordered the staff to make a battle plan. This time, he planned to defeat it with the customary flag green camp Jiatuyong’s miscellaneous saber, but Zhu Jinglun had a concern. This time, he could not guarantee that Zhang Qianshan would still wait and see Fangshan where there was no news. Even Zhu Jinglun didn’t know whether he was alive or dead.
At this time, Black Dog also came back. He conveyed to Zhu Jinglun that a Hakka asked Li Yanan and other squires to tell them that they would give their sister to Zhu Jinglun as a concubine when they died in their third year of high school.
Section one hundred and ninety Send a woman again
After Ma Conglong left, Gao Guanxian (senior three), Li Yanan and Zhang Baoming have always been the three leaders of Heshan Hakka. It is also reasonable that the three families have entrusted Li Yanan and Zhang Baoming to take care of his family and take care of his family affairs after the death of their senior three.
But Zhu Jinglun didn’t believe that he really wanted his sister to be Zhu Jinglun’s concubine before he died in senior three. I’m afraid it was Li Yanan’s improvisation. That’s because they were afraid that they wanted to seek stability and follow Zhu Jinglun, but it was tantamount to doing the right thing with the government, but they rebelled. Although many Hakkas rebelled and Hongxiu’s gang were Hakkas, after all, they were gambling with their lives. They didn’t trust that they needed a guarantee. They hoped to form an alliance with Zhu Jinglun through marriage.
Zhu Jinglun really didn’t expect that he would encounter this kind of political marriage and couldn’t help but smile.
The black dog said, "My Lord, I asked around and said that the girl is watery."
Zhu Jinglun’s wry smile is not about worrying about the ugliness of her sister in senior three. The Gaos are second to none in the local area. Most people can always get the most beautiful wife and have children. Therefore, the appearance of the young lady in the big family is guaranteed, and Zhu Jinglun also believes that the Hakkas now want to marry themselves to protect their status. They are now in a weak position. Take out an ugly monster and make them sick. Zhu Jinglun dare not give them courage.
There are so many women that they just took out their senior three sisters, not only because Gaos thought has a high status among local Hakkas, but also because they are confident that this woman will be able to hold Zhu Jinglun’s heart. Zhu Jinglun doesn’t believe that Li Yanan and Zhang Baoming have no school-age girls to marry.
Zhu Jinglun sighed, "Since it’s a senior official, it’s not good for an immortal’s wishes officer to brush his mind."
Black dog is happy. "My Lord, you promised."
The black dog was so happy that he asked the Hakkas to help him. They quarreled with Li Yanan and others. Li Yanan worried that if they helped Zhu Jinglun first and Zhu Jinglun didn’t acknowledge his debts afterwards, they would lose their troops and compete with the natives for land. It was not good for them. They insisted on taking back the land first and then helping Zhu Jinglun. After the two sides reached a stalemate in Guangzhou, Zhang Baoming said that there was such a last wish in senior three that the black dog would ask Zhu Jinglun to secretly tell the black dog that if Zhu’s adult agreed to this marriage, the two families would become one.
As soon as the black dog heard this, he hurriedly came to Zhu Jinglun. If Zhu Jinglun agreed, there would be 7,000 Hakkas practicing courage, and they would be able to defeat the elderly and then clean up Zhang Qian Shan and Guangzhou.
Zhu Jinglun said, "I promised, but I can’t get married until I get Guangzhou. I can’t wait now."
The black dog said, "This is natural!"
Can Zhu Jinglun refuse? Since it is a political marriage, it is often beneficial to both sides, and it is often necessary to refuse. Both situations are very unfavorable. At this time, the package is needed by both sides
Let the black dog start again and transfer Hakka training as soon as possible.
After confirming this marriage, Zhu Jinglun’s war plan can count Hakka Lian Yong, so he decided to wait until Hakka Lian Yong arrived
It’s September, and soon Zhu Jinglun promised to set off immediately after 7,000 yuan’s practice. These mountain people have strong endurance and traveled overnight from the mountains and rivers to Guangzhou. After three days, they arrived near Guangzhou. Zhang Baoming, a Hakka scholar, secretly entered Guangzhou to meet with Zhu Jinglun.
Zhang Baoming, who is in his forties, looks very gentle and gentle, just like the native squire. These are two Han ethnic groups, but their cultures have their own characteristics and they are separated because of health problems, which eventually forms a conflict.
Zhang Baoming didn’t come to talk about marriage. He came to talk about military action. The two sides agreed to take advantage of the fact that the Hakka troops had not yet discovered the arrival of Hakka people. Zhu Jinglun attacked the Hakka army from the front and broke the old age from the back.
In mid-September, it is planned to show Zhu Jinglun’s main force of 10,000 troops attacking from the main west gate.
Qi, green camp and Tu Yong are stationed by the West River, but the camp is located in the center of the river. They brought a large number of warships from Zhaoqing. Although Haizhu Fort threatened Guangzhou by water, it allowed them to occupy the river while swimming. Therefore, it is necessary for him to warships without losing their defenses. In case some troops land in the sandbar to control both sides of the river so that they can attack and defend.
The flag soldiers chose the west area because the city was full of camps in the southwest of Guangzhou, and they thought that attacking from here would allow them to be met by the city flag men.
But their repeated attacks on the city did not respond. Now, let alone the attack, they are worried that Zhu Jinglun will attack the city after destroying the local courage in the east of the city.
Recently, their troops have been strengthened, more rural volunteers have been recruited, and some troops have been transferred from the battlefield in Guangxi, and the number has reached 30 thousand. Although they are not going to attack immediately, they are still a little eager to see Zhu Jinglun’s 10 thousand soldiers coming out, thinking that if you don’t hit you, you should read Buddhism and dare to go out of the city to fight. Don’t you know the natural enemies of the flag fighters?
When Zhu Jinglun saw that his vanguard was about to approach the river bank, he was surprised that a whole cavalry team was going to charge. Didn’t they hear the Sengqin field?
The soft beach has brought trouble to both sides, but the horse can’t run fast, but the power of the cannon hitting the sand is also greatly weakened, saying that whoever doesn’t take advantage will suffer.
After a thousand cavalry rushed to the hundred infantry, they were directly hit by a rifle. How did the Mongolian cavalry feel when they faced the foreigner’s infantry phalanx in Liqiao? What did these flag cavalry feel now when they faced Zhu Jinglun’s infantry phalanx? At that time, a few Mongolian cavalry were able to rush to the Anglo-French allied infantry phalanx for 30 steps * * * an arrow, but these flag cavalry moved slowly in the sand and directly became the best target. However, they were more intelligent than simple Mongolian herders, and the Mongolian cavalry almost lost their troops, which made the Anglo-French allied forces feel that they were brave in death. The 1,00
After breaking up the flag cavalry, there were no enemies in this beach. Infantry guns pushed to the beach and bombarded the enemy barracks on the opposite sandbar.
30,000 flags, green camp and Tu Yong camped on the island, and the so-called people crossed the border. It is a pity that their camp is still quite well-placed. Unfortunately, they can be passively beaten now, and their soil guns also fought back, but they were killed in the first place. Their navy also fired back and sank several warships, and they all hid far away from the other side of the sandbar.
The artillery is attacking the infantry without scruple, and the infantry has taken action to build a bamboo raft on the shore closest to the other side, as if to cross the west bank.
On the other side, a large number of long trenches were dug to give the landing troops a head-on blow, but they suddenly found that this kind of long trench was surprisingly good at preventing shelling, and immediately dug trenches on the island as if they had found a magic weapon.
No matter whether solid shells or flower shells hit the sand, the power will not be great, and digging ditches in the sand is very easy. The uncles urged green camp and Tu Yong to step up their work that night, so they can live in the trenches. Of course, if there is still shelling there, they don’t want to live in a wet sand ditch without shelling.
Of course, the shelling won’t end until after midnight. The flag soldiers are very tired to see the other side stop shelling. One by one, no one said anything and stayed in the wet trench. One by one, they said "people die and birds fly into the sky" and went to live in tents.
But as soon as they fell asleep, there was shouting and killing. After a night of chaos, these flag soldiers discovered that the enemy was coming from behind them. The other side was building rafts and bamboo rafts on the east coast. The Hakkas had been swimming for a long time, and the fishing boats were ready until midnight. After the flower boat landed from the southwest corner and touched the sandbar, these fierce mountain people slashed and killed the flag soldiers directly.
During the night, they hardly met with any decent resistance. When it was dawn, one by one, their heads drooped and they emerged from the trenches and sand and surrendered.
There has been no shortage of horseback riding agents in the north. It is Zhang Qian Shan who is exploring Mata. He is always concerned about the progress of the war and has no doubt that once they find an opportunity, they will not hesitate to pounce on Guangzhou and tear a piece of meat from Zhu Jinglun.
But they didn’t expect Zhu Jinglun to lose before he could get serious, such as Qi and Tu Yong, so that they didn’t have a chance to rescue them, and people didn’t have a chance to clean up.
After a night of fighting, the flag soldiers, the green campers and the local brave were killed and wounded, leaving 20 thousand troops to surrender. Finally, even their navy surrendered and gave Zhu Jinglun ten river warships. Although they are all small boats with tonnage less than 100 tons, they are better than fishing boats.
With these ships, Zhu Jinglun has mastered swimming. He can try to extend his age to Zhaoqing, where he is waiting.
But I have to deal with Zhang Qian Shan before.
Zhang Qianshan is a wise man. Before Zhu Jinglun attacked him, he took the initiative to let Fangshan bring back a suggestion. Zhang Qianshan wanted to marry Zhu Jinglun. He was willing to marry his daughter to Zhu Jinglun, and then he immediately went back to Nanshao Liandao to garrison and never came to Guangzhou again.
Fangshan is very excited to think that this is the easiest way to solve Zhang Qian Shan’s 20 thousand people, but Zhu Jinglun gave the Hakka a younger sister, and now the problem is coming
Who is bigger and who is smaller?
Section one hundred and ninety-nine Marry
Some people feel that it is a shame that the China Dynasty always gave its women to nomadic tribes in exchange for a chance to survive.